Zelensky is already “toxic” for the West

Distinguished guests from the US and the EU ignore the inauguration of the new Ukrainian president.

Vice President Mike Pence will not attend the inauguration of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky. Earlier it was reported that Pence plans to be in Kiev on a solemn day, but now a different decision has been made. This was announced by the portal «Russian Spring».

Earlier, the arrival of Pence was announced by the head of the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine, Pavel Klimkin. He also boasted that we should also expect the arrival to Ukraine and other high-ranking guests from the United States. The fact that the American delegation of top-level will definitely arrive at the inauguration of Zelensky, was also mentioned by Kurt Volker, US State Department Special Representative for Ukraine.


It is already known that in addition to Pence, Polish President Andrzej Duda refused to go to Zelensky’s inauguration. The relevant information was distributed by the press service of the presidential administration. The reasons for this decision are not disclosed.


It also became known that the head of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker and the European Council Donald Tusk rejected the invitations to the inauguration ceremony of the new Ukrainian president. At the same time, Juncker’s refusal was politely explained by the absence of plans for a trip to Ukraine, and Tusk’s refusal by his work schedule.


It is reported that the European Union will be represented only by the deputy head of the European Commission for Energy Union Maros Shefchovich.


How will the political life of the country be reflected by the return of Kolomoisky?

Recall: the inauguration of the President-elect of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky is scheduled for Monday, May 20. This date was approved on the eve by the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada. Given that Zelensky himself insisted on holding the ceremony the day before – on May 19.


It is also worth noting that the composition of foreign guests at the inauguration at the political level is absolutely no coincidence that significantly inferior to that which was present at the inauguration of the current president, Peter Poroshenko, on June 4, 2014. Then the ceremony was attended by the Vice President of the United States, the Presidents of Poland, Switzerland, Moldova, Belarus, Georgia, Lithuania, Germany, the Prime Minister of Canada, the Chairman of the European Council, the Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations, the Secretary General of the OSCE.


Why such a lowering of the representative level? Is this evidence of the great disappointment of the West with the general socio-political and economic situation in Ukraine? Or the reason for the suspicious personality of the Zelensky for the West?


  • This is most definitely not a signal, but a coincidence of circumstances,- the professor of Moscow State University Doctor of Political Sciences Andrei Manoylo said.
  • Apparently, Pence is busy with something more important. He has a lot of “headaches”: Iran, Venezuela, internal party “disassembly”. Prosecutor Muller in the back breathes in dreams. There is something to confuse.


In addition, Putin did not congratulate Zelensky on his election victory. Perhaps Pence believes that he cannot be lower than the Russian leader.


– Another one who refused was the President of Poland Andrzej Duda. Also Junker and Tusk will not come. And why?


– Duda, as usual, is waiting for a signal from Washington. Pence did not go – and Duda in Kiev will not. Juncker’s problems are purely personal. And Tusk considers Zelensky to be a “nobleman of the gentry” who entered the politics incorrectly. And looks down on him.


In addition, they all probably understand that, having arrived at the inauguration, they will pay homage, above all, to Kolomoisky, nesling of his nest nest is Zelensky. This is also a violation of their status.


– The representative level of foreign delegations in comparison with the inauguration of Poroshenko in 2014 will be much lower. Could this be due to the distrust of the collective West to Zelensky?


  • No, this is a purely personal factor. And an amendment to the opinion of the United States. Pence is not going to fly – it means that the “birds” will not fly less.

– How do you think the representative level of politicians present at the inauguration affects the international prestige of the president of any country?


– Any president gains international prestige not through representative people invited to inauguration, but through concrete actions. In this regard, Zelensky has no reason to collect a large council when the diagnosis is already clear. Better to focus on affairs. And then the recognition itself will come. Of course, if it does.


Earlier, leaders of Western countries reacted to Zelensky with wariness. Will this attitude change? Under what circumstances?


– The caution of the West in relation to Zelensky will continue. Only if Zelensky shows himself an independent and reasonable politician, only then will he be taken into account. And, perhaps, to respect. In the meantime, it is “toxic” for most of the leaders in Europe and the United States.


  • On the one hand, the absence of Mike Pence for Zelensky’s inauguration may be due to the employment of the vice-president. On the other hand, the White House may not be willing to play along with the elected head of the Ukrainian state, who probably did not fully realize its place in relations between Washington and Kiev, – said political analyst Ivan Mezyuho.

– The USA generally likes to show their satellites their place. So that they do not forget and behave “correctly”, in accordance with the national interests of the Americans.


Zelensky himself in the near future, I think, will by all means try to get an appointment with Trump. Or, at worst, with Pence. To convince Ukrainian society in support of Washington. For the new president, this is especially important on the eve of parliamentary elections in the country.


– In addition to Pence, the President of Poland, the heads of the European Council and the European Commission refused to come to the ceremony. Why?


  • They will go to Ukraine only after Zelensky bows in front of them according to all the rules of the local polytes. Poland is generally annoyed by the excessive demands of Kiev towards Warsaw.

– The inauguration of Zelensky on the composition of the guests promises to be poorer than Poroshenko, right? Is this a political symbol of something?

– First, it is the result of bad organization of the inauguration.


Secondly, Mr. Zelensky does not have a political reputation and extensive relations with the leaders of European states.


Thirdly, the world is well aware of the “inflated” rating of the elected president of Ukraine.


– What is the reason for such a significant decrease in the level? With the disappointment of the West in the general situation in Ukraine or with the personality of Zelensky?


– It seems that the West is planning to revise its policy towards Ukraine. Of course, not strategically. But to a point and pretty serious. The same American president is not satisfied with the work of the US Embassy in Kiev.


– By the way, why did Rada still decide to organise the inauguration on the 20th day, and not later, as some members of the local parliament suggested? Is this not due to pressure from the West? On the same day, the ambassadors of the G7 countries actually asked Poroshenko to go out …


  • I do not exclude that the United States “pressed” Poroshenko on this issue. They let him know that the “lame duck” was slightly delayed. And it’s time to go to the parliamentary elections, which are already in the fall.


– What other surprises can be expected at the inauguration? Can the same Poroshenko somehow darken it?


– I do not exclude that a number of parliamentarians will ignore the inauguration. This is in the tradition of Ukrainian politics.


In addition, I do not exclude the street performance of the “radicals” on the streets of Kiev on the day the new president of this country takes office.


And at this time.

Ukraine decided not to invite representatives of Russia to the inauguration of the newly elected President Vladimir Zelensky, which will be held on May 20.


  • Russia was not invited to this event. We invited those countries that are our partners and friends, – this is statement by the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Ekaterina Zelenko.