War of his dream

Part 1

Imagine the situation: a huge bulldog is sleeping, a boy is cautiously approaching him, such a bad boy, and beats the dog with all his strength. AND? Broken knees, tears and bloody snot, empathy of eyewitnesses, inconsolable grief of parents of a pretty battered kid. Or the option – the bulldog lifts the eyelid and says in human language: “Boy, are you crazy?”. In the situation that the Ukrainian president Poroshenko is currently trying to play, he is playing the role of that stupid boy who decided to tease a guard dog that is represented by Russia, headed by Vladimir Putin.

Poroshenko changes the army camouflage, from which he does not get out for that week already – he wallows due to excessive wearing and throwing near the trenches at the front of Donbass. He is sweating not only from excessive physical exertion, but also from a powerful injection of adrenaline into the blood — it’s no joke to wipe the attack on Russia. So the date of the attack is already indicated – December 24, 2018, probably at exactly 4 am. Tanks warm engines, guns uncovered the trunks, the ships went out to sea, and the soldier who hit the camera lens against the background of the Ukrainian president with the nationalist emblem, hastily sews it back. The war seems to be inevitable.

The concentration of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Donbass may be Kiev’s deceptive maneuver to strike from the other side.

On December 14, something did not work out with the attack, the fodder, apparently, was not brought up. But now, exactly, Ukrainian tankers will go into battle. Kiev, since 2014, has repeatedly sent its troops in large and small groups to conquer the Donbass. As a result, endless boilers, lost Donetsk airport, paralyzed front-line aviation, which in general stopped flying in the region, dozens of wounded and dozens of captured tanks, about 50 thousand casualties (about 3000 people), wounded, missing and deserters. The result is zero.

According to UN official data, at the beginning of spring 2018, more than ten thousand people died as a result of the conflict in the south-east of Ukraine. In reality, an order of magnitude more, and both from the Donbass militia, civilians and soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and nationalist battalions, which were destroyed in the “boilers” and the Donetsk airport. The result of the opposition is zero. The opposing sides remained the same. It would seem that it is time to stop a long time, stick bayonets into the ground and agree on peace. But in Kiev, they still thirst for blood and war.

In the Ukrainian capital, tires on the Maidan still burned out, and the new President Poroshenko on April 14, 2014 signed a decree on the start of the antiterrorist operation in eastern Ukraine immediately after the formation of the Luhansk and Donetsk people’s republics. There could have been another territory of independence – in Kharkiv, but it was crushed by detachments of nationalists, who were brought by carriages from the Kiev barricades to this city. Kharkiv wavered and stopped resistance in order to save inevitable casualties among civilians. Lugansk and Donetsk took advantage of this hitch and were able to identify their status, which did not fall into the fabric of the new Kiev authorities.

From a military, and not only, point of view, any hostilities should have a specific goal, which, as a rule, is the achievement of the objectives. In general, we need a little bit, but a victory. Take for comparison the same so unpopular war in Russia in Chechnya, which stretched into two companies and caused unjustified casualties, both among military personnel and civilians. But there was an end result – the federal forces destroyed almost all odious field commanders and the most active gangs, restored power, living under Russian laws. The most important thing is that Moscow allocated enormous funds to eliminate the consequences of the hostilities, announced an amnesty for those who laid down their arms, recognized Chechnya as a full member of the federation. Yes, the price of the stupidity of some of the then domestic politicians who gave the order for an armed solution to the conflict was too high, but now the Chechens proudly call themselves Russians, not forgetting that they are Vainakhs – no one is obstructing. By the way, the capital, Grozny, has become the most comfortable and beautiful city (one mosque Chechen Heart is worth something!) Not only in the North Caucasus. About the past war, no one is trying not to remember.

What does Poroshenko want to bring to the land of Donbass, which (the territory of the DNR and the LNR) is formally still part of today’s Ukraine?

Destruction, blood, death of people and – the subsequent genocide of the population, which rejected the nationalist ideas of Kiev. “Zapadentsy” (pro-Western forces), as they call here “the heirs of Bandera”, immigrants from Western Ukraine, have never concealed that they will “cut the Donetsk”. While they shout about it from a safe distance for themselves, what will happen if they really rush into Donetsk and Lugansk on the bayonets of the APU? Donbass is preparing for their meeting-also with bayonets.

Leni Riefenstahl lived a long life. In her creative way, the profession of a dancer and actress was replaced by a director’s chair and a writer’s pen, and after World War II, after going through three procedures of denazification and recognized as a “fellow traveler” …

What is Poroshenko looking for again in the Donbass? He needs a reason for provocation, no matter what. The main thing is that someone (understandable who) give him a backlash in the face, and he sounded so loudly, so that they can hear it in Europe. Actually, all these recent preparations for the new war in the Donbass boil down precisely to provoking Russia into some kind of action. It is desirable that the provable fact of armed intervention in the conflict in the south-east of Ukraine. And here, as yet, the current president of Ukraine also sees his goals. The first of them is to save the presidency under any sciatic nerve at any cost (what the hell is the election, when there is the war?). The second is to attract to their side the “defenders” in the person of the United States and other NATO countries, who should see the naked “aggression” on the part of Russia and “punish” it for interfering in the affairs of a sovereign state. For this Poroshenko is ready to do anything, even human casualties.

Having received a cruise during the incident with the detention of the Ukrainian boats for the violation of the state border of the Russian Federation in the Kerch Strait and a clear “misunderstanding of the situation” by the majority of European countries, Poroshenko did not calm down. By the way, when the Ukrainian ships were already towed to the port of Kerch, the entire Ukrainian fleet (on alert) went out of the sea to Odessa to rescue. But either the squadron was not so impressive, or it was scattered by the storm, but rather, one of the Washington “supervisors” ordered to sit straight, otherwise all feluccas will be captured and will have nothing to do with in Istanbul or Constanza.

  • Let’s go from the other end!, – Poroshenko decided and ordered to prepare a land operation, the purpose of which is to reach the state border of the Russian Federation, placing a continuous ring around the Donbass. Imagine this situation? Reckless Ukrainian tankers, by chance, or rather deliberately, with such a detour maneuver, they will enter the territory of Russia with caterpillars. The border there, in the Rostov region, is not marked with anti-tank ditches, fortified areas, it can be tritely overlooked. What will happen?


See Part 2 for continue.