Trump recognized Crimea as Russian?

It is worth recalling that before the start of the G7 summit, Donald Trump also spoke in support of the idea of ​​bringing Russia back to the club of the most influential countries on the planet and again moving to the format of the G8.

As the major mass media write, during the dinner at the G7 summit President of the United States Donald Trump told other participants of the meeting that he considers the Crimea to be Russian, because all who live on this peninsula speak Russian. Also, according to a number of publications, the head of the White House was interested in his colleagues why they took the side of the Ukrainian authorities on this issue. This statement of Donald Trump was made during dinner with the leaders of the G7 member states at the summit of the association, which took place last Friday in Canada.

For the first time this statement, which has already managed to become scandalous and fly to all corners of the planet, said the American portal BuzzFeed, referring to its own sources in diplomatic circles. In the same publication, the portal recalled that the Russian Federation had once been excluded from the G8 at that time after events known to all in the Crimea. In Ukraine, Crimea is considered an annexed territory, in this the Kiev authorities were supported by the leaders of Western countries. The Russian authorities justified the transition of the Crimean peninsula to Russia by the fact that Russian and Russian-speaking citizens on the peninsula needed protection. It is noteworthy that it was during that same dinner that Trump was also interested in other leaders, why they decided to stand on the side of Ukraine.

The American leader, in an interview with the leaders of other G7 countries in an informal atmosphere, allegedly said that “Ukraine is one of the most corrupt countries in the world,” Buzzfeed adds. The publication, by the way, still can not say exactly whether these words of Donald Trump were an ordinary joke, or they can be considered a signal for a radical departure from the current foreign policy of Washington. It is worth recalling that before the start of the G7 summit, Donald Trump also spoke in support of the idea of ​​bringing Russia back to the club of the most influential countries on the planet and again moving to the format of the G8. As a result of the summit, Trump told the press that about a quarter of all conversations in the framework of this meeting were devoted to Moscow and Russia. Speaking of Ukraine, the head of the White House also accused the administration of his predecessor, Obama, that it was she who allowed Moscow to get the Crimea.

“You should ask President Obama about this, because he was the one who allowed the Crimea to leave. Barack Obama can talk about anything he wants, but it was during his presidency that Washington allowed Moscow to join the Crimea. It is possible that I would have a completely different attitude to this, and a completely different reaction would follow, “Trump said. Restraint of the White House and hysteria in Ukraine.

By the way, numerous representatives of the press after this publication immediately rushed to comment on the representatives of the White House, trying to somehow clarify the situation. The head of the press service of the White House administration, Sarah Sanders, completely refused to comment on the press allegedly scandalous statements by the US president on the Crimea. According to Sanders, she does not know anything about such statements of the American leader. “I know that this was reported, but I will not comment on private discussions,” the head of the presidential press service said, adding that she herself does not have such information. Where a more acute reaction to possible statements about Crimea was demonstrated in Ukraine. The most prominent commentators on the situation were well-known journalists and users of social networks. For example, journalist Ayder Muzhdabaev called Trump “Putin’s bot”.

“Trump is Putin’s bot, an ordinary manufactured bot, because he is accurate to the details of all Kremlin techniques. Both about the Russian Crimea, and the most corrupt country, and much more. Everything would be fine, you could even laugh at this, the president of the most influential country on the planet became the bot. It seems to me that everything is more than serious. This is how the way to the third world war opens, which will be hybrid, writes Muzhdabaev on his page in the social network. Expressing his discontent with the behavior of the American leader managed to scandalously well-known Russian journalist Arkady Babchenko, who is currently hiding in Ukraine and recently allegedly survived the attempt.

“Tell the American president that Brighton Beach can also be considered Russian, because there everyone also speaks Russian. And we consider Miami Spanish, because in Miami everyone speaks Spanish. And the United States itself can be considered British for a well-known reason. After all, in this country in general, everything is often said in English, “- Babchenko expressed his indignation not without irony.