Venezuela: Russian officers have already sat down at the S-300 consoles

For the sake of oil, Russian men will cover Nicolas Maduro

The US House of Representatives last night approved a bill aimed at neutralizing Russian influence in Venezuela. The discussion lasted only 40 minutes. The document was adopted unanimously.


According to the bill, the US Secretary of State is obliged to submit a “strategy to combat Russian-Venezuelan cooperation” within a month, and within four months to present a report to the Congress containing an assessment of the danger of this cooperation for the USA and other countries of the Western Hemisphere.


The bill against Russia is one of three devoted to Venezuela. The other two impose a ban on the sale of American weapons and special weapons to Caracas, such as surveillance equipment and rubber bullets, and also allow the US president to spend $ 300 million in 2020-2021 to “help the Venezuelan people.”


The reason for the forced adoption by the Americans of a whole range of measures is not difficult to guess. Most likely, Washington is afraid of more effective protection of the authority of Nicolas Maduro from Moscow.


– The Russian military representatives arrived in Venezuela this week, – the author of one of the bills, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, quotes the Miami Herald.

Indeed, 99 Russian soldiers headed by the Chief of the General Staff of the Ground Forces Vasily Tonkoshkurov arrived in Caracas last weekend. In addition to military personnel, the military transport An-124 and passenger Il-62 delivered 35 tons of cargo. Earlier, the media reported that 400 PMCs of Wagner had arrived in Venezuela to protect Maduro.


Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreas explained the presence of Russians by military-technical cooperation between the two countries (MTC).

– What a cynicism from the United States, which has more than 800 military bases around the world, most of which are in Latin America … trying to intervene in military-technical cooperation programs,” the Venezuelan diplomat reprimanded Washington. However, the United States has the strongest support on the continent. Thus, the Organization of American States (OAS) called the arrival in Venezuela of our troops “Russian military invasion” because it was not authorized by the National Assembly of this country, opposing the authority of Maduro.


– It is unacceptable for a foreign government to have military cooperation programs with the usurping regime, which has been declared illegal by resolutions and inter-American acts. It also threatens peace and security in the hemisphere, ”the OAS statement said. On the continent, only Mexico and Uruguay are in opposition to this view.


About the same worries adviser to US President John Bolton.


– The United States will not tolerate the intervention of hostile foreign military powers into the common goals of the Western Hemisphere – democracy, security and the rule of law, – he said, suggesting that Russia send to Venezuela not military planes, but humanitarian aid.


Thus, Bolton confirmed that it was precisely the Russian military force in the “soft underbelly” of the United States that worries Washington the most. It is not surprising if we recall that according to the Monroe Doctrine, the American continent there is considered as its undivided patrimony. Leaving Syria and other regions of the world, does the United States seek to maintain influence at least in the Western Hemisphere?


What tasks can the Russian military personnel solve in Venezuela, told military expert Boris Rozhin.


– Diplomatically, the position of Russia on Venezuela is quite clear. Moscow officially makes it clear that it will not allow the overthrow of Maduro and the Chavista by force. On March 25, this was again voiced during the conversation between Sergey Lavrov and Maila Pompeo.


Russia has long been engaged in active military-technical cooperation with Venezuela, supplying small arms, armored vehicles, and air defense systems there. Our military specialists were present there, helped to transfer this weapon to the Venezuelan army, to train them in the military. Surely there were representatives of our special services working in South America.


In February, Reuters reported that allegedly Venezuelan fighters reeived help – Russian PMCs. But no documentary evidence – photo or video did not appear. In contrast, the transfer of our military over the weekend. Most likely, in February there was a stuffing. It would be difficult to hide this from the Venezuelan opposition.


– Yes, the most interesting of all is the information about the new group of our military, headed by a whole head of the Ground Forces of the Russian Federation. Yes, and 35 tons of unknown cargo also intrigue …


– Online people write that the cargo – is almost a rocket. True, there is still no confirmed information about him. But Russia has the right, in agreement with the local government, to implement measures within the framework of the MTC. These measures, in particular, included a visit to Venezuela of Tu-160 bombers, which the United States criticized at the time.

