US destroys cities and villages under the nose of the Russian army

Another attack by the Americans claimed the lives of sixty Syrians. Will Moscow respond?

The United States of America, together with the Kurds, are waging a rather difficult war in eastern Syria. The once-dead fire of Deir ez-Zor burns again and burns very brightly. For several months, Washington has been trying to complete Operation Unshakable Determination. It implies a complete victory over the Islamic state, which, as we know, still lives, albeit without having any serious territorial possessions. During this time, significant success was not achieved.

Terrorists incur losses, great losses, and at the same time they manage not only to retain previously occupied areas, but also try to expand the geography of their presence. This, by the way, may indicate that the influx of militants from abroad continues, despite the fact that all the borders of Syria are controlled by the enemies of the Islamic state. However, the followers of Baghdadi (the leader of the Islamic state) replenish their ranks in various ways, including violent ones. Yes, many residents of Deir ez-Zor are forced to fight for the “caliphate” – someone has relatives in captivity, and someone just escaped death in this way. But this, in principle, is completely unimportant, because in the conditions of hostilities personal tragedies are not interesting to anyone. ISIS members just get what they need, and the Americans have the opportunity to conduct another protracted campaign. Someone is satisfied, someone is not, but the war continues.

And for the States it is not the most successful war. They have already lost dozens of Kurds who were sent to the “Hadzhi meat grinder”. Hadzhin is the last capital of ISIS in Syria. The settlement is located near the coast of the Euphrates and removed only a few kilometers from the nearest Kurdish-American base. His release will finally allow Washington to complete the plan to unite Eastern Deir ez-Zor in the framework of the creation of a self-proclaimed Kurdish state. However, to achieve this is not so easy. The old approach proved to be ineffective – apparently the terrorists changed something in their defensive tactics and now the usual offensive is not enough. Well, for the USA this is not a barrier, they will simply go a different way. Namely, they will proceed to the complete destruction of the areas occupied by the militants of Baghdadi. It may be effective, however, we must not forget that civilians live on these lands. Recently, it has suffered much more from the actions of Americans than from terrorists. The number of those killed in the constant bombardment goes to hundreds, if not already to thousands. So the other day in just one flight, the Americans killed sixty people. True, this time it was not Hadzhin who suffered, but the nearby villages of Bubadran and Sousse.

In this story, it is also noteworthy that all these atrocities of Americans are done right in front of the Russians, who are located in Abu Kemal. It seems that they will not interfere in the conflict, as the American possessions are to the east of the Euphrates, however, this may affect us. For example, it was reported that not so long ago a group of terrorists came to Hadjin from the side of government territories. They took advantage of a sandstorm and managed to overcome several dozens of kilometers with almost no losses. If this inflow continues, the issue of overlapping trails will arise. Perhaps the Americans will make a request to our military. But this is a separate moment of cooperation. What about the almost genocide perpetrated by the Americans?

Australian expert Richard Frank believes that there are many exaggerations in the history of the Hajin pocket. For example, information on white phosphorus and other types of weapons of mass destruction, as well as data on the number of victims. But, of course, in the West, they are not in a hurry to admit their crimes, which is confirmed by our interlocutor, covering their own people and immediately trying to accuse Russia and Syria.

New anti-Russian sanctions Washington grows on the ruins of a ruined country

  • All states are criticized for military actions. For example, in Australia, human rights activists had many questions about the number of attacked civilian targets in Syria. Some organizations investigating the loss of civilians in Syria reported that the Australian military did not provide any data at all. And on this basis there were rumors of great sacrifices. With Russia it was the same. It will definitely lead to bloody consequences. Hardly anyone has forgotten the Eastern Ghuta and all the accusations against the Assad regime and Russia on this issue. Of course, mistakes are being made, in Khadzhin they are also hardly possible to avoid, but it’s not about deliberate destruction of the civilian population. If this were so, then everyone would have noticed long ago. Isolated cases of US operations and coalitions are used by propaganda of the regime, and this also explains a large amount of false information. In fact, in Deir ez-Zor, the operation against the Islamic state continues, and it must be finished as soon as possible in order to free the last hostages of this terrorist regime.