Trump takes the Golan Heights, not forgetting to blame Putin for the Crimea

Here you go! This time Trump sends another tweet that the US should recognize the Golan Heights as part of Israel, despite the fact that Israel’s occupation of this Syrian land is illegal under international law.


– After 52 years, it’s time for the United States to fully recognize Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights, which is critically important in terms of strategy and security for the State of Israel and for Regional Stability! – says Trump’s tweet.


Member of the Russian parliament Oleg Morozov made a statement in response to Trump’s proclamation, stating that Russia will never agree to recognize Israeli sovereignty on the Golan Heights, that Trump is detrimental to the international community and the Arab world.


Trump’s tweet followed a report last week stating that his administration intentionally softened the wording of the US authorities regarding the Golan Heights in a way that would benefit Israel, calling the region “Israel-controlled” rather than “occupied Israel” as it always had before. This is just another of many cases in which the facts demonstrate the slanderous anti-Russian stance of the Trump administration in the face of media coverage and hawkish stance on the annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation in 2014.


We fully support our great friend and ally of Israel. As the president said, the time has come for the United States to recognize Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights.


  • More red meat for Trump’s evangelical electoral base, – journalist Mark Eames tweeted in response to Trump’s tweet.
  • I doubt that anyone would care about the US hypocrisy, because hypocrisy is what defines us – the reward of the armed seizure of Israel / colonization / annexation of the Golan, but the punishment of Russia for the Crimea, which at least had the support of the local majority of Russians.


  • How deep is it necessary to rave about #Russiagate supporters to explain that Trump still refuses to recognize the Russian annexation of the Crimea, but has just confirmed Netanyahu’s request and illegally recognized the Israeli annexation of the Syrian Golan Heights?

– Asked Ali Abunimah of Electric Intifada’s Ali Abunimah.

  • Putin is using this as a pretext to justify Russia’s annexation of the Crimea, – former US Ambassador to Israel Martin Indic told The New York Times. The Israeli right uses this as a pretext for Israel’s annexation of the West Bank (of the Jordan River). This is Trump’s move, for which there really was no reason.


– Chatter, –  tweeted George Samuel of the Global Policy Institute in response to Indica’s statement. – Putin does not need any“ pretext to justify ”anything. The return of Crimea to Russia took place 5 years ago, through a referendum in accordance with the Constitution of Crimea. Putin will not raise the problem of the Golan, because the two situations are so different.


The duplicity of the United States in the Golan destroys the position of the Crimea.


An excellent analysis of the fact that absolutely every argument put forward by the United States in the Crimea was completely and completely invalidated by their position on the Golan Heights.


In an excellent article for Strategic Culture, an online publication published under the headline “Duplicity of the United States in the Golan destroys its position on the Crimea” and published before Trump’s statement, journalist Finian Canningham analyzes the differences and similarities between the positions of the United States in Crimea and Golan Heights and explains as his current impulse to approve the annexation of Israel, fully invalidates his arguments on Crimea. I highly recommend reading the Canningham article entirely for anyone interested in it, since its arguments are largely irrefutable, but here are some excerpts:


Israel has been occupying the western part of Golan since 1967, as a consequence of the war. In 1981, Tel Aviv formally annexed this Syrian territory. However, the UN Security Council, including the United States, in 1981 unanimously condemned the annexation as illegal. This resolution obliges Israel to return this land to Syria. The area of 1,800 square kilometers is a strategic elevation overlooking the northern valley of the Jordan River.


If Washington confirms its recent signs of recognition of the Golan as an official part of Israel, then this could lead to flagrant violations of international law.


Statements by Washington and the European Union about the “illegal annexation” of Crimea by Russia are the central basis of the five-year economic sanctions imposed on Moscow. These sanctions have contributed to the growing tensions with Russia and the fact that NATO forces are building up along Russia’s borders.


These statements, however, are highly controversial. The people of Crimea voted in a legal referendum in March 2014 to secede from Ukraine and join the Russian Federation. This referendum followed the coup against the lawfully elected President Viktor Yanukovych in Kiev in February 2014, which was supported by the United States and Europe. Historically, Crimea has a centuries-old cultural heritage with Russia. His previous presence in the state of Ukraine was perhaps an anomaly of the Cold War and the subsequent collapse of the Soviet Union.


In any case, the similarities between the Golan Heights and the Crimea are scant, if, of course, the present hypocrisy in Washington is not considered. It can be argued that the Crimea and its people are historically part of Russia. And the Golan Heights, of course, are the sovereign part of Syria, which was forcibly annexed by the military occupation of Israel.


The inconsistency of the White House’s position on the Crimea and the Golan Heights can be easily explained by the nature of America’s imperialist agenda. The centralized empire of the UniStates, of which Israel is an integral part, acts in the same way as the creature in the 1958 film Blob *: its goal is to absorb as many geostrategic territories as possible, increasing and increasing with each absorption. resource-rich, dominated by plutocratic interests, which supplies a third of all water supplies to Israel. It is a strategically valuable territory for attacking the non-absorbed country of Syria and for conducting subversive activities against it polished allies of Iran and Hezbollah.


Crimea, meanwhile, is also a strategically important territory, but control over it shifted beyond the borders of the empire, when its people made a choice in favor of Moscow and left Kiev. The “drop” of the empire strengthens and expands with the conquest of the Golan Heights, but weakens and shrinks with the loss of the Crimea.


We see this dynamic game around the world. The election of Bolsonaro in Brazil was a huge victory for the “drop”, strengthening its ability to attack and absorb other non-absorbed countries, such as Venezuela. That is why John Bolton recently tweeted: “We are proud to have made Brazil a major non-NATO ally, and look forward to working with them in Venezuela, Iran and China. Excellent acquaintance with a new strong strategic partner! ”And this is why during a recent press conference with the president (USA – SD) Bolsonaro refused to deny the possibility that Brazil would help the United States in military actions against Venezuela.


A dense network of American allies, who act as an empire on foreign policy issues, seeks to continually expand to the east and south in order to conduct subversive activities against any government that will become an obstacle to such expansion. Many became very rich because of the exploitative and, very often, violent nature of this expansion, just as hundreds of years ago the colonialists and conquistadors grew rich because of the operational and often violent expansion of European power into the rest of the world. An alliance of secret government agencies and thieves, plutocrats, provides simultaneous metastasis of corporate and government power on the waves of this expansion. And it will not stop until the empire is overthrown, or the world is completely absorbed, or these people with their reckless aggression will not kill us all as a result of a nuclear catastrophe.