Who will be appointed as the president of Ukraine?

After five years of degradation, Ukraine naturally came to elections without an electorate

A few years ago, political scientist Alexander Zadorozhny declared: “With a rating of less than 10% of the government, electoral fraud is impossible,” writes columnist of the Ukrainian weekly “2000” Vladimir Marus. Unfortunately, the very notion of “rating” has now disappeared as superfluous, it has been replaced by technological television “stretch”. Even conditionally – the relative elections turned into a purely “Buy and Sell”, so the Ukrainian politicians, both new, “early”, and the old, “long-playing”, the word “election” is already pronounced with a wry grin.

Over the past 25 years, even those embryonic choices that were previously in the most rudimentary state, but at least somehow were, or rather, they were called by their old memory, safely rested in Bose. And if before the elections were falsified with the help of all sorts of “swing – roundabouts”, ballot stuffing, bringing up voters, mass buying up of votes, now it is already in the past.

What happened to the Ukrainian elections is best seen, as we see it, from the example of Tymoshenko. Her strength and power was originally in the mass grassroots organizations, an active position at the local level. Then whatever part of the country we were in, large groups everywhere, mostly of young people with white-red symbolism, stood along the roads. Waving their rods with flags, they shouted assertively: “Yu-lya, Yu-lya!”

As a result, Tymoshenko then received not just an unexpected – literally stunning result. Then a catastrophe happened: BYuT (the Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc) abandoned its grassroots organizations, and as a result, it lost its main driving force – sincerely believing, loyal to our Yulia party members. For Julia felt that she herself was already a “locomotive” capable of “drawing out” any elections.

Not pulled out. The author with the lady “U” had a long conversation, so here is a part of his own observations. On the whole, on the ground, as in a well-known dictum, the results of the revolutionary events were then taken advantage of by no means by those who made the revolution purely by conviction, not for fear, but for conscience. I think the process of “decomposition” of BYuT stands out in more detail.

So, at first, the devotees, who were then abundant, drove for days around the districts, selflessly creating organizations focused only on Yulya and trusting only to her. Numerous, branched, combat-ready, ideological units truly devoted to “our Yulia” grew massively in villages and districts.

But at a convenient moment, the “gray shadows” of ideological leaders treacherously struck the first on unprotected backs. It was then that it turned out that true devotees, bright and convinced, charismatic leaders, who served Yulia not for fear, but for conscience, were very naive, trusting, and therefore extremely vulnerable, and therefore unable to defend themselves.

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As a result of “creeping coups”, they were replaced by functionaries of the second plan. Having neither bright leadership qualities, nor skills, nor experience of party building, nor simply a desire to create, without possessing Fidel’s strength and conviction, they stupidly began to “steer”. The ideological and powerful BYuT on the ground has turned into a normal sales swamp.

As a result, those who created, strengthened, multiplied the power and greatness of the “Iron Lady”, turned out to be outcasts and “enemies of the party.” Yulia then betrayed these people, did not defend the faithful fighters, and, as it were, consecrated this “quiet barking coup”, which was the beginning of her political end. Having been abandoned, unnecessary and restless, its supporters on the ground then began to massively migrate to other political forces.

Thousands of letters marked “SOS!” Came from the districts addressed to Tymoshenko about local lawlessness destroying the country. But either the letters did not reach her, intercepted by the “old loyal party members” who had become all-round defense. Or Yulia simply “scored” this “voice of the people”, because she was concerned about the counting of votes in the factions of the VR to solve, as they then believed, the vital issues of earning billions. The BYuT factions in the regional, city and district councils then amicably and jointly, on all issues voted on the team of PR leaders.

Well, the money invested in the elections had to be “beaten off,” and the image of the money does not bring, and the people turned away from them. It ended with the fact that Yulia then completely disappeared for several years from the electoral field.

Then the “Great Manipulators” decided to reanimate her – as a result, there were detentions, courts, a “landing”, where she calmly played table tennis and accepted her own.

After the trial with the crowded masses of “riot police” and activists, there was a “graduation ball” in a wheelchair, a wonderful healing, like in the comedy film “St. From the full political non-existence, they pulled it out, shook it off, cleaned it, washed it, and – be so kind.

Now back to the electoral technologies: all actions are now taking place on the central TV channels, however, not one of the candidates is able to impress the voters today. To understand how, in terms of political attraction, Julia differs from Toli, Peter from Jura, Senya from Olezhka, it is absolutely impossible – the same words, gestures, smiles.

Why today they lead in many opinion polls? Yes, they are not in the lead in anything, this is a primitive technology of “stretching the percentage”, which, if I am not mistaken, was first used by Yatsenyuk. With a real 2.7%, his “producers” bought him 18%, and pulled him on a passing score, as a result, Senya and became one of the leading politicians of the country.

Today, on the ground, as before, there is practically no field or campaign work. As before, leaders of local political groups are feverishly rushing from one camp to another. The goal is to get either into the pass-through part of the list, or to get support from BPP as a majoritarian. No visual agitation, almost no outdoor advertising.

And this applies to all: both the so-called opposition and the ruling party. What then turns out? It turns out that of all the parties recognize only one, the main: “Passing part of the list.” As mentioned above, up to 10,000,000 (ten million) dollars are given to BP for getting into the first numbers of this party, and no one is going to vote at all.

This is already explained not even by disappointment, but by the complete social pofigism of the electorate. And there is practically no “black PR” anymore, since as a result of the general budget theft of officials and deputies, everyone is afraid that wherever they go, they will surely go out on themselves. Because such timid and shy accusations of competitors “a la Cinderella.”

No one pays attention to the promises of candidates at all, because they understand that this is all to say. When Lyashko was asked the question “when will you return the Crimea,” the answer was: when you vote for Lyashko. So head the special forces, forward with a pitchfork at the ready, “if you chop.” No, hollow-empty.

Gritsenko as the Minister of Defense in 2005, if I am not mistaken, headed the commission of high officials of his department and the heads of deputy commissions in Kalinovka. The protocol, which is in the BP archive, indicates the catastrophic position of the landfill, the impossibility of its further operation. And what? And Nitsche, all these years was silent “like a fish about ice.”

So we declare responsibly – buying up votes, “grids”, and “schemes”, and stuffing will be purely for distraction. The president will be appointed from among those who have been placed on the manipulators. They may, in order to observe democracy as a matter of fact, give several candidates a chance to beat themselves between themselves, but this will in no way affect the final choice.

The president will be one of the agreed candidates, the rest will be a “support group”. And everything from the same barrel, Ukrainians feel sick when they see every politician, sick even worse than emetic powder, they don’t even get sick of them all, but literally the politicians turn them inside out. But due to the absence of a socially active population, having only a wordless substance, it is no longer taken into account.

That is the sad result …