Zelensky promises Russia an unexpected blow

The team of the elected president of Ukraine is no different from the previous one and is preparing a new army for war.

Zelensky has not had time to take office, the Central Election Commission of Ukraine just today officially announced the election results. Zelensky scored 73.22 percent of the vote, the current president, Petro Poroshenko – 24.45 percent. Entry should take place within the next month, but already now the team of the newly elected head of state makes unexpected statements.


Kiev is ready to “strike where it is not expected.” With such an absurd statement in an interview with the publication “Apostrof” made adviser to the elected president of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky on security and defense issues Ivan Aparshin.


He also added that before Ukraine joins NATO, Ukraine will find an opportunity to meet the challenges.


“If, God forbid, in your stupid head any plan will arise, I will find an opportunity to answer you, and I will do it in non-standard ways,” said Zelensky’s advisor.


“Better not touch me today, I have already decided, I will join NATO.”


Aparshin said that we are talking about increasing the level of combat effectiveness of the Ukrainian army and the financing of special operations forces.

However, he did not say what kind of strike, where, and most importantly, for whom he was going to strike. Following the logic of political Ukrainians, according to which the main enemy is Russia, we can assume that it was in our country that Zelensky’s advisor was going to strike. Such statements have been made more than once by representatives of the previous authorities of Ukraine, although it was still talking about specific things. Aparshin’s speech, even against the background of Poroshenko and to, gives outright schizophrenia.


To comment on this, probably, simply does not make any sense. The only thing that can be interesting here is how exactly the Zelensky team intends to raise the level of the army’s combat capability, and where will the money come from for funding?


Recall that last week the Zelensky team presented its “military doctrine”, the essence of which is in the creation by Ukraine of a “professional, voluntary and motivated army, mutually compatible with the armed forces of the countries participating in the North Atlantic alliance.


It is not very clear what the reliance is based on that alliance countries need it. Please note that Aparshin speaks of joining NATO as a resolved issue, while in Brussels it was repeatedly indicated that the issue of Ukraine’s joining the bloc is not on the agenda.


The military doctrine presented by Aparshin also provides for equipping the army with modern high-tech weapons. And again the question: where to get the money?

Aparshin himself in the same interview admits that the possibilities of the defense budget of Ukraine are significantly limited.

According to him, 80 percent of all money goes to the maintenance of the army, the rest – to the development of weapons and military equipment.


“500 million dollars – is that money? One battery of the Patriot air defense system is a billion dollars, and we have 500 million for the whole army, ”he said.


And what equipment with which high-tech weapons can we talk?

Yes, we recall, last week they promised the Ukrainian fighters on the front line to raise the salary to a thousand euros a month in five years. The source of financing was the sale of unnecessary property of the Ministry of Defense.

Aparshin also said that the current Ukrainian army is completely militant, formed by five-year hostilities, and other commanders have appeared in it, primarily seeking to save the life of a soldier.

Here his rhetoric is already reminiscent of Poroshenko’s rhetoric, constantly boasting of “the strongest army in Europe”. However, Aparshin is not so optimistic.


“The Ukrainian army at this stage is already able to perform its task. But whether the state of Ukraine is capable of providing mobilization and material resources, is it capable of making quick decisions, I am not sure about that, ”he stressed.


Then why all this “stream of consciousness”? Would not such statements affect the authority of Zelensky, who has not yet taken office?


“In order to evaluate the nonsense expressed by the military expert on the Zelensky team, you need to understand what kind of expert he is, what area of ​​the armed forces he represents,” said Larisa Shesler, chairman of the Union of Political Immigrants and Political Prisoners of Ukraine.


“Aparshin is not a military leader, but a typical “military manager ”of the post-Soviet collapse of the Ukrainian army. For a long time, he was close to the Secretary of Defense.


For a long time, he was close to Yushchenko’s defense minister, Anatoly Gritsenko, a zealous supporter of NATO.


Under the Minister Gritsenko Aparshin was responsible for military policy and prospects, and then was the Chief Military Inspector.


By the way, I remember how, during this period, he came with an inspection at the Wide Lan area of ​​Nikolaev, and for many officers left a disgusting impression by a complete lack of understanding of the real military operations of military units. His main task was to rebuild the Ukrainian army from the Soviet structure to NATO.


By virtue of his complete misunderstanding of real military affairs, Aparshin carries absolute nonsense “about retaliatory strikes and unconventional ways.” The purpose of this speech is to demonstrate the absence of capitulary moods in the Zelensky team, in which Poroshenko’s supporters reproach him.


