Why can the US suspend financing of the White Helmets?

The CBS television channel, citing State Department documents, reports that the United States has suspended funding for the scandalously known White Helmets, which positions itself as a peacekeeper

However, there was no official announcement about the freeze of subsidies, and State Department spokesman Heather Nauerth said in late April that the United States continue to provide assistance to “activists” and called them “unselfish people.” Meanwhile, the organization is already sounding the alarm: after all, its budget for a third consists of American subsidies. What can stand behind the alleged cooling of Washington to the “White Helmets” and how this can affect their activities?

It is noted that the money has not been transferred within several weeks, as the financial support program is allegedly in the process of “active revision”.

CBS claims that the Department of State’s Department of the Middle East still has not received confirmation from the administration of the United States to continue funding. It was due to arrive on April 15th. In the meantime, due to his absence, “the agency will have to stop the funding process on an automatic basis.”

“Peacekeepers” are deeply worried.

On the absence of income to their accounts, they stated in the White Helmets themselves. The channel stresses that they have not yet received official confirmation from Washington about the termination of funding, “however, members of the organization in the field in Syria report that their subsidies were interrupted.”

American subsidies account for one-third of the White Helmets budget, so without these payments they will not last long.

“If this suspension is delayed or funding finally stops, it will have serious consequences for our ability to provide the services of the previous intensity and quality that we provided earlier,” the leader of the White Helmets, Raed Saleh, quotes CBS.

According to him, they met with representatives of the State Department in March, who assured them that the funding will continue until at least 2020.

“There were no proposals to end support,” Salekh said.

According to experts, the possible freeze of payments for the White Helmets is due to the fact that they brought Washington into the “chemical attack” case in the Syrian Duma.

“White Helmets” position themselves as a “peacekeeping organization”, but the people of Syria speak of them as accomplices of terrorists. This thing was told to RT by the eyewitnesses of the activity of these activists.

“In the commercials, they (representatives of White Helmets – RT) seem to be helping everyone, but in reality they only help their own: militants, relatives and close ones. Talking about civilians, they think about them in the last turn,” – said one of the Syrians.

And those who survived the blockade of Aleppo, noted that during those events, “White Helmets” along with the militants took their food, brought to the eastern part of the city.

In addition, the organization has repeatedly been denied the creation of production rollers. Russia called one such video about the “chemical attack” in the city of the Duma the fake one. On the frames there were recorded “victims” in the hospital, which activists poured with water, allegedly trying to save. At the same time, there was no chemical protection on the activists themselves.

The film’s staging was soon confirmed by local residents and doctors. For this, some even came to The Hague and gave a press conference at the headquarters of the OPCW. However, representatives of the United States, Britain and France refused to attend, who used this video as a justification for a missile strike against civilian and military targets of the UAR.

“The State Department understands that, in fact, the organization has rendered a disservice to the American side. In fact, it turned out that the story about saving children, women and the elderly in the Syrian city of Duma is fake information … Based on this, it will now be decided what to do next with the “White Helmets”, because the failure is obvious. And the financing of this organization only exacerbates the situation, primarily for the US itself, “explained the director of the Institute of Strategic Planning Alexander Gusev.

Washington’s Default.

Meanwhile, the US authorities have not made any official statements regarding the termination of subsidies. Moreover, State Department spokesman Heather Nauert at the end of April claimed that the organization’s accounts are still being paid.

“I recently exchanged e-mails with them … As far as I know, all the work is still going on. Accounts are still paid,” – she said.

Nauert then called the White Helmets members “disinterested people” and advised the media to pay attention to a documentary about this organization.

According to Alexander Gusev, her statements reflect primarily the position of the establishment of the United States. However, American society is gradually beginning to understand who the “White Helmets” really are.

“Calling” White Helmets “in any sense a peacekeeping organization is what the tongue simple can not. Because in the same Syria, everyone has known for a long time what they are like. But the American man in the street comes to understanding it only now. However, the opinion of Nauert is not worth considering as personal, since she articulates only what she was written in the State Department. This is the opinion of the political establishment, “he said.

Therefore, the expert believes, if it turns out that the White Helmets will continue to work, this will be evidence that the US still supports them.

“I think the US decided to distance itself from the scandal (in the Syrian Duma – RT), which gained wide popularity. After all, any kind of provocation is uncovered sooner or later. But this does not mean that they completely refused them, “- Podberyozkin specified.

Later, a representative of the State Department told RIA Novosti that the department is engaged in the revision of available assistance programs for Syria.

“We are actively reviewing our current assistance programs for Syria at the request of the president, including US support for the White Helmets.” The United States supports the White Helmets organization along with other donors. We expect that their activities will continue due to additional multilateral donations, “he said.