Ukraine will return the Donbass with the help of the United Nations

The Minister for “Temporarily Occupied Territories” Chernysh told how the Donbass could return to Ukraine with the help of the UN.

According to him, an international transitional administration under the UN mandate with military and police components should be established in Donbass.

“I preferred a different term. This is not only a peacekeeping mission, but this is the so-called transit complex administration, not only with a military component, but also with a civilian one, “the minister said in a comment to Ukrinform.

According to the plan, the international mission should also provide for a police component that will be responsible for the protection of property, law enforcement, as well as civil administration that will take care of social, cultural, educational and other issues, as well as deal with the issue of so-called transit justice.

“Almost all countries agree with this concept, except for one – the Russian Federation. They just reduce the mission of manipulative technologies to protecting someone, who is unclear, and its location on the line of contact … Our concept is the gradual management of the territory in all spheres, of course, with the security component,” the minister said.

According to him, all components should be implemented almost simultaneously.

“The interim administration takes control from the occupation administration. During the transition period, everything is consistent with Ukrainian legislation. And then ше gradually returns to full control of the Ukrainian state, the transitional period should be provided by the temporary administration, “explained the plans of the Ukrainian authorities Grymchak.

At the global level, Chernysh added, while the relevant decision of the UN Security Council is needed: “And here the main thing is that all members of the Security Council come out with the same model that will be effective.”

The general mandate of the mission must be approved by a single resolution of the UN Security Council.

“And this general mandate consists of military, police and civil administration,” the official added.

According to him, the mission for Ukraine should be similar to the UN mission in Croatia – UNTAES.

Recall, today Deputy Grymchaka Tuk said that Putin will start the war in the Donbass after the World Cup.

Earlier Tuka also said that Ukraine would be satisfied with the transfer of Donbass to the international administration.

In May, Grymchak said that Russia is preparing to exit from the Donbass. This conclusion he made after watching a film about the Russian spring, in which the Donbas uprising is presented as a “struggle for federalization.”

According to Lugansk publicist, participant of the events of the Russian spring Tikhon Goncharov, Russia can not leave the Donbass, since the Donbass has always been part of Russia.

The transfer of Donbass to the control of the interim international administration is acceptable to the Ukrainian authorities. This was stated by the deputy minister on issues of “temporarily occupied territories” Tuka, NEWSONE channel reports.

Tuka noted that the option of transferring Donbass to international control, in general, would suit Ukraine, but “we need to carefully analyze the details.”

“We should not forget on what terms such agreements can be reached. I do not exclude that Russia will try in exchange for such concessions to demand concessions in relation to Russia’s position on the annexed Crimea,” Tuka said.

The Deputy Minister stressed that in this issue, one should beware of such events that took place in Kosovo.

“I would pay more attention to the scenario of Bosnia and Herzegovina. As evidenced by the sad experience, the International Mission in Kosovo did not keep the situation under control. There were ethnic cleansings. This interethnic and interreligious conflict led to the fact that Kosovo was recognized as an independent state. Such a scenario for the Donbass does not suit us. But this is not a principle, but details,” Tuka added.

Recall that in January 2107 Tuka said that the Republic of Donbass “will be returned to Ukraine and the process of” liberation “of the LNR and the DNR will begin in the fall of 2017”. Then the minister said that the “de-occupation” of the LNR and the DNR would begin because Russia under international pressure would stop economically supporting the people’s republics.

In early March, US Special Representative for Ukraine Kurt Volker stated that the states of the People’s Democratic Republic of France and the People’s Republic of France, created by Russia in the Donbass, must be liquidated, since they do not comply with the Constitution of Ukraine.

Earlier, member of the Federation Council Committee on Defense and Security, Olga Kovitidi, said that Ukraine was preparing the dismantling of the Donbass republics with the help of military actions and UN peacekeepers.

«We should note that Ukraine requires 30 thousand peacekeepers to enter the Donbas and cross the DNR border with Russia.»

On February 28, Ukrainian President Poroshenko said that the introduction of UN peacekeepers in the Donbass should be aimed not at divorcing the parties, but on the actual cleansing of the “occupied territory” and the resumption of the territorial integrity of Ukraine.