US and Israel break Russian peace efforts in southern Syria

Negotiations on the future of southern Syria, remaining under the control of the armed opposition and terrorist groups, under the patronage of Russia are continuing. However, Israel and the United States are doing everything to disrupt the peace efforts of Moscow and Damascus. This in an interview with Iranian television channel Al-Alam late on Wednesday, June 13, said Syrian President Bashar Assad.

The government troops in April completely freed East Ghouta, a suburb of Damascus, from illegal armed formations. “After that, there were plans to continue the offensive south of the Syrian capital,” Assad said. – We had two options … reconciliation or liberation (southern Syria) by force. At that time, Russia proposed the possibility of resolving the issue peacefully. ”

However, there is still no concrete result, which, according to Assad, is connected with “Israeli and American interference.” “They [Israel and the United States] are putting pressure on terrorists in this area to prevent any compromise or a peaceful solution,” the Syrian president said.

As reported by EADaily, earlier representatives of the State Department and the Pentagon had sent Damascus a signal that the United States and its partners in the region would take “clear and appropriate measures” to protect the ceasefire in the zone of de-escalation south of the Syrian capital. This was a response to reports of a large-scale offensive of the government forces preparing against the groups of the armed opposition in the south.

After the May 31 talks in Moscow, Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman said that Russia was understanding the concern of the Jewish state over Iran’s military presence in Syria.

“Israel is grateful to the Russian understanding of our security needs in relation to the situation on our northern border,” said the head of the Israeli Defense Ministry. It is important to continue the dialogue and keep an open line (communications on Syria) between the IDF and the Russian army. ”

Before the working trip to Moscow, Minister Lieberman said that “the main agenda” of the talks will be “ensuring the security of Israel, as well as the expansion of Iran and its groupings in Syria.”

Earlier, Israeli media disseminated information on the agreement reached between Israel and Russia to control the Bashar al-Assad government forces in the southern Syria, bordering on the Jewish state. It is alleged that according to the agreement reached on the basis of bilateral contacts, only the troops of Assad will guard the Syrian-Israeli border. Pro-Iranian groupings, including detachments of the Lebanese Hezbollah movement, are supposed to be withdrawn from this region. At the same time, Israel allegedly retained the right to conduct military operations deep into the Syrian territory in the event of threats against the Jewish state from the neighboring Arab republic.

Recall, in July 2017, it was announced that Russia, the United States and Jordan had established a de-escalation zone in south-western Syria (including the Syrian provinces of Deraa, Kuneitra and Suweida).

Syria has deployed rocket-gun complexes of Russian manufacture “Pantsir-C1” near the occupied Golan Heights. This is reported by TASS with reference to the newspaper Al-Watan.

As reported in the Shiite formations fighting on the side of the Syrian army, the complexes arrived in El-Quneitra to support the forthcoming offensive of government forces in the position of militants in the south of the country. It is noted that the decision to strengthen the position is made in case Israel tries to prevent the operation of government forces. How many “Pantsir” deployed in the region, it is not specified.

According to the newspaper, large military reinforcements are sent to the south. Also, humanitarian corridors for the release of civilians are being created there, and leaflets are being dropped from helicopters, in which the militants are called upon to capitulate.

Military actions against the remaining militants of the terrorist group “Islamic State” (IS, banned in Russia) are currently being conducted in the north-east of the province of Essaouira.

The Golan, which belonged to Syria since 1944, was captured by Israel during the 1967 Six-Day War. The Israeli parliament in 1981 passed the law “On the Golan Heights”, which unilaterally proclaimed the sovereignty of the country over this territory.