Trump showed Kim Jong-Yun a video about the future of the DPRK and humanity

As it turned out, during the June 12 summit, Donald Trump showed Kim Jong-no a special movie, similar to a trailer for the film, about people who can change the course of history.

President of the United States Donald Trump published in his Twitter video, which, he said, he showed the leader of the DPRK Kim Jong-un at a summit in Singapore on June 12. The video is also published in the Facebook of the White House, it has gained more than 1.8 million views.

“Here is a video entitled” The History of One Opportunity, “which I showed Kim Jong-un at a summit in Singapore,” Trump wrote.

The video lasts just over four minutes, it has only one title – roller is made by A Destiny Pictures Production, and the protagonists are Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un.

The video begins with an offscreen voice that says that out of 7 billion people on Earth only a small number of people will be able to leave a great influence and very few will be able to change the course of history.

The video shows the prospects for the development of the DPRK in the future, alternating color cadres – the achievements of developed countries and black and white – poverty, missile launches, empty store shelves. “Will this leader make a choice in favor of the development of his country, in favor of being part of the world in order to become a hero for his people? Will he shake the hand of the world and enjoy the prosperity that he has never seen before? A fine life or even more isolation? Which way will he choose? “- Says the voiceover.

“I hope that you liked it. It seemed to me that he was good. I showed it [the video] to him [Kim Jong-un] today at the end of the meeting. It seems to me that he liked it,”

Bloomberg quotes Trump as saying. A representative of the National Security Council informed the agency that the video was prepared by the council in order to demonstrate the benefits of complete denuclearization.

The first ever meeting between the leaders of the United States and the DPRK. Photoreport

In Singapore on June 12, the first ever meeting between the leaders of the United States and the DPRK took place. Trump and Kim Jong Un at the summit signed an agreement under which Washington and Pyongyang agree to develop bilateral relations and achieve peace on the Korean peninsula together. Kim Jong-un once again declared his commitment to denuclearization of the DPRK, as well as his readiness to liquidate the Phungery test site. Trump thus promised to stop military exercises off the coast of the Korean peninsula, which the United States carried out together with South Korea.

Also, two leaders exchanged invitations: Trump promised to visit Pyongyang, and Kim Jong-un – Washington. Later, the US president called the last summit “magnificent.” According to him, in the future, the fate of South Korea awaits the DPRK. North Korean leader after the meeting said about the need for “practical measures” in relations with the United States.

Sleep peacefully: We no longer see a threat from the DPRK — said Trump.

President of the United States Donald Trump believes that there is no nuclear threat from North Korea anymore. On his Twitter page, he wrote that “everyone now can feel safer.”

The American leader said that the meeting with Kim Jong-no was an interesting and very positive experience. He believes that the DPRK has great potential for the future. Trump also wrote that before assuming the presidency, everyone expected the US to enter into a war with North Korea.

“Barack Obama said that North Korea was our biggest and most dangerous problem, it’s not so anymore – sleep peacefully,” Trump said.

Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un met on Sentosa Island in Singapore on June 12. At the summit, the North Korean side confirmed its readiness for denuclearization, and the US promised to provide security guarantees to Pyongyang, Interfax recalls.

Following the meeting, the US president said that a “detailed” document had been signed with the DPRK. He also stressed that the process of denuclearization of the Korean peninsula will begin “very quickly”.