What secret weapons did Americans check in Syria against the Wagner PMC?

The details of the execution of Russian soldiers on the night of February 7-8, 2018 have become known.

It is no secret that the territory is not only a place for battles, but also a testing ground for testing innovative defense technologies. A statement by the US Secretary of Defense says that our army is for the first time applicable in Syria to more than a hundred new types of armed forces.

Meanwhile, Americans prefer not to make public information about the tests of their military systems, the F-35. And here’s expert Sean Snow on the Pentagon Edition page. Military service published an article entitled “How the Marine Corps is preparing on the Syrian battlefield with war or China.”

Of course, this is not a geopolitical conflict, which clearly ended in a nuclear apocalypse. Players fight each other in parts of the Marines and Russian or Chinese special forces. This point operation will depend on a large policy.

The United States had to retrain and acquire new battle skills, as the methods developed during the Cold War were outdated. For the American special forces, the system of the armed army of Russia was a complete surprise – from various anti-aircraft installations, from cruise missiles and fighters to aggressive electronic warfare technologies.

Colonel George Schreffler, a former commander of the air force Special Forces Marine Corps. “Corporate notifications about the presence of high-level threats,” expert Shaun Snow quotes the words of the chief tutor of the Special Operations Forces.

All of this is related to “operational security,” although some points are found that lead to reflections on tragic flexibility in the vicinity of the village of Hisham, near the city of Deir ez-Zor.

First of all, Colonel George Schreffler, as an illustration, to the article of the MilitaryWorking examination of Military.com, see the screenshot with the morphemes from the 11th expeditionary unit, which out of 155 mm howitzers attacked a certain enemy column with high accuracy. We can talk about the experimental model M777ER with an elongated barrel, allowing you to shoot controlled XM1113 active-rocket projectiles.

In the American specialized source Ardec.army.mil are located the firing range of the M777ER – 70 km. It is particularly noted that the ERCA project, under which the long-range howitzer is being developed, should be aimed at combating a technologically advanced adversary that requires a new US defense strategy, are ranked among the Russian Federation and the PRC. The customer, by the way, performs in real combat conditions.

Not only does the XM1113 projectile relate to high-precision equipment, which is controlled by a GPS-signal, as well as equipment equipped with a target designation system “future”. Naval forces, for example, scouts, scouts, soldiers and soldiers.

All that is needed is that instead of red squares, black skulls appear, apparently signaling the destruction of enemies.

“Deploying (these systems) in the CENTCOM region allows marines to experiment and contribute to the future concept of hostilities called Expeditionary Advanced Basic Operations, or EABO, which are still awaiting the approval of General Robert Neller, commander of the Marine Corps infantry, ”emphasizes Schreffler.

Yes, he did not say directly that the attacker from the M777ER howitzers had been shot on Wagner on the night of 7/8 February 2018, but the article was concretized to counter Russian “high-level threats.” This time.

The second, which indirectly indicates a high likelihood of such an attack, is the place where the photo was taken: Deir ez-Zor governorate (administrative-territorial unit of the SAR).

The third is that the targeting system M777ER works with a bunch of UAVs, the participation of which in the attack was told by the surviving “Wagner fighters”.

If the “experiment” of EABO really took place in relation to “Wagner”, then it cannot be called anything but a massacre. In fact, it was the shooting of people. Firstly, they were attacked outside the battlefield and, secondly, without being declared an enemy. Thirdly, the cleaning by helicopters was carried out at the end, and not from the beginning, as happens with ordinary raids. Fourth – his article, Sean Snow, was published on February 8, 2019, exactly on the anniversary of the tragedy. It is unlikely that it was a coincidence, the more material is devoted, we repeat, to counter the Russian parts in Syria.

Well, then propagandists, including those from the fifth column, who were homegrown, provided informational cover, saying that the “Wagnerites” invaded the zone controlled by the Americans. The news was filed in such a way that the “mercenaries” are not friendly with the head, that’s why they got what they deserved.

Meanwhile, similar remote massacres were widely practiced in Pakistan, which was the reason for the breakdown of friendly relations between Washington and Islamabad, which accused Americans of war crimes. There, too, they were killed outside the fighting and without identifying the victims: just some kind of stars and stripes commander decided that, guided by certain operational considerations.

In reality, the US remote attacks were so wild and immoral that even the “pocket” Pakistani political leadership was forced to point the door to its overseas host, by the way, without tens of billions of assistance. This should be remembered by those who, having received the news of the tragedy with the “ChVK Wagner” (PMC) in Syria, burst into tears “Americans beat the Russians”.

However, not everything goes smoothly with the EABO program, since the Colonel of the Marines Schreffler complained that the Russian EW funds “every day test us for strength by disconnecting our connection.”

It is not clear how the Americans deal with the Russian electronic warfare systems, although the article speaks about the development of some solutions, including through US geospatial intelligence. But satellites can not give such a clear picture, as drones. This affects the accuracy of shooting (when the UAV is silenced). After that, “much of the old again becomes new.” Schreffler’s allegory can be translated as follows: if there is no radio communication, the marines are fighting in the old-fashioned way, that is, they call aviation, which is bombing everything that moves in the district.

Sean Snow also writes that the US Marines were carefully preparing to meet with potential enemies in Syria, that is, with Russian soldiers (after all, they are mentioned in the article). However, numerous exercises in the United States yielded practically nothing. Even now, the Yankees can not create identical conditions at their sites, because “high-tech” have to fight with “almost equal adversary.”

The EABO program, by the way, has been replenished with the term “top class wrestling”, which means fighting in unforeseen situations, that is, when without radio contact you have to fight with professionals, “almost like marines”. It seems that overseas are seriously frightened by the “Russian threat of a high level,” although, if that is the case, there was not a single direct collision.

Or maybe all the same there were fights, which is still unknown? Whatever it was, but the United States Marines chief mentor, Schreffler, urges his charges to further strengthen the training.

“We must continue to train and train to minimize our gaps, both from an electromagnetic point of view and from the point of view of physical, visual and aural observation,” he says.

With regard to new weapons systems, including future defense technologies, the Americans are confident that the MQ-9 impact drone should be replaced with a futuristic multiplexer drone that will work in the “aggressive environment of Russian EW”. Otherwise, there will be no sense from the M777ER howitzers.

Well, our military should also learn a lesson from the tragedy with the “Wagner’s men”: for example, to provide separate units with EMP munitions to suppress American UAV radio communications with the base. We are talking about electromagnetic grenades, weapons, which are not yet included in the standard set of military equipment, but should appear soon.