Yellow-blue helmets «will turn the Donbass into Syria»

Ukraine decided to thwart the elections in the DPR with the help of chemical attacks

Kiev is preparing a provocation with the use of chemical substances to disrupt the elections in the Donetsk People’s Republic. This, as reported by the Donetsk News Agency, on Monday, November 5, was stated by the head of the press service of the People’s Police of the DPR, Daniil Bezsonov.

“It has been established that the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, stationed near populated areas, are urgently supplemented with RCB (radiation, chemical and biological) Protection facilities.”

According to Bezsonov, intelligence data suggests that the provocation is being prepared in the coming days and will be directed against the civilian population.

“We are appealing to the world community in order to prevent crimes,” he concluded.

Earlier, Bezsonov also stated that NATO advisers and curators of foreign private military companies had arrived in the territory of the Donbass controlled by the Armed Forces of Ukraine to prepare terrorist acts and provocations at the contact line in order to disrupt the elections.

– In October 31 and November 1, NATO advisers and curators of foreign PMC units arrive in Kramatorsk for planning, together with representatives of the Ukrainian special services, of a series of high-profile terrorist acts and provocations on the contact line of troops to disrupt the elections of the heads of the DNR and the LNR, – he said. In addition, according to him, the Ukrainian command imposes restrictions on the movement of residents in the city in order to hide the movement of foreign curators.

Recall that in Ukraine, elections in the DNR and LNR, scheduled for November 11, are considered illegal and violate to the Minsk agreements.

Last week, the UN Security Council considered at a meeting the issue of elections in the republics. Following the meeting, France, the Netherlands, Poland, Sweden and the United Kingdom – members of the UN Security Council, as well as former and future members of the council – Italy, Belgium and Germany, declared that they did not recognize the elections and asked Russia to stop this process.

Recall also that Donetsk and Lugansk repeatedly postponed local elections in order not to annoy Kiev and the West. However, after the assassination of the head of the DPR, Alexander Zakharchenko, there was an urgent need to elect a new leader. Despite all the warnings of Ukrainian and Western diplomats, this idea was approved in Moscow.

Now what? How far is Kiev and its western “partners” ready to go to disrupt the vote?

– The Kiev regime doesn’t do anything other than engage in terror and provocations, says historian, journalist, and permanent expert of the Izborsk club, Alexander Dmitrievsky.

– Therefore, I personally would not be surprised at any antics of Bandera. At the same time, we should not panic: fear, as we know, has large eyes …

– What could be a provocation, and how can it disrupt the elections?

– To begin with, why weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in serious wars do not apply. We do not take the Vietnam War: there the defoliant was sprayed to destroy the forests in which the partisans were hiding, and its toxicity to humans was a passing factor. The use of chemical weapons from a military point of view has become meaningless after they invented a gas mask and protective kits.

Now let’s see where and against whom chemical weapons are used today, as well as the results of such antics. As a rule, this is Syria, where terrorists are blackmailing civilians with them. Again, these antics are purely local, usually those who are in the epicenter suffer, and the affected area rarely has a radius of more than fifty meters. But the main thing is the result: the victims and the population of the surrounding areas after each such outburst actively associate with Assad and his supporters. That’s all that can be achieved “barmaley” — villains. And if Bandera thinks that they are smarter than their Middle Eastern counterparts in the “terrorist workshop”, then they are deeply mistaken: let us remember what kind of public reaction in the DNR was caused by the killings of Motorola, Givi and Zakharchenko …

– Will anything appeal the world community? Kiev will abandon their plans?

– Practice shows that in order to break the provocation, it is enough just to reveal the cards of the enemy, which is regularly done by the speakers of the law enforcement agencies of the DNR and the LNR. Provocation is good when it comes as a surprise, as, for example, the notorious incident with the Malaysian “Boeing”. And when the plans are known to the other side, your efforts may turn against you.

  • Such a provocation, of course, can happen,” says political analyst Ivan Lizan.

– The probability is about 50%. So what the hell what it can be, there is no special meaning. Rather, it is just another information campaign, which is so often carried out by parties whose task is to attract attention and “pump” a certain topic. Ukraine often “shakes” the topic of environmental catastrophe in the DNR. DNR, on the contrary, threatens environmental disasters in Ukraine. I remember earlier, they downloaded the theme of the “dirty” atomic bomb. As a result, neither catastrophes nor bombs. Just information noise.

– Does the Ukrainian Armed Forces have experience in handling chemicals? Is it really worth fearing?

– Ukraine is a member of the Convention on the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. So there is no experience in its production on an industrial scale and application. By decontamination and struggle there is, but purely theoretical, in the framework of the exercises. I don’t see any real threat.

– Why do they have to disrupt the elections? What will they accomplish by this?

– Yes, they will not be able to disrupt them. They have neither the strength nor the desire for this. Kiev does not need either the LNR or the DNR; there, on the contrary, officials will be happy with the elections – there are more reasons for shouting, condemnations and pleading for imposing sanctions. If we consider that Donbass is the most urbanized and industrial region of the former USSR, including with a large number of chemical and harmful enterprises, then it is easy enough to find an opportunity to organize any kind of chemical attack, says the director of the Center for Public and Information Cooperation “Europe” Edward Popov.

  • Moreover, Ukrainians have become adept in this “work”. They have good teaches. Put yourself in the place of the Ukrainians. If, God save us from this, a terrorist attack succeeds, then this can disrupt the turnout. But the main thing is to lower the already low authority of the government, especially low in the current DNR. In the Donbass, as soon as it finally became clear that the elections would take place, they started talking about preparing Ukraine for various kinds of sabotage. The media of the DNR and LNR, in particular, spoke about sending saboteurs to organize terrorist acts. The Ukrainian saboteurs, thanks to the leaky border and the close ties of the current authorities with the Ukrainian oligarchy, feel at home in the Donbas republics. Therefore, not a single person or industrial or communal facility is insured against terrorist danger.

Earlier Bezsonov said that to prepare for provocations in order to disrupt the elections, NATO advisers and curators of foreign PMCs came to the Donbass. Who needs disruption of elections in the republics?

– I don’t think that NATO and even Ukraine are purposefully working to disrupt elections. It is not in their interest. They are more sophisticated. Their goal is to hold elections. And defame their results. The last is easy to do: just look at Pushilin and get a little familiar with his “work” biography. Ukrainians beat us in the information field of Donbass and let us swallow the bait called “elections”. Therefore, I repeat: for Ukraine, the best result is to hold Pushilin in Donetsk and discredit the idea of ​​people’s republics. The second step is to accuse Russia of violating the Minsk-2. And the attacks are needed to create a smoke screen and increase overall anxiety. I have always advocated holding elections. But after the bet on Pushilin was made, I believe in the necessity of their cancellation.