– According to the adviser, before Ukraine joins NATO, Kiev will find an opportunity to respond to the challenges. What are the challenges? How are they going to respond? Just like the previous five years?


– Naturally, the current Kiev authorities and the team of its successor Zelensky feel the intention of Russia to prevent the aggression of Ukraine in the Donbas. Under these conditions, they, like Saakashvili in their time, want to show their militancy and readiness to continue the war.


In fact, the combat capability of the Ukrainian army, although not completely degraded, still cannot be compared with the armed forces of Russia, and there is simply shaking the cams at the need of an internal philistine.


– By the way, what does it mean “before Ukraine joins NATO”? Does Aparshin believe in it or is it necessary to follow propaganda?


– Aparshin seeks to demonstrate that Zelensky will continue the vector laid Poroshenko. And the beliefs of Aparshin himself play no role here.


However, I am confident that Aparshin himself is a staunch supporter of Ukraine’s entry into NATO. By the way, regardless of whether Ukraine will become an official member of NATO, it is already eager to participate in all operations of this organization, itself offers its territory for bases and exercises, and this is very useful for the North Atlantic organization.


– Why in general Zelensky picks up ideas like NATO from Poroshenko’s hands? Probably not the best topic of conversation, when prices and tariffs are rapidly growing in the country …


– It is precisely because Zelensky will not be able to solve burning social problems that the population will continue to be diverted to the themes of NATO and the EU.


There will be pumping in the media that cooperation with NATO is the most urgent need for Ukraine, which is breathing war with the Russian aggressor. In this direction, Zelensky will most likely be a consistent successor to the Poroshenko case. The militarist frenzy that Zelensky’s military expert is addressing today is not an accidental puncture, but a deliberate political policy and strategy of the new team.


– Last week, the Zelensky team presented a military doctrine, promised to create a professional army. Meanwhile, they themselves admit a huge shortage of money. They do not tear from dissonance?


– Striving for NATO standards implies a professional army, which is not ready for a positional or a war with an equal opponent, but for operations to clean up the occupied territories. Ukraine wants to train such armed forces that could become a striking force in NATO operations.


Yes, it cannot be cheap, however, Ukraine expects that NATO, interested in such a shock force, will be able to help Ukraine with financing. AI is not without reason.


– Inadequacy seems to be contagious, and is transmitted from those who carried out a coup in Ukraine to their changers, – said political analyst Alexander Dudchak.


  • In fact, he is threatening a terrorist war. And this is very close to initiating a criminal case under the article on terrorism. It’s still sometimes better to chew than talk. For Aparshin is very important.


– Aparshin talks about re-equipping the army with high-tech weapons. Where does the money come from?


  • They will repaint the old one, buy it for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as a high-tech one — the budget is not a pity, but the people who remain in Ukraine will endure.

It seems that the whole fight against corruption will be aimed at redirecting financial flows to a new direction. But this is not the worst option – Ukrainian military corruption has saved many lives on both sides of the front line.


– Advisor Zelensky also said the desire for compatibility with the armed forces of NATO. Does NATO need this?


– Of course it is necessary. This is one of the many reasons for which the coup was organized and the West-controlled characters were assigned to power – what’s leaving?

To the West, the characters are as outgoing, as new. Ukraine, though an impoverished country, but ordered to spare no money for the defense industry. And Ukraine is a market for old weapons for NATO countries so that they can buy new ones in the United States.


– The rhetoric of Aparshin is very reminiscent of the rhetoric of Poroshenko (NATO, the strongest army in Europe). Why? Will this not strike Zelensky’s authority?


  • And what kind of authority can we talk about? How and when could he earn it? He has authority in the media field, but not in politics. He was chosen because he had no experience in politics, except in the film about “President Goloborodko”, and he looked equidistant (or equally close) from all political parties that now exist. And they did not vote for him, but simply against Poroshenko, even despite their political preferences. A loss of popularity and rating are inevitable and will accumulate with each step, with each statement. If in the second round there was a choice of only two … Then, in the parliamentary round everyone will already vote for “their” candidate. And for Vilkul, for Boyko, for Tymoshenko, perhaps, there will be a real and a party from the left, and not the same as now with the leader – Kiva.


– Well, at least with corruption in the army, they will finish, as promised? You look, and there will be money …


  • Let’s hope they do not finish. And those who are behind Zelensky will not allow this. The less money for the army in the current conditions of the war with its people, the less dead.