Ukraine forces set the immediate task – to occupy Gorlovka

Kiev is preparing a diversion at the largest chemical plant of Donbass to break into the DNR

Ukrainian military are preparing a chemical sabotage to launch an offensive against the people’s republics of Donbass. About this, as reported by the Donetsk News Agency, said the head of the press service of the people’s militia of DNR Daniil Bezsonov.


– The Ukrainian command, together with Western supervisors, is preparing a large-scale sabotage at the Stirol chemical plant, – he said.


Bezsonov said that according to intelligence data, separate units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine had already received chemical protection kits. The purpose of sabotage, according to him, is to divert the forces of the republic to evacuate the population to safe areas in order to start advancing inland.


– The goal is to create an ecological catastrophe and provoke a mass evacuation of citizens from nearby settlements. Thereby distracting the DNR units protecting Gorlovka and creating conditions for the seizure of new territories.


The Stirol plant is one of the largest chemical industry enterprises in Europe, located in the frontline zone. The company produced mineral fertilizers. The plant produced three percent of world exports of ammonia, carbamide and ammonium nitrate, as well as mineral acids, organic resins, polymeric materials and products from them.


Americans offer Kiev to completely block the DNR and LNR and block the border.

With the outbreak of hostilities in the Donbass production was stopped. In the summer of 2018, the DNR authorities began the process of launching the main plant facilities.


– The military operation on the eve of the elections gives Poroshenko a huge space for maneuver — from consolidating the voter on a patriotic wave to imposing martial law and canceling the elections, – said Igor Shatrov, political analyst and deputy director of the National Institute of Contemporary Ideology.


– And the more serious is the threat, the more opportunities there are for manipulation. The widely used topic of chemical weapons can be adopted. Having provoked an accident at a hazardous production, Kiev will try to accuse Donbass and Russia of using weapons of mass destruction. To prove this fact, now there is no need for evidence. The more monstrous the lie, the sooner it will be believed. Such a Nazi propaganda approach is now professed by the West and is setting an example to Ukraine. Therefore, I think, a scenario of chemical provocation, similar to the Syrian, is being developed now in the Ukrainian headquarters. The teachers of the Syrian terrorists and the Ukrainian nationalists are the same.


– Before that, we were repeatedly frightened by such information. But still there were no loud terrorist attacks. Did the disclosure of information help or is Kiev all the time bluffing and scaring?


  • Yes, the promulgation of intelligence could play a role. After all, Kiev is afraid of a negative reaction from the world community. The risk to do everything so crooked that the ears will stick out so that they can not hide, while keeping from reckless steps. Poroshenko understands that reliance on one States in the face of confrontation between the EU and the US will not work, and by unleashing a chemical war, he risks losing the support of Europe.


– Intelligence in the republics of Donbass, as well as in Ukraine, is well placed, – said the director of the Center for Public Information Coordination “Europe”, political scientist Eduard Popov.


– Therefore, information about the upcoming chemistry attack and the distribution of chemical protective means to the Ukrainian military personnel is probably true. About the chemical attack on the Gorlovsky “Stirol” was spoken back in July 2014. According to some information that I received from the Donbass, the Ukrainians were already doing something similar, but on a limited scale. In general, the Donbass is a zone of increased environmental hazard. This is the most industrialized region of the USSR, there are many chemical enterprises. Former Donetsk region, besides – a solid array of urban agglomerations. Therefore, I tend to trust the alarming warnings of Bezson and not only him.


It is known that in other parts of Donbass they are not in a hurry to start production, including because they fear attacks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on industrial facilities, which will lead, among other things, to an environmental disaster of local scale.


  • Does the Ukrainian Armed Forces have personnel capable of carrying out such an operation?


– The Ukrainian army, as far as I can tell, is developing very unevenly. With an overall low level of combat capability and military training, there are separate units of a very high level, learned and trained by Western instructors and those who have gained extensive experience in fighting. First of all, this applies to saboteurs and snipers. Therefore, it is possible, with sufficient, alas, confidence to assume that Ukrainians have

personnel for chemical sabotage. In Russia, they suffer from a traditional disease – an underestimation of the enemy. It’s time to abandon the views on Ukrainians as an inferior enemy.

  • Is evacuation really a distraction for all the forces of the republic? How big are the chances of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in this case to take Gorlovka?

– Gorlovka is the largest (along with Donetsk and Makiivka) city of the DNR. In addition, the city is on the ledge. The organization of attacks against Gorlovka is not the first time and aims to cut the general line of defense of the DPR and the LPR and cut off the north of the DNR from the metropolis. Plus the organization of the mass flight of the civilian population, what are you talking about? The question is not whether this attack will be, but when it will start.

– I do not have information specifically on the state of environmental safety on the “Styrene”. But, I think, if desired, the Ukrainians can additionally use chemical weapons to increase the number of victims and victims modeled on the Syrian Douma. The teachers and the organizers are the same. And I would not like to talk about the number of potential victims.

– Why does Kiev need a reason to attack at all? Or think that you can not be easier? And why now? What has changed?

– Kiev needs reasons for an offensive to justify a withdrawal from the regime, even a relative truce. According to the information I received from Donetsk, they were expecting an offensive there immediately after the election of the head and deputies of the People’s Council of the Republic. Therefore, any reason that can cause a resonance is suitable. It’s not a fact that a chemical attack on Gorlovka happens – it’s forewarned, forearmed. My opinion: in the near future the offensive is unlikely to begin. But the probability rises in the first months of next year, closer to the presidential election. Poroshenko’s chances of winning them are illusory, so a big provocation in the Donbass can be realized. But the order to start a full-scale war will be given not in Kiev, but in Washington. That does not exclude Poroshenko’s ability to somehow influence the situation on the principle of “the tail wags the dog.”