Was Russia able to restore order to the Golan Heights?

The Russian ambassador to Israel, Anatoly Viktorov, said in an interview with local TV channels that Moscow and Tel Aviv had concluded a number of agreements on the situation on the Syrian-Israeli border. Now, after the final completion of the anti-terrorist operation in the south-west of the SAR, the border in this area will be controlled only by regular parts of the Syrian government army, and all foreign units will be withdrawn. More details about this are in the article of the Federal News Agency (FAN).

Viktorov called the security of the Jewish state one of the priorities of Russia’s foreign policy. Recall, Israel feared the location of its northeastern borders of Iranian forces, as well as allied to Tehran paramilitary forces.

“No non-Syrian troops should now be based in the southern zone of de-escalation,” the Russian ambassador said.

He also added that he was in favor of implementing the agreement on the withdrawal of forces from 1974. This document presupposes the maintenance of partially or fully demilitarized areas on the border of the RA and Israel with the presence of UN peacekeeping groups in these zones. At the same time, Anatoly Viktorov noted that the Russian side intends to make sure of strict observance of all agreements.

Political scientist and independent journalist Alexander Asafov said in an interview with the FAN correspondent that this resolution of tension in the Golan Heights is the result of a recent meeting of the Russian Federation and the US at the highest level. In his opinion, the establishment of order in this strategic area once again refutes the statements of some American political elites who asserted that the talks of Presidents Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump had brought no practical results.

“Despite constant attempts on the part of the American political establishment to depreciate the results of the meeting in Helsinki, we now see that this summit was productive and that on many of the issues discussed there is a constructive result. And, for example, security in the Golan Heights area is directly realized by the scenario discussed by the leaders of Russia and the United States, “our interlocutor remarked.

He also pointed out that the Israeli side, which has repeatedly shown aggression and in general behaved quite impulsively during the Syrian conflict, nevertheless adopted the results of the talks in Helsinki and supported this compromise solution, which is really capable of finally settling the situation in the Golan.

“Previously, Tel Aviv had a rather radical position, he allowed himself very harsh actions in Syria, including air strikes. That is, Israel behaved aggressively in the military plan against the neighboring republic, put ultimatums and so on. However, despite all this, the settlement of instability in this troubled border region has moved from a dead center, and in this region everything is gradually developing along the path that Vladimir Putin spoke about, “the political scientist added.

Attempts to sabotage the establishment of a dialogue between Washington and Moscow on the situation in Syria were made, in part, because a significant part of the US political elite stubbornly does not want to recognize the colossal contribution of the Russian Federation to the development of the peace process in the SAR.

“Current progress has some hopes. It is obvious that the strategy that Russia proposed to the United States – the plan for Syria, the Golan Heights, the plan for a common settlement of the all-round conflict in the Middle East – is beginning to be realized, although the results of the summit have been tried to be discounted and refuted. We saw this in a number of American publications and other Western media that stated that the agreements reached would not work. Thus, a decisive course has been taken to final elimination of all contradictions, and now we can observe a new stage in the implementation of the RF plan to restore order in the region, “summed up Alexander Asafov.