Writer Eduard Limonov: Zelensky s striptease

It became dangerous to talk to Trump

The published conversation with Trump section Zelensky naked, it became mercilessly clear who is Mister Zelensky.

Having come to power in Ukraine in April, Zelensky did not clearly show up, they tried to judge him by his appointments, by the people elected by him to his government as ministers, but this did not work well. And there were few appointments, and Zelensky did not disclose his goals.


But no one instructed him, neither Kolomoisky, or who is there, that keep the guy’s mouth shut, be silent, hide both your feelings and your dreams. And in conversations with the leaders of the planet, and especially with the Great Khan.


And then the Great Khan himself called and blurted out in plain text,

– Can you help me, dear Vladimir, to find out what happened with son of Joe Biden in Ukraine?


It shouldn’t have happened, because Joe Biden is likely to be Trump’s rival in the upcoming presidential election. In American terms, it turns out that Trump illegally seeks compromising evidence on his opponent. Where did he think, Trump, why wasn’t he smart? It turned out not smart.


The rattle and the servant of the Zelensky people on the other end of the wire accepted the proposal to investigate the activity of an American citizen by a foreign power, not just any, but the son of Trump’s rival in the election.


Stammering with joy, Zelansky complacently informed that how could we, oh, Great Khan, have such a prosecutor appointed by me now, in his own board, that he will bring the desired result in his beak.


– Here you go, – Trump could put it, if he were Russian or Ukrainian. But as an American, Trump advised the Ukrainian prosecutor, who will be appointed, to contact the American prosecutor.


Both presidents behaved, roughly speaking, as the last foolls. Zelensky deeply believed that the Great Khan had everything seized and that his conversation with the Great Khan would not catch any living soul. It will not penetrate any other people’s ears.


And the American president, the Great Khan, having the experience of betraying many of his subordinates, including prosecutors and heads of secret services, also did not take care of what he carried on the international telephone. Carefree coot turned up.


The American president is surrounded by informers. This is the most devoted president in the world. He should report something in the most primitive way, show notes for example, meeting with him in the corridors of power, and showing notes, immediately destroy. Maybe eat right away. He showed the text and ate it. And the American president should show his message, and immediately destroy it. But how else, if the Great Khan lives surrounded by informers. and even his seemingly native CIA digs pitts against him something…


Trump did not communicate with Zelensky with notes. Here is the result: they want to impeach Trump, they have already begun to arrange it, the speaker of the lower house of Parliament, Nancy Pelosi, has spoken.


And Zelensky stupidly exposed himself to the whole world. Yes, and lied, complained to Trump that Merkel (Germany) and Macron (France) did not help Ukraine. And they were offended now, because they really help, at least they still helped, they gave billions of loans.


Trump, observers say he will get out, he has 53 senators in the Senate. Do not vote for impeachment. Although the deserters from the Trump camp may appear.


The servant of the people also will not be thrown out of the presidential palace tomorrow. However, he lost all his reputation. It’s like a woman who is reputed to be a decent lady, but suddenly a video appears with her lying in a dirty ditch, and even in bad company, and everything flies down the drain.

Now it’s clear that Zelensky is not at all a servant of the Ukrainian people, but a servant of the Great Khan, ready to commit any vileness for the seemingly powerful power of the USA and its Khan.


In addition, he severely offended Germany and France. The Spiegel magazine has already written that Zelensky has offended the German government, and Macron France.


Russia? Russia can quite rub her hands and mutter: “Well, we did not even hope for such a striptease. However, we warned you … “The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has already announced the danger of communication between world leaders and Trump.


And indeed, they were warning about Zelensky. And indeed, it has become dangerous to communicate with Trump.