What weapon do the ISIS militants take to kill Russian soldiers

The weapons of militants fighting in Syria were shown to St. Petersburg in the Military Historical Museum of Artillery, Engineers and Communications. Arsenal is impressive and diverse. Here and machine guns, and submachine guns, and machine guns, rifles, guns. And still artillery installations, mortars, mines, mortars. Not without oriental exotic – melee weapons, in particular, engraved saber blades. That is, everything, well, or almost everything that extremists are fighting against the government forces and the civilian population of this Middle Eastern country. In total, more than 50 items.

All of this was seized from members of the so-called ISIS. Part in the battles, part during the truces, when, leaving their positions, and with them the battle area along a special “green” corridor, the bandits are obliged to hand over weapons to representatives of the Syrian army. They are armed, judging even by the presented at the exhibition, ” up to their teeth.” Moreover, most of the weapons are serial, high-quality. Although not new. Basically – the second half of the twentieth century.

What is their choice? USA or USSR?

The latter – one of the most “running” and popular on the battlefields of the Syrian war. That, in general, is not surprising: in 1970–80, the USSR actively supplied allies with weapons, including in the Middle East. As, actually, the USA did the same. They sent there those and others not the most modern, but quite reliable copies.

Such as the Shpagin submachine gun which is famous since the WWII. It turns out that now, after more than seventy years, it is very popular. Shpagin submachine gun ran in the hands of the militants, most likely, after the seizure of the Syrian military warehouse.

Next to him in the window is another domestic “veteran” – the Mosin rifle, developed in the late nineteenth century, in this case, a modified sniper rifle. The court on the “battered” look of this particular, which has fallen into the temporary exhibition of the Museum of Artillery, has been a lot of years for it, and has been in serious trouble. Mosin’s rifle is famous for its accuracy and reliability. By the way, cartridges for it are still being produced.

What to say about our legendary Kalashnikov assault rifle! However, for a long time not only “our”. Kalash are now produced in many countries. Superficially they almost can not be distinguished. The difference is mainly in the details. For example, the Chinese-made automaton has a different bayonet attachment than ours. In addition, they themselves have a bayonet folding, and the Soviet (and Russian) removable.

  • Besides the weapons that the militants themselves seize during the battles in Syria, they also regularly receive large deliveries from Western countries, – said Ruslan Chumak, Ph.D.

– First of all, of those who themselves received once military assistance from outside. Example – machine gun Browning M2. He could well have been on the first Israeli technology, which came from the United States. The bandits in Syria use it, though not on combat vehicles, but on land. Or the German automatic rifle Heckler-Koch G3, which “flashed” in different years in several “hot spots” of the planet, as did the Austrian submachine gun Steyr MPI69. Similarly, it has long been customary to free oneself from illiquid products in Europe and the USA.

– I wonder what price they ask?

  • In such local wars, which is now going on in Syria, small arms do not affect the result. The price of war is not determined by him. Another thing, tanks, aircraft, ammunition, which has accumulated in the world in the warehouses of billions of dollars. So, it is possible that they supply for free. The organization of war lies in the field of politics, not economics. Freed in this way from stocks of unused and outdated weapons, is already a good investment.
  • Just the same Americans are doing now in Ukraine. Recently, several old, already gave Kiev several discharged service boats.

– This can not be compared. A warship and small arms are not the same thing. For example, any rifle, after it was developed (if the development is, of course, worthwhile) does not change in principle, requiring only minor improvements over the years. So with the Russian Mosin rifle and the American M-16, with our Kalashnikov assault rifle, with the German pistol Walter. The equipment, in particular, marine, is much more complex and constantly needs serious improvement of the nodes, equipment …

Among the objects of the gangster arsenal, exhibited in the hall of the Artillery Museum, drew attention to the French machine gun “M-52”. Weapons from this European country are very rare in the hands of others. Just because, explained Ruslan Chumak, that it is rather specific in design, not very reliable and not very widely used in the world.

Do not disdain, as it turns out, extremists and home-grown “deadly toys.” They can be seen immediately. For example, a bomb, allowing you to launch heavy projectiles towards the enemy. It is small, worked out of improvised means: a pipe, iron corners, a spring. However, it can hold up to 30 kg of TNT. Or a homemade rifle with a caliber of 20 mm. By power, rather even a mini-gun. The bolt is welded to it, there is a trigger and starting handle. Set such a rifle on the machine. Any – from the most primitive, just to keep, to the specialized. It uses aircraft shells. They fly far. But it is difficult to hit the target, as the sight is rather primitive. The task, apparently, is another – to destroy