What will the Trump and Putin talk about in Helsinki?

Russia and the United States reached pre-negotiations agreement on the meeting of Presidents Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump, the Moscow office reported. Americanist Sergei Sudakov on air radio Sputnik expressed the opinion that the upcoming summit has a chance to become a “consensus meeting.”

Moscow and Washington agreed on a meeting between Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump. This was reported by the assistant to the Russian leader Yuri Ushakov.

“This issue has been discussed for a long time between our sides, it is being discussed through closed channels, I can say that an agreement has been reached to hold the summit, even an agreement on the time and place of its holding, we will announce it jointly with our American counterparts tomorrow,” he told reporters.

On Sunday, the Austrian newspaper Kronen Zeitung reported that Vienna could be the venue for the summit. Later, the publication Politico, citing informed sources, was named as the likely venue for Helsinki. Now it is clearly known  they will mett in Helsinki.

Americanist, Corresponding Member of the Academy of Military Sciences Sergei Sudakov on air radio Sputnik suggested what topics the leaders of Russia and the United States could agree on.

“I believe that now, in conditions when Trump has unleashed a trade war with China and the EU, Trump’s only chance to contain one of his important campaign promises is to at least start quietly establishing relations with Russia. I think that if Trump goes on that to press on Kiev, and Ukraine will start implementing the Minsk agreements, it would be a big plus, and we have a good ground in Syria, we can come to Syria to create new security zones that will allow us to act more effectively. on the North oree, we understand that Trump wants to become the only world leader who was able to resolve this issue but the issue of North Korea is still far from being resolved, and Trump will not be able to do without intermediaries such as Russia and China “, -. Sergei Sudakov.

In his opinion, the upcoming summit has a chance to become a “consensus meeting.”

“We should not say that we should expect some breakthroughs at the talks, but I think it’s appropriate to say that we can reach some agreement on rather important issues, therefore I think that this meeting will not be a “meeting of breakthroughs,” but “a meeting of consensus,” said Sergei Sudakov.

The leaders of Russia and the United States personally met twice. In July 2017, the presidents held full-fledged talks during the G20 summit in Hamburg, discussing the problems of bilateral relations, the Syrian and Ukrainian crises.

In November, Putin and Trump talked “on their feet” at the APEC summit in Danang. During the meeting, they approved a joint statement on Syria. After that, the heads of state spoke on the phone several times.

Washington, July 6. The head of the White House, Donald Trump, and Russian President Vladimir Putin during the summit in Helsinki can agree on the withdrawal of Iranian-backed troops from the territory of Syria. This was reported by Bloomberg.

According to the publication, the issue of Iran’s role in the Syrian Arab Republic will be key at the upcoming meeting. Sources of the agency note that the Russian side agreed provisionally with the demands of the United States and Israel on the withdrawal of Iranian-backed forces from the south of Syria and the territory adjacent to the Syrian-Israeli border. These forces can be replaced by troops loyal to the Syrian government.

Also Bloomberg writes that Moscow and Washington are conducting intensive negotiations so that at the upcoming meeting of the two leaders in Helsinki, at least one significant agreement was reached. This agreement is necessary for Donald Trump, to prove the success of the summit and to justify Washington’s further steps to improve relations with Moscow.

The meeting of Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump will be held on July 16 in Helsinki. Earlier RT reported that the head of the White House expressed confidence that at his meeting with the Russian president “everything will be fine.”

Bloomberg writes the same thing.

The issue of Iran’s role in the Syrian conflict will be the main one at the meeting of the Russian and US presidents in the capital of Finland, Bloomberg points out. At the moment, Moscow and Washington are actively negotiating to ensure that at the end of this summit, at least one concrete agreement is adopted that will allow Trump to show the success of the dialogue with Putin and justify further steps to improve relations with Russia.