Zelensky will give up Donbass to Russia

Poroshenko sends signals to the nationalists and the West: they betray us.

Former President of Ukraine Poroshenko demanded an explanation from the incumbent head of state, Vladimir Zelensky, about a possible lifting of the blockade against the DNR.


– I demand from President Zelensky to give a public answer, on what basis he gave such directives to the delegation of Ukraine. The implementation of the Russian scenario in the Donbass is a betrayal of the national interests of our state, – he wrote on Facebook.


Poroshenko also stressed that he had never opposed the restoration of economic ties, however, in his opinion, it should be held in strict accordance with the national interests of Ukraine.


– What’s next? Reparations from the budget of Ukraine in favor of the aggressor? Autonomy with the right of veto on sovereign decisions of the state, on a course in the EU and NATO?, The ex-president was indignant.


Earlier, a representative of the country in the trilateral contact group (TСG) for Donbass, also a former president, Leonid Kuchma suggested discussing the possibility of lifting the blockade on the DNR and LNR. The OSCE Special Representative in the TKG, Martin Saidik, noted that Kuchma’s proposal would be considered at the next meeting of the group.


According to Saidik, the negotiations were quite optimistic. As a result of the meeting, he said that the parties agreed on the breeding of forces and equipment in the village of Luganskaya on June 10, as well as on signing a cease-fire agreement on June 19.


– There is some progress, but it’s still too early to talk about specifics, – said LNR representative Rodion Miroshnik, commenting on the situation.


Recall the economic blockade of the people’s republics of Donbass so-called. “Activists”, members of the punitive battalions began in January 2017. Despite the condemnation of the blockade by the first persons of the state and even timid attempts by the police to stop it, it continues to this day, but it does not have any legal basis. It turns out that a decree on lifting the blockade, which the new president could sign, would be an act of restoring legality and ending illegal actions.


The reaction of Poroshenko here, in principle, can also be understood – he made a profit from the blockade for a long time. Recall that in the spring of this year, journalist Vladimir Skachko revealed the Rotterdam Plus scheme, thanks to which the former president was able to make billions of dollars on stopping direct coal supplies from Donbass by hiding them in offshore zones. For this, the journalist was subjected to repression.


But Poroshenko is no longer president. Or does he continue to profit from the blockade?


Poroshenko addresses his appeal, which more closely resembles an ultimatum, primarily to the West, and secondly to Ukrainian patriots and Nazis, – said Eduard Popov, director of the Center for Public Information Co-operation “ Europe ”.


– Poroshenko is trying to bring a simple idea to the West: everything was fine with me in Ukraine, I was moving the Ukrainian state ship in the course that was favorable to you. The signal is to the Ukrainian national patriots: Zelensky gives Donbass to Russia. Ahead parliamentary elections. I do not rule out that Poroshenko is deliberately trying to rock the boat and impeach President Zelensky. Given all the odds, the threat from Poroshenko is by no means illusory.


– The idea of ​​lifting the blockade is the idea of ​​Zelensky or Kuchma himself began to “solve”, as he had previously announced?


– As far as I remember, Kuchma has previously spoken in the spirit of a more cautious policy towards Donbass. Anyway, Kuchma is the most experienced and wisest politician in Ukraine. Objectively speaking, what he proposes in relation to Donbass is not just right, but the only right one. I think it’s still Kuchma’s idea, not Zelensky’s. Probably, Kuchma managed to convince the rightness of the president of the showman, who is still open to new ideas.


– Is it technically possible? Well, Zelensky will issue a decree, and Semenchenko and his “twin cities” will be ignored …


  • I think it will be about the way you say. Perhaps at the last moment Zelensky will tremble under the pressure of the West and the Nazi street. Or maybe his decree is simply sabotaged. In addition, Zelensky behaves contradictory. Today, he “donates Donbass aggressor” (in the terminology of ukropatriot). And just yesterday, he called on the West to tighten sanctions against Russia and announced a plan for the return of the Crimea. I can assume that this plan also includes propaganda and humanitarian components. They say that Ukraine can distribute gingerbread, and not just threaten with a whip. And yet it does not remove the contradiction – Zelensky is a patriot and Zelensky is a peacemaker. Poroshenko catches him at this contradiction.

