Trump canceled the strike after Iran released 35 Americans

We have already written about how the Iranian armed forces shot down the RQ-4 Global Hawk unmanned aerial vehicle that was above the Strait of Hormuz, which belonged to the United States Navy. Washington responded very quickly. Donald Trump first of all wrote off on Twitter, calling the actions of Iran a big mistake. But a few hours later, the US military was already on alert for the purpose of delivering a large-scale attack on Iran. It is reported that a large number of military facilities of the Islamic Republic were subject to destruction. Ten minutes before the launch of the first rocket, the American president suddenly changed his mind and canceled the attack. Later, the American leader would call the bombing failed as a “disproportionate” response.


Following this, details of the incident surfaced. The commander of the Iranian Space Force, General Amir-Ali Hadjizade, told how the drone of the Americans was shot down. According to him, the Iranian air defense forces did not immediately shoot down the vehicle, but sent several (according to some sources, four of them). Warning signals into the sky. Hajizadeh reports that the first signal was made ten minutes before the attack, but drone operators “did not pay attention.” In the end, it was decided to get rid of the offender. According to the general, the drone still violated the airspace of Iran, although the Americans claim that it is not.


An interesting detail of the story of Hajizade is the mention of a certain aircraft, which at the time of the RQ-4 Global Hawk attack was next to the last one. The Iranian general claims that in fact there were two violators – a drone and a Boeing P-8 aircraft. On board, as claimed by the Iranian side, there were 35 people. And as if ironically over the fact that Trump first ordered an attack on Iran, and then abandoned the idea, Hajizade says: “We could shoot down this plane too, but we didn’t do it.” A version has already appeared in the Iranian press that Donald Trump canceled the attack just after he was told about the P-8, which the Persians had spared.


Commenting on the situation, the former Commander-in-Chief of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, Mohsen Rezayi, said that now the United States knows that Iran is not Iraq of Saddam Hussein. “Lions don’t show their teeth for a smile,” he tweeted.


Anyway, there is a precedent. The Iranians are attacking the Americans, good, so long as there are no casualties. However, if the situation continues to heat up, it is quite possible that tomorrow we will witness how the new war will begin.


However, Russian political analyst and orientalist Karine Gevorgyan believes that there are no risks of a war between the United States and Iran. At the same time, the expert connects the increase in tensions with the domestic political struggle in the United States.


  • There is a banal swing of the situation. Attempt to provoke Iran on any actions and so on.


– What is it fraught with? Maybe the US will respond with a full-fledged military operation or, perhaps, it will be a one-time strike on some separate objects?


  • No, it will not. First, in order for the situation to take such a turn, it is necessary that the military be ready for an operation. In the USA, they did not prepare for this operation, therefore, it is impossible to conduct it, if only for this reason. Secondly, the US military equipment is not too surprising for Iran – the Persians without any problems knock down their drones, for example, or even manage to intercept. For the USA, this operation, if they were to decide on it, would be a very difficult task. So we see that while they are much only on provocation. They have recently been more than enough. I think that attempts to destabilize the western Iranian border, and not only, will intensify in the near future. Washington will seek to blow up Iran from the inside. There are no other options, in my opinion. So there will be no military operation. This is all empty talk. If it were otherwise, Iran would have been attacked long ago.


– What do you mean by “blow up Iran from the inside”?


  • Destabilize the situation by any means. To toughen the sanctions, to provoke discontent of the Iranian population, to arrange any terrorist acts. In general, according to the classical scheme. As is usually done. Otherwise, the United States will not act, moreover, can not.


– With Iraq, they still started a war. Of course, Iran will be more powerful, nevertheless …


– Do not even compare. Completely different countries. Even in geography, even in landscape. Plus, completely different nations with different histories. Plus, technically Iran is much ahead, than Iraq, especially then Iraq. It surpasses Iraq and in terms of equipment. Also I remind you that the Iranians have a great combat experience – they gained during the years of the war in Syria.


– And what could be the political consequences?


  • The election campaign has already started in America. And Trump’s opponents very much want to drag him into a conflict with Iran. We can say that it is pitchfork in his side. If the American president gets involved in this business, then that’s all. He is finished. They will tear him to pieces. This is the main goal of Trump’s opponents, and they are ready to achieve it by any means. And they don’t feel sorry for anyone – neither the people of Iran, nor the country itself, nor anyone.