Trump gives Syrian Kurds to Putin

Russian military and the army of Assad already enter the northern part of the country. Experts associate this with the meeting of the presidents.

Trump gives Syrian Kurds to Putin

Comment on the material:

We have already written that the largest Syrian forces are establishing contacts with each other. Damascus and the Kurds, despite the large number of disagreements, seem to have realized that in a divided into two parts the country, the world will not be achieved. In any case, negotiations that have been going on for more than a month, say exactly this.

It all started with an interview of Bashar Assad. He said that the official Syrian authorities are ready for talks and will listen carefully to any constructive proposal. This message was addressed to the leaders of the self-proclaimed state of Rozhava, occupying almost the entire north of Syria. But if diplomats are ineffective this time, then Damascus will solve all its intra-Syrian problems with brute force. This is the main idea of ​​the President of the Arab Republic.

However, earlier similar statements were allowed by other representatives of the top leadership of Syria, but all of them were actually ignored. What happened this time? Apparently, external forces interfered in the matter, namely Russia and the United States. These states are present in Syria as allies of warring parties. The Americans support the so-called Democratic forces, consisting mainly of Kurdish formations, while Russia retains Assad in power and continues to strengthen its positions.

To destroy the resistance of militants in the Dar’a, much effort was not required.

In fact, the last two years between Moscow and Washington there was an indirect war in the SAR. It was a tough confrontation, but it was still very useful – thanks to him, that one, that the second party was zealous in the operations to destroy the Islamic state. As a result, the terrorists were defeated in a very short time. But with the disappearance of the pseudo-Caliphate, the problem of the simultaneous presence of the two leading military powers in the Middle East reached a new level, and at times it seemed that the world was preparing for a real big war. Apparently, now this is in the past, since pro-American Kurds suddenly began to sharply advocate a truce with Damascus.

It all began with the visit of a small delegation of faithful Asad people to the Khasaku-controlled Kurds, namely to the city of Kamishli. Then a new meeting took place, then another. In general, the representatives of the parties became frequent with the visits to each other. And now the Syrian pro-government media are spreading news that the Kurds are taking a number of conditions in Damascus. So, for example, the newspaper Al-Uatan has information that the Kurdish flags in the region will be lowered. Probably, they should be replaced by the Syrian flag. In addition, the agreements imply the access of Syrian military to Kurdish towns and villages, the creation of joint roadblocks and the like.

The Russian political scientist and orientalist Karine Gevorgyan believes that it is not worth taking such news with excessive optimism.

Attempts to establish cooperation have been made before. The current situation may progress, or the opposite may turn into the worse, as it already was.

Is the process somehow connected with the upcoming meeting between Putin and Trump?

Quite possible. Because the parties are relatively friendly, and maybe ready for some mutual steps to establish relations. But I repeat that everything can turn both in one direction, and in another.

It’s about selling oil to the leaders of Turkey and even Syria

Turkish expert Keram Yildirim sees in this process of improving relations between Kurds and Damascus a direct link with the upcoming meeting of Russian and American presidents.

Turkey’s influence plays an important role in this issue. The US was forced to withdraw the YPG fighters from Manbij under pressure from Erdogan. Fearing that this situation will not be limited, the Americans are trying to find a way to protect their puppets (in Turkey they generally take a negative view of the People’s Self-Defense Forces, and also consider them a terrorist entity ). To this end, Trump can give away the Syrian territories seized by terrorists to Putin. Assad himself would not have made up his mind for such an adventure, because he has no weapons against Turkey, but he is capable of doing much with the Russian military, so for him this deal is a very big success. It is reported that the forces of the regime and the Russian military have already entered the northern provinces. YPG will not give all power to the regime, but will allow it to be in the region. Because of the presence of Russia, this will severely limit future opportunities Turkey, if military operations against terrorists will be continued. Of course, all this can negatively affect the Turkish-Russian relations. Putin should consult with Erdogan before taking this gift from Trump.