– Poroshenko said that he had never opposed the restoration of economic ties, but it should be held in strict accordance with the national interests of Ukraine. What is it like?


– Poroshenko frankly lies. The text of the Minsk agreements states the requirement: the restoration of socio-economic relations of Donbass with Ukraine. Before, not after. Poroshenko is trying to put the cart in front of the horse: first, the Donbass returns to Ukraine (of course, by military means), and then the restoration – of what remains. This lie from the mouth of Poroshenko Donbass and Russia heard literally from the date of the signing of Minsk-2. Let now listen Zelensky.


– What’s next? Autonomy with the right of veto on sovereign decisions of the state, on a course in the EU and NATO?, – Poroshenko asks. But wasn’t this idea the basis of the Minsk agreements?


– Absolutely. What has been said above with regard to socio-economic relations is also true in relation to the state-political bloc. Poroshenko is a clever and experienced manipulator, he was in politics for 5 years and learned a lot. With the dexterity of a card sharper, he makes a substitution of concepts, misinterprets the text of the Minsk Agreements, where the order and modality of fulfilling the obligations of the parties to the conflict are spelled out in black and white. In other words, Poroshenko is engaged in the audit of the document, under which is his signature.


– How would you generally evaluate the outcome of the first meeting in Minsk at Zelensky? When can we expect real progress?


– The beginning, it would seem, is not bad. But Ukrainian politics is not a sprint, but a marathon. Zelensky reminds me of a sprinter. From the very beginning, I said that Zelensky’s policy regarding Donbass would begin with promising peacekeeping rhetoric, which some Russian diplomats bought with whom I had the opportunity to communicate. But over time, Ukrainian politics will return to normal. There will be no fundamental changes, this is my firm conviction.


The outcome of the negotiations is better than it could be, there is progress in comparison with the work of Poroshenko’s negotiators, at least in words, ”said political analyst Oleksandr Dudchak.


– Will there be progress? These feelings in anticipation can be called very restrained optimism.


– Who is behind the proposal of Kuchma?


– It is unlikely that Kuchma gave this direction to the mercy, and he acts completely autonomously. Of course, this can be called a collegial opinion developed by the “Zelensky team.” However, no one will be surprised if suddenly, some part of this team suddenly declares that this is not the opinion of Zelensky himself. The lack of “hardness” of the words spoken on behalf of Zelensky and the frequent adjustments of the “team’s” opinion in the first weeks of his presidency cry out a desire to ask Zelensky again – but do you yourself confirm this?


– Who is extremely unprofitable to lift the blockade? Why?


– To those who make money on smuggling, on the notorious “Rotterdam +” scheme, which brings huge profits to its organizers on the plunder of the population. After all, it would be possible to directly receive coal for metallurgical enterprises, for power plants, this would reduce utility tariffs for the population.


Poroshenko is experiencing not in vain. After all, if the blockade is lifted, and the situation in the country improves, the question will arise: why not have it been done before? How much is the population overpaid? Who is to blame? And for what this blockade was introduced? For punishment? Whom? Enemies or still ordinary people living behind the front line? And for what was the war? Is it not for the sake of super-profits a handful of people without conscience and honor? Hardly Poroshenko will be able to adequately answer.


Miracles should not be expected: Zelensky will continue the same policy as Poroshenko.

– Is it possible to lift the blockade by a single presidential decree? Do the “blockers” obey?


  • You can hire a mob of parasites in camouflage to organize protests. And in this there are interested. The media will raise a howl because of the “surrender of the interests of Ukraine,” there will be politicians and “experts” who justify the inadmissibility of lifting the blockade or furnishing the process with a number of impossible requirements. If Zelensky really wants to do something for the people of Ukraine, he will find opportunities to help lift the blockade. Of course, if he himself does not want to participate in the Rottedam + scheme.


– The blockade of Donbass, even from the point of view of the current Ukrainian laws, is illegal, right? Do I need a decree on its removal? After all, this Zelensky actually legitimizes everything that happened during the years of the blockade …


  • But the blockade actually exists. It began to mob all sorts of volunteers, activists, veterans of the so-called. “ATO” and even some deputies. The authorities did not dare to disperse all this fraternity on completely legal grounds by the police.

Later, the blockade was supported by Turchinov and legalized by the decision of the NSDC. All these decisions need to be canceled and we ll understand the true causes of the blockade.