Warsaw volunteered to help the USA in frightening Russia

In Poland, they expect that part of the American troops deployed in Germany will be deployed and they.

Left without the so-called “Trump Fort”, where, according to the plan of the Polish leadership, the American armored division would be located, Warsaw decided to participate in another US project to frighten Russia. And now it expects to get at least part of the US military contingent, still lodging in Germany.


The fact that the authorities welcomed the possible transfer of American troops from the territory of Germany to Poland, said the Polish Foreign Minister Jacek Chaputovic, writes the German publication Die Zeit.


As it put it, “the presence of American troops in Poland plays a very important, frightening role.” Because Russia, which, according to it, pursues an “aggressive policy” and “violates international law”, will have to “think twice before using force when international troops – especially American ones” are in front of her.


And it doesn’t matter that the military threat from Russia, to which the Poles explain their rattling with other people’s weapons, is an argument at the high-likely level. The main thing is that at the present time it is very convenient and indisputable for the West.


As for the so-called “intimidation plan,” it is based on the long-standing discontent of President Trump Berlin, who refuses to spend 2% of GDP mandatory on NATO for defense. Recently, the American ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell, known for his scandalous remarks about the leadership of the host country, called this state of affairs “offensive” and threatened to move the US military bases to Poland.


However, Trump, who, in fact, repeatedly praised Warsaw for being ready to deploy American troops even at its own expense, has not yet officially confirmed such an intention. Although, something will probably become clear during his close trip to Poland, where he plans to leave in late August and early September to invite him to take part in events dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the outbreak of the Second World War.


Although the Polish authorities have long advocated an increase in the American presence in the country. And we must say – have achieved a lot. About three thousand American military personnel, parts of one American tank brigade, and the multinational NATO battalion are constantly located on Polish territory in Poland. In addition, in 2020, it is expected that the American missile defense base will be operational in the village of Redzikovo in the north of the country with Patriot and Aegis Ashore complexes.


And for the sake of a permanent American military base on Polish soil, which Warsaw had flattering “Trump” in advance, the local authorities were ready to allocate up to two billion dollars from their own budget – the amount is quite significant for the not the richest EU country. It was assumed that this fort will become the seat of the American armored division. These are about three hundred Abrams tanks, more than one hundred Bradley infantry fighting vehicles, fifty Apache helicopters, an anti-aircraft missile battalion, artillery, plus about 17 thousand personnel.


The idea, however, was never realized in this form. But last spring, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that the alliance countries will invest $ 260 million in the construction of a warehouse for American military equipment on the territory of the air base in the Polish Povidze. The facility, which should be ready by the summer of 2021, will allow the deployment of military equipment necessary for the deployment of one tank brigade of the US Army.


Does it make sense, in that case, to spend more money on the transfer and arrangement in Poland of the 50,000th American contingent, which is currently deployed in Germany?


  • In fact, this idea has been flying in the air for a long time, – comments Ivan Konovalov, director of the Center for Strategic Market Studies, military analyst.

– Because the Americans, in fact, have more and more complicated relationships with Germany. After all, what were the relations between the USA and the FRG originally based on?


The fact is that Germany is a losing country. It lost the Second World War. At the same time, the Americans who paid for the victory in this war with the least blood (it is clear who won – this is the Soviet Union, and there is no point in arguing with this), nevertheless, captured a significant part of German territory. Occupie it in fact.


And look how it happened … After all, after the surrender of Germany, besides the Soviet one, there were three western occupation sectors – British, American and French. But in the end, only the Americans remained. Which are still putting pressure on the country’s leadership. Naturally, the Germans do not like it.


That is, we are the winners; we do not exert such pressure. We generally left the GDR. And the country, which acted at the last moment, behaves so brazenly.


Here, believe me, the Germans have good historical memory. They know who won the war. And these are not Americans. At the same time, Americans dictate conditions to Berlin.

Accordingly, Germany has long wanted to get out of the dictatorship of the United States.


What are the options for a military response by the Russian Federation to the possible deployment of US medium-range missiles in Europe?

– Germany, maybe it wants to. But who will let it? And what is Poland’s interest here?

– Poland dreams of being the “beloved wife” of the United States in the context of NATO. And the main country in Eastern Europe, on which the Americans will rely. It achieves this by any means. And, according to the conclusions of Lomonosov-Lavoisier, if something has disappeared somewhere, then it will certainly arrive in another place. That is the scientific law.

