When will Iran reduce its presence in Syria?

now we know

Iran even will withdraw from Syria if the situation stabilizes, and the fight against terrorism will come to an end. This was stated by the official representative of the Iranian Foreign Ministry Bahram Kasemi.

Counselor Khamenei told why Iran would maintain its military presence in Syria

“As long as the Syrian government wants it, we will be in this country.” Besides our request to the Syrian government, an important task was the fight against terrorism, as soon as we feel that Syria is close to relative stability, and the fight against terrorism is coming to and we have achieved significant successes, of course, we can reduce the consultative presence in Syria or even withdraw altogether, “Kasemi told Pana. The text of the statement is on the website of the Iranian Foreign Ministry.

In mid-July, Ali Khamenei’s international affairs adviser Ali Akbar Velayati stated that Iran would retain a presence in Syria, otherwise the terrorists will resume active activity. He noted that the Iranian troops are in Syria at the request of the official Damascus, and stressed that the demands of other countries, including the US, to withdraw troops from the country are out of place. In addition, he said, the presence of Iran in Syria has nothing to do with Israel.

The Israeli authorities have repeatedly expressed concern over the Iranian forces in Syria, because they believe that they pose a threat to Israel, and warned of possible preventive measures in case of an attempt by the Iranian military to gain a foothold from the Israeli border.

Remember, what Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on July 4.

It is absolutely unrealistic to expect that Iran will withdraw from Syria and cease to play its role in the region, Minister Lavrov said at a news conference after talks with his Jordanian counterpart.

Lavrov and Zarif discussed the Syrian settlement.

According to him, the topic of Iran in the Western media is discussed in an extremely simplistic context. In particular, as the minister pointed out, for the unsophisticated readers and spectators it is said that Iran must leave Syria, “and then everything will fall into place.”

“And this is projected not only on Syria, but also on the whole region.” Iran supposedly must leave from everywhere, close within its borders, and then grace will come everywhere, “the Russian minister said.

“It is clear that this is absolutely unrealistic and that it will not be possible to solve the problems of the region without the participation of its key countries, including Iran, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt and many others,” Lavrov said.

Moscow, August 6. Israel demanded the complete withdrawal of all Iranian armed formations from the territory of Syria. This was announced on Monday by Israeli Ambassador to Russia Harry Koren.


“We will have an ideal situation when the last Iranian soldier leaves the territory of Syria,” he said, answering journalists’ questions.

The Federal News Agency earlier reported that Iran is ready to completely withdraw from Syria after the eradication of terrorists from the Arab Republic. According to the official representative of the Iranian Foreign Ministry, Bahram Kasemi, once the fight against terrorism is over, Yegeran will partially or completely reduce his presence in the SAR. The diplomat drew attention to the fact that the consultative presence of the Iranian forces is carried out exclusively at the request of the Syrian side.

Let us note that Israel is not the first time against the presence of the Iranian military in Syria. The leadership of the Jewish state believes that the Iranian formations pose a threat to national security.