Will the Iron Dome

“David s Sling” and “Hetz” air defense systems be enhanced by the American

Donald Trump, feeling himself the lord of the world, generously distributes territory. Last year, he “appointed” Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. At the end of March, he “legalized” the belonging of the Syrian Golan Heights to Israel. From this the Jews have an additional headache. But the United States promises very serious financial profits. In this case, the Lockheed-Martin corporation, which produces and sells anti-ballistic missile defense systems THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense) each, has already begun to earn $ 3 billion.

On Monday, a message came from the Israeli military that 250 US troops, in cooperation with local missile defense forces, completed a training session on the rapid deployment of the THAAD complex. According to the commander of Israeli air defense forces, Rana Kohava, the American complex was integrated into the country’s missile defense system as the equivalent of its own Hetz air defense system.

Andrew Roling, Deputy Commander of the European Command of the US Armed Forces, was pleased with the results of the training: “It was a great work of great soldiers of the US Air Defense / ABM forces. The command ordered them to quickly deploy THAAD at the other end of the globe, and then integrate it into one of the most complex architectures in the world, and they coped with it perfectly.”

At the same time, the Israeli defense ministry stressed that the training conducted “did not relate to any specific current events”.
However, it is perfectly clear to everyone that the attitude is the most direct to Trump’s statement on the Golan Heights. That now the anti-Israeli coalition will increase the intensity of rocket attacks.
More recently, it was believed that the three-barred missile defense system of Israel is one of the most reliable in the world. At the same time, no one paid attention to the criticism that the Israeli expert in the field of missile defense systems, Dr. Nathan Faber, subjected it.

Indeed, for the time being, the system coped with the tasks assigned to it, intercepting up to 85–90% of the missiles and not reacting to those that should explode in the desert.

The link to the near intercept includes the Iron Dome rocket batteries, which began to unfold in 2011. The Iron Dome is designed to intercept unguided tactical missiles and rockets with a range from 4 to 70 kilometers. The interceptor missile is 3 meters long and weighs 90 kilograms. Equipped with an active radar homing head. The interception height is up to 10 kilometers.

The cost of one launch of anti-missiles is about 40 thousand dollars. In this connection, economic pragmatists, criticize the “Iron Dome”, because the intercepted shells of “Grad” are incomparably cheaper. However, no one pays attention to them – human lives are much more expensive. And more expensive from the point of view of the economy, since there is no need for payments to victims of shelling.

The second link is the medium-range air defense missile defense system “David’s First Aid”. The complexes began to unfold exactly two years ago – in April 2017. It is assumed that they will supplant the American “Patriots”, which Israel does not like because of the low efficiency of interception. True, not only the local company Rafael, but also the creator of the Patriot, Raytheon, participated in the development of David s Sling.

The complex is designed to intercept ballistic and subsonic cruise missiles with a launch range from 70 km to 300 km, as well as airplanes and helicopters. A million-dollar rocket is a two-stage one. It has two channels of guidance – active radar and optical-electronic.

The statistics of the use of this complex is still small. And negative, despite a number of successful tests. In 2018, from the territory of Syria, two Tochka-U tactical missiles were launched, which are more effective weapons than the ancient Soviet Scuds that were popular in the Middle East. The differences are in the use of a solid fuel engine, flight control on the entire trajectory and more accurate guidance. Both missiles did not reach the Israeli border. Two antimissiles were fired on them. One of them missed the mark. The second was a command to self-destruct when it became clear that “Tochka-U” would not reach the territory of Israel.

The third line of defense is strategic. It should be provided by a mobile complex “Hetz”. The complex is designed to intercept ballistic missiles of both short and medium range. According to various estimates, their range can reach 4000−5500 km. The complex is equipped with a radar with a detection range of up to 900 km.

The maximum range of the Arrow-3 anti-missile missile used in the Hetz complex is 100-150 km. Interception occurs outside the atmosphere, the maximum height is 100 km. According to some reports, it can reach 150 km. The speed is about 4.5 km / s.

The rocket is solid, two-stage. The second stage has a deflection vector that is completely deflected. Interception is carried out at the expense of the kinetic warhead, that is, by mechanical shock at tremendous speed.
Radar can simultaneously accompany up to 12 ballistic missiles. Two anti-missiles can be simultaneously aimed at one target.

The complex is completely new, also coming into the Israeli army in 2017. But unlike the David s sling, it not only did not participate in real interceptions, but, in fact, was hardly tested. After adopting, there were only two test launches of the rocket and several computer simulations.

So, it is not easy to judge the reliability of this line of defense, which should reflect the attacks of serious ballistic missiles of not only small but also medium range. So the introduction of THAAD into the Israeli ABM system is a forced measure, dictated by the desire to use a sufficiently tested weapon at the strategic turn of defense. It is premature to speak about the equivalence of these two complexes, which was stated by the commander of the Israeli air defense forces.

Because, it is possible to assume with a high degree of confidence that, in connection with Trump’s political-geographical initiative, the attacks on Israel will increase significantly. And it will reach a very serious rocket weapon, which the strategic segment of the missile defense system must fight.

It is precisely such missiles that Iran possesses, which is injected by Israeli aircraft in Syria. There are about 600 two-stage solid-fuel Shahib-3 missiles, the range of which, depending on the modification, ranges from 1,500 km to 2,500 km. Monoblock warhead weighs a ton, there is an option with five separable warheads of 220 kg each. In the newest modification, the magnitude of the circular probable deviation does not exceed 30 meters.

Iran also has a number of the latest Sajil-2 missiles with a range of 2500 km. The Meskat cruise missiles, capable of flying 2,000 kilometers, are no less dangerous for Israel.

Judging by the performance characteristics, THAAD, indeed, exceeds the capabilities of the “Hetz”. And this is proven by a significant number of tests. At first, however, uncomplicated Scud missile imitators were intercepted. But then it came to more serious medium-range missiles.
Radar complex with AFAR detects targets at a distance of 1000 km. The anti-missile interceptor carries out an inter-atmospheric interception at altitudes up to 200 km and at a maximum range of 200 km. Rocket speed – 1000 m / s. The maximum speed of the intercepted targets is 3500 m / s. Kinetic interceptor.
The battery THAAD includes 3 launchers with a set of 24 anti-missile systems, radar and command post.
And now about the criticism to which the aforementioned Dr. Nathan Faber subjected the Israel’s three-level missile defense system.
Omitting the many calculations and calculations that Faber cites in an article in the Magen LaOref magazine, we will focus on his main conclusion. With the existing Israeli missile defense architecture, it will not withstand rocket attacks in the 20-30 day war. As a result, the only protection of the Israelis will be bomb shelters.
So Trump’s statements regarding the re-painting of the Middle Eastern world are likely to lead to just such a war. And several THAAD American divisions will not greatly affect the situation.