In addition, Poland is a very convenient country in that there is a very powerful anti-Russian rhetoric at various levels.


– You never know where anti-Russian rhetoric is now fashionable … But Poland somehow fusses most of all …

– Fashion is one thing. And another thing when it is based on a historical context. Let’s not go away from the historical truth – we always have problems with the Poles. And they never felt special love for us. Because we had the year 1612, the divisions of Poland, and the Soviet-Polish war of 1920. And what just was not …

We have something to present to each other. Another thing is that we, Russia, have remained a great power, which does not need to puff out its cheeks in order to appear like that. Poland has lost this status. But it wants to be as great as Russia. And this is the problem.

But how to be great if you yourself cannot become great? It is necessary – you know, how in the yard? – Call your older bully brother, who will be behind you for security. And you will mock people.

This is a variant of Poland. Historical memory says that once the country was “from sea to sea.” They really want to repeat it. But there remained only a gentry ambition.

– So, you think that some part of the contingent from Germany, the Americans still decide to transfer to Poland?

– I have no doubt about that. Moreover, in Poland there are already two US brigade sets deployed. How many personnel are there is hard to say. On rotation, it seems, about three thousand soldiers and officers. But in terms of technology, they already have about two armored brigades there.

– Why then did Trump never appear in Poland? After all, the Poles themselves were ready to pay the Americans for the military base voluntarily provided to them.

– Just nobody believes in Polish statements. Because they gave the word so many times, and took it back … Remember, at least, the story of the French helicopters, when the Poles signed a contract for 50 Caracal aircraft, and then two months later they suddenly announced that they were buying the American Black Hawks. Well, what is this behavior?

No one will ever believe that Poland will lay out as much as two billion dollars out of its own pocket. Never! The main thing is to announce a desire. Maybe Americans will appreciate it? Or maybe they themselves will pay for everything – they are rich.

– But the States did not refuse the offer. They just changed the concept of their presence. And now they will build NATO warehouses for American military equipment.

  • Sooner or later, almost all of Europe will fall under this. And just in Poland, the Americans are rolling this scheme. Scheme of the operational deployment of its armed forces in Europe.


They are not going to hold a large number of troops in Europe. The main thing is to create hubs for the transfer of troops and warehouses where all weapons will be located. Then you only need to transfer personnel across the ocean – and that’s it.

And the third is information and intelligence gathering centers. They already exist and are deployed along our borders.


It remains to create another storage base. Moreover – heavy weapons, so as not to drag them back and forth across the Atlantic. And then, if necessary, personnel are quickly transferred. This is fairly easy, given the combined capabilities of the US and NATO in military transport aircraft.

And then don’t have to keep everything in Europe. They also consider money.

Why are the Poles so generous? Because, even if they pay in some mythical way, they hope to “recapture” this money in the first year.


Because the content of such a base is at least a billion dollars. It must be supplied with fuel and lubricants, electricity, barracks for personnel must be built, food must be provided …

This is the base, which should contain all segments – aviation, armored, land, respectively. The only thing is not naval. Imagine how much it costs to maintain aircraft, helicopters, tanks, multiple launch rocket systems that Americans love so much. And plus – the personnel. This is a lot of money.


The Poles are precisely counting on this – that their investments will “beat off” in a few years, and then profit will go.


– Do we need to worry in this regard somehow? After all, the Poles themselves are still forming some kind of their division on the border with Belarus.

– You know, the biggest danger in this situation is, of course, that the more troops are deployed at our borders, the greater the risk of a simple random shot. I would have defined the problem.

It could be anything – a tank shot, a plane crashing into our territory … They are flying more actively along our borders. Suppose even – it happened, although Warsaw did not want this. But when your borders have a huge crowd rattling weapons, it’s like a fellow neighbor with a knife. It seems that he does not touch anyone and just stands at the door. But anything can happen.

And the most-tragic case: the Americans are conducting exercises to share nuclear responsibility within NATO. In the maneuvers, let’s say, Poles, Estonians, Czechs participate. These countries do not have nuclear weapons, but the Americans are pulling them into this situation.

Just imagine if a plane with a nuclear tactical bomb B-51 (they are now transporting them to Europe) flies along our border, then it falls somewhere near Russian territory. And all this “bangs.” What will happen after that? After all, we will need to answer, we will have to do something …

That is, these people in Warsaw are absolutely irresponsible. They do not understand that, saturating the border zone with weapons and all kinds of equipment, they create the possibility of an unprovoked conflict.