– The audacity of Washington is amazing. Their B-52s fly almost to St. Petersburg, and our “carcasses” cannot be flown to South America …


– In accordance with the new edition of the Monroe Doctrine, no non-American country can deploy its military in South America. Therefore, the Chinese radar in Argentina and the Russian military in Cuba or Venezuela are in conflict with the current concept of American policy towards this continent. Even such an insignificant group of military men is one hundred people, which has no cardinal significance and is in no way capable of protecting Venezuela from the American invasion. Indeed, in this case, the forces will be incomparable. Venezuelan army will not be able to hold out for a long time. Especially since the US can attract armies of Colombia and Brazil. – Then what can be the task of these military?


– To increase international costs for the United States when trying to organize an intervention. It is one thing to invade a country that no one protects from the outside, and another when there are soldiers of a nuclear power stationed there. For example, if they are on air defense facilities, then an American strike on them already leads the US to confrontation with Russia. This changes the situation, forcing Americans to make adjustments to their actions with respect to Venezuela.


By the way, the published satellite images show the deployment of S-300 complexes near Caracas at the Manuel Rios military base. Moreover, they are given in combat status. Some observers associate an increase in their combat readiness precisely with the recent arrival of Russian military specialists.


So, perhaps, this is a demonstrative step, a signal for Washington. And judging by the reaction, the irritation that we see there, as well as in the leadership of the Organization of American States, he achieved the goal.


According to the professor of the Academy of Military Sciences, the Americanist Sergei Sudakov, Russia seeks to protect the sovereignty of Venezuela without a military clash.


– It has always been important for Russia to have this or that friendly regime in Latin America. Indeed, since 1823, when the Monroe Doctrine appeared, the United States is confident that it has the right to dictate its will on the American continent. But since then much has changed. At the same conference in Montevideo in 1933, the inviolability of sovereignty, which is the basis of international relations, was confirmed. All countries, including the USA, agreed with it then.


Now many are asking whether Venezuela will turn into a second Syria. Today, Russia believes that humanitarian support will be most effective. Just three days ago, our aircraft with a cargo arrived in Caracas. And every time we are talking exclusively about the support of the civilian population.


– Probably so, but among the arrived military chief of the General Staff of the Ground Forces Vasily Tonkoshkurov …


– Maduro has enough military resources and does not need direct Russian military assistance. There is not yet the threat that existed in Syria when the Syrian government requested assistance. Although there is tremendous economic suffering, there are constant conflicts with the forces that Americans feed off of money – the people around Guaydo. But neither Russia nor the United States is yet to be included in any military operations.


Therefore, we do not see for ourselves the opportunity to transfer troops, the Military Space Forces, to a serious military operation. Yes, Maduro, perhaps, we will need our military advisers, personnel who will be able to help him understand the situation, but no more. The task is to create an institute of advisers, as it was in Afghanistan. But this is possible only when there is agreement between the headquarters of both countries.


Our advisers are not the people who take up arms themselves and go to war. They form the agenda with the help of our intelligence, information about the movement of forces inside Venezuela, etc. In essence, this is informational support and training that the Venezuelan army is now scattered about. After all, many there were ready to cross over to the side of Guaydo, but we managed to stop it. If the army fails, as in Iraq, Maduro will not last a day.


Understand, now it is very important for us to get away from the “traffic jam” of war. After all, as soon as the clashes begin in Caracas, the American PMCs, which are now crossing the border with Colombia, will go into action. We know.



– And Washington, on the contrary, accuses our military of forcing the conflict …


– Americans, as always, see wishful. One gets the impression that Russia is interfering in the affairs of other states, that Russia is preparing a military springboard. And to prevent bloodshed, American PMCs, as well as their coalition allies, must arrange for an intervention. It is clear that for this purpose now only the detonation is missing. Without spilled blood, a fire can not be ignited there.


– And if all the same happens irreparable?


– Then we must wait for the decision of the UN Security Council, and then act according to the law. Indeed, unlike the United States, Russia always fulfills all existing norms and rules. That is why, over time, we always find ourselves in a winning position. This applies to Syria and Venezuela.


– And yet in Russia they ask themselves a simple question: what have we forgotten in Venezuela? Questions of geopolitics are not seem as important by people as it seems in the Kremlin …


– It is necessary to understand that our military advisers protect not only Maduro, but also the very distant future of our country, connected with the oil markets.


Many people think that when Americans come to an oil country, they simply pump out and sell local oil. In fact, no oil can cover the military costs of capturing a country. For example, in Iraq, oil would have to pump and sell for 120 years. The main bonus here is the possibility, controlling oil-bearing countries, to control the world oil market. That is what the United States is seeking. And Russia is still highly dependent on the price of oil.