US fears war with Iran because of its unique weapon

The IRGC General hinted that Russia, too, must fear the threats of Tehran.

Deputy commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, Brigadier General Hussein Salami, announced that Iran had a “unique weapon”. No explanation was given, but he assured everyone that this very weapon was one of the main reasons why Washington did not dare to decide on a war.


– We completely blocked the path of the enemy militarily, and we changed the balance of power, – says the Iranian military leader. Further more. Salami comes to the announcement of the triumph of Iran – they say, Tehran managed to destroy the fear of the world community before the United States, thanks to decisive actions. It is obvious that the Iranian general implies an attack on an American unmanned aerial vehicle that occurred on June 20. According to the Persian, any aggression against Iran by the States or any other state will end disastrously for the enemy – “their first mistake will be the last.” Why is Iran so confident in its strength? The case in the presence of “unique secret weapons.” Strange, but recently the Iranian military and other high-ranking officials often mention some kind of weapon, but without details.


For example, Morteza Korbani, adviser to Muhammad-Ali Jaafari (commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps), Threatened American ships with drowning. The fact is that this year the United States seriously increased its military presence in the Persian Gulf and in the waters nearby. In the spring of this year, three McFaul, Gonzales and Mason destroyers, armed with Tomahawks, entered the bay. They were very close to the Iranian border along the Strait of Hormuz, which caused a lot of resentment in the region, but Tehran was restrained. Only here Korbani said that, if necessary, the ships would be sunk by a “unique secret weapon.” What kind of weapon is it?


In the war against Iran, the United States will be an obvious favorite, but there are things that Americans should be afraid of. Perhaps the aforementioned Persian military talked about the Khalija Fars ballistic anti-ship missile. If we are talking about ships, it is obvious that it is most practical to use such shells against them. About this rocket became known in 2011, but since then only a few successful tests have been made, and then the project somehow disappeared from view.


There is still a chance that Tehran rely on its Sigil-2 medium-range ballistic missiles. Development of a decade ago, but there is still too little information on it. Of course, ships are unlikely to sink her, although anything is possible. Most likely, it will be much more useful in a potential attack on US bases in the region. There are still super small submarines of the “Gadir” class, which, however, are far from secrecy – they have been writing a lot about them lately in our media.


Finally, we have reached a nuclear weapon. Some foreign experts believe that when speaking of the “secret weapon”, Salami spoke of this. This is what is to be feared not only by the States, but also by Russia. She fears, given that rumors appeared not so long ago that Moscow, during the recent meetings of high-ranking officials, asked Tehran to “slow down” the development of the nuclear program. Of course, Iran with nuclear weapons is no longer just a junior ally, but one who will force them to consider themselves equal and require an appropriate attitude. Plus, the “explosiveness” of the region makes Moscow worry that the Persians, in principle, can initiate a nuclear strike.


Another attack by the IDF led to the death of the Syrians, including children, and our air defense system did not shoot down a single rocket.

Russian military expert Alexei Leonkov believes that Tehran is not so far from creating nuclear weapons – if it can enrich uranium, and the country has the appropriate ore, then everything else is a matter of time. Now Iran is technically insufficiently equipped. However, it is clear that if the United States continues to increase pressure, the Persians will go along the North Korean path. That is, the development of nuclear weapons and suitable carriers will become one and priorities. Initially, Tehran will strive to create missiles that will reach Israel, and then will try to develop intercontinental ones.

Then, its arguments will certainly be considered, and the US will definitely begin negotiations without preconditions.


However, the expert believes that neither missiles nor thermonuclear bombs are the very secret weapon of Iran.


  • For countries such as Iran, the most unique and secret weapons are its people who are abroad. The followers of Shiism, scattered around the world, at any time can show their loyalty to Iran. It can be said that they all work for the special services, only such a character of relations is not advertised by anyone, and it is based entirely on other principles – on devotion and, including religious fanaticism. These people live an ordinary life, do their business, do not attract attention, and when necessary, they turn on and can proceed to sabotage, espionage, and so on. The intelligence services of Iran are, in principle, one of the best in the region, and they work according to such unique methods. And about those games that the US is now playing in relation to Iran, I think that this is not connected with feelings for the fate of the region and not even with Iranian oil, but with large deposits of uranium ore. USA – are among the leaders in the generation of nuclear energy. Consequently, they need this kind of fuel, their reserves are conserved, and they are also rather scarce. With the DPRK there is the same situation – there is a lot of uranium there, so they climb into these countries.