Toad jumps to Donbass

Part 1.

The settlement of Rassadki, about the “capture” of which the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported at the weekend,  had been under their control for a long time. This was told by the Acting Head of the People’s Police LNR Mikhail Filiponenko.

– I declare with confidence that since 2015, according to the Minsk agreements, the settlement is located on the territory controlled by Ukraine, and the statement of the EP staff is not true and has nothing to do with the real situation, – he stressed.

Filiponenko expressed the opinion that such a statement of the Ukrainian Armed Forces is intended to demonstrate “the essence of the Ukrainian command, who are ready to embellish their successes on the eve of the visit to the Donbass of the presidents of Ukraine and Latvia.”

According to him, the Ukrainian commanders do nothing to stabilize the situation, but on the contrary, they make every effort to exacerbate it.

– Let Kiev be embarrassed and shameful when they once again invite foreign guests to the cities and villages in the Donbass destroyed by their“ liberation ”army,” the LNR representative summarized.

It should be noted that this is not the first case when the Ukrainian Armed Forces solemnly announce the “release” of a particular settlement, which they themselves had previously controlled. In addition, it is known that the Ukrainian military are making minor advances deep into the “gray zone”, approaching the positions of the militia. This tactic they call are the “toad jumps.”

– The seating arrangements that Ukrainian fighters reported on the seizure are a small village on the Svetlana front, a few kilometers from Logvinovo, where the ring of the Debaltsevsky boiler for the Armed Forces of Ukraine was closed, says journalist and blogger Marina Kharkova.

– In Rassadki, before the war, a little more than thirty people lived, and the fighting destroyed even the few houses that remained whole until the shelling. In this settlement, which fell into the so-called “gray zone”, there were no positions of militia of the republics, as the Rassadki themselves are in a beam, at the heights near which our fighters stood on one side, and the Ukrainian fighters on the other.

According to the statements of the enemy, they occupied the Seats because allegedly the soldiers of LNR entered and fired from there. This statement was one of the pretexts of seizing territory. Although it is known that it was the Ukrainian Armed Forces who opened fire with mortars at our positions and controlled the area near the Rassadki. Speaking objectively, the forces of the republics simply do not have enough for the defense of such small, abandoned, unfortunate Rassadki. And if it is subjective, then, like any resident of the Donetsk region, the official position is abhorrent “the item had no strategic significance” or “it was controlled by the Ukrainian side and therefore was not lost”. If, according to this logic, we acted in any other war, then it would have been called simply – surrender of territory to the enemy.

I remember the legendary order of Stalin “Not one step back” and the slogan of a single inch of land will not be given to the enemy, who motivated us to resilience and victory, but the Minsk agreements imposed only unilateral compromises and trampling on the spot, paid by the blood and lives of our soldiers. An extremely gloomy situation looms. And the fate of Rassadki is another black stroke on it. Because if we recognize two thirds of Donbass as our own territories, but temporarily occupied by Ukraine, then there should simply be no “unimportant strategically” points. Everyone is important and everyone is ours.

As for the Ukrainian propaganda, it used the entry into the Rassadki of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in full as a motivator for military and frantic civilians. Like, here, look, we have advanced a further kilometer and a half. Exactly according to the same scheme, the Ukrainian propaganda machine six months ago told about the “liberation” of the village of Zolotoye-4, from the outskirts of which the Ukraine Army had long and constantly fired on the territory of the LNR. It is also worth noting that the propaganda effect of the information about the Seating was short and unsuccessful, as the events in the Kerch Strait, where the provocation of the Ukrainian armored boats and the tug failed, has been eclipsed.

– This is not the first such case?

—This is not the first case, but the tendency to bite off ever larger pieces. The trend is brazen and unpunished, since in this way the Ukrainian Armed Forces operate everywhere. In Gladosovo and Travnevoe, Chigiryah on the Gorlovsky direction in the DNR, for example. And it works, unfortunately. First, it worsens the situation militarily, as there is a dangerous rapprochement along the positions to the minimum value. As you know, the enemy does not particularly limit itself in the number of shelling and caliber, and our side is forced to abide by the Minsk forces, to endure prohibitions and execute strict orders, that is, there is a tight confinement with some exceptions when there is intensification of hostilities or a real threat of a breakthrough. Secondly, the enemy gets new opportunities and positions for artillery shooting. Third, the quality of life of civilians in the republics is significantly deteriorating. After the Ukraine occupied the village. Novoluganskoye in the buffer zone, pos. Dolomite in the Gorlovka direction was in a half-circle and now the delivery of food and bread is complicated there, because the road is shot through.

Is it necessary to additionally tell how people on the front line suffer when they find themselves locked in houses, where, in addition to the shelling and after them, the light disappears, the heat diminishes hopes? Fourth, as already mentioned, it has a propaganda and moral-psychological mobilization effect for a nationally preoccupied Ukrainian audience.

  • Can we expect any attempts to capture the localities controlled by the republics? Do they have the strength to seize any strategic city? Have such attempts been made lately? You shouldn’t exclude such an opportunity if the APU is concentrated near one of the cities. They have enough forces.