Ukraine’s victory in the war?

Even in the case of the complete triumph of the nationalists, the “Nezalezhna” (Independent) Ukraine will meet a gloomy future

The military goal is only a means of achieving a political goal, writes columnist Ukrainian weekly “2000” Sasha Korpanyuk. Consequently, the military goal should be determined by the political goal, and the main condition should be observed – not to set impracticable military goals.

You can also add to Henry Liddel Garth, you can not set impracticable political goals.

And so, without wasting philosophical knowledge on non-existent inventions, I still want to find out, and what such powerful, political goals are on the edge of Ukraine’s upcoming victory over the “aggressor”?

Still, the glorious quality of the powerful victories of the Ukrainian army, under the leadership of the Supreme Commander, allows you to pre-make triumphant plans for the future world order of a single, great, European state of Ukraine.

Is the international space station deliberately being drained?

One suggestion – what will Ukraine be like this after joining the EU and NATO and victoria over the Kremlin’s evil? With one channel, one faith, and one president.

And will Ukraine once again become united, peaceful and great, returning to itself:

– during the first march to Europe, the oil-bearing shelf of the Black Sea was rejected by fraternal Romania, the Crimea, lost during the second march to Europe, and, according to the Minsk agreements, shall they lose the Donbass?

True, if you look at the truth in your eyes, and express yourself in an academic style, without exaggeration, then we see that Ukraine occupies the last place in all ratings regarding democracy, quality of life, happiness, freedom and equality. And the first place in the growth of tariffs, the number of villains in power and other charms …

Why so? It seems to be doing everything in the country according to the general plan of the United States and the EU. Unnecessary past time banned, spat and rubbed. The necessary heroic Bandera life-being raised on the shield, and they live covered with this shield. Full democratic, European can be said mince in the country of the winning dignity. They voted for capitalism, there is a president, there is a parliament, speakers, elections, oligarchs.

Everything is like with big ones, and it seems to be really, but the people are dissatisfied. They say it is impossible to live. They are dying, fleeing the country, and it’s scary to say that not everyone is wearing embroidered shirts, and not everyone starts the day with a singing hymn.

The government destroyed the monuments of Lenin for them, the streets and cities were renamed but they still demand pensions, salaries, human tariffs. Maybe even sausage of three hundred varieties? Or strawberries at six in the morning?

It directly violates the emotional balance of the leaders of the Maidan, firmly clinging to the steering wheel of the ship called “Ukraine”.

So, the question is what to do when the war ends with a brilliant, fantastic victory for Ukraine? What to do next ?

The monuments are broken, the streets, the villages are renamed, everyone speaks the move, the embroidery is a symbol of the nation, the hymn is performed five times a day. For the Russian language — one can get prison.

What will change? What? Regarding life in capitalist country Ukraine is under the full control of the United States, the EU and NATO.

And remember, – the Russian Federation is exactly the same capitalist country as the USA. With its squiggles: retired, beggars, gangsters, nationalists in the republics and autonomies, criminals-oligarchs, bribers-officials. And Russia will act in relation to Ukraine only according to the principle FAVORABLE-NOT FAVORABLE. And no brothers!

The West is the world of capitalism. And capitalism was formed by the mid-twentieth century in the form of a global market. And there is no place for anyone there except those who managed to take their place.

That is, the capitalist world, beloved by politicians-deputies of Ukraine, represents a single, inseparable organism, but politically, as it happened in history, it is divided into dozens of states with its presidents, laws, languages, nations and peoples, and parliaments. But with supranational or transnational corporations that develop outside of nation states.

And since everything has its own laws, concepts, validity, therefore, supranational corporations should closely cooperate between themselves and the states.

And let’s say frankly, as native, it is TNCs who appoint, or elect, as you please, leaders of countries, parliaments and write laws to states. Who will let this thing run by itself. Some kind of insane will come to power, then get on with it, with these revolutions, hunger strikes, demonstrations …

And all these corporations have more money than the budgets of many states in whose territories they pry in money.

A lot of money.

Corporations are not tightly bound to states. It used to be the capitalists fomented wars and used the state to protect their money. After the second world capitalists realized, and created a global market, where all the sellers and workers of this market are a friend, comrade and wolf. And in this world, globalization does not exist with

Today, the confrontation between corporations and states. It is one. Everyone has, everyone is happy. For this time, the structure of the global market has developed its own conditions of life and livelihoods and therefore practically and theoretically invincible. And here is Ukraine! With its home-grown idiots, a country where all state power and government has no intellectual foundation, and the coming to power of activists in embroidery, who memorized only six lines of the Ukrainian anthem in their lives, and never worked anywhere, has disastrous consequences. Kraina offer your future partners? Regression, decay, decomposition, determined by the scientific word – degradation! The degradation of the political elite, which suddenly arose from the morloks who crept into power with various hunger strikes on granite, countless “Maidans”, actions “Ukraine without …” Here is what is happening now in Ukraine. has no legal education. And before that, he headed the Ministry of Internal Affairs, where there are institutes, academies, and universities. Could and become a doctor of science in their schools. But any degradation ends very sadly. Moreover, the degeneration of the elite that takes place is irreversible and self-replicating. And the kids of politicians are already there. And as papas and mothers, climb into power, brazenly steal state money, come across and steal again. Such fierce fellows and lovers of good to eat and drink. And, loving a wide life, they rake in money from the living and the dead. In short, they are lit. Ah, say there is also a creative elite? Excuse me … Let us imagine: the victory of Ukraine in the war was accomplished! They took their shelf from the Romanians, implanting the guilty party to the consignee, Crimea, Donbass are in their own family! There is no industry. Absolutely! Free education and medicine is a fantastic tale. Social sphere is at zero. Officials work for their pocket. You can continue until the morning. All areas of society were on the bottom. And the elite of Ukraine? What is its place in the world of capitalism? These are servants, sixes of the West. And the sixs will never be integrated into the world community, no matter how ardently they would convince themselves and television viewers. Use, rob and destroy. In the world of big politics and supranational corporations there is no place for gratitude, fraternity, gratitude. There is only profit. Many Western democracy advocates fell on the barricades of battles for the interests of the USA, the EU, and international corporations. The list is huge. Hitler, Mussolini, Pahlavi, Saddam, Nasser, Samosa … So the brothers, in case of victory and entry, did not have much time left to fatten the thieving elite, which led Ukraine to the present state. And who needs that victory and entry, one wonders?