Toad jumps to Donbass

Part 2

Can we expect any attempts to capture the localities controlled by the republics? Do they have the strength to seize any strategic city? Have such attempts been made lately? You shouldn’t exclude such an opportunity if the APU is concentrated near one of the cities. They have enough forces.

However, is there a desire? The seizure of a large city or settlement is an unequivocal major loss of manpower. Considering that a wage increase from 23 to 46 thousand in terms of rubles for the rank and file at the front line is coming to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, this is already embedded in the Ukrainian budget, there is hardly a desire to die for the so-called territorial integrity. The desire to earn and rob a warrior is to die – is unlikely. By the way, for comparison, our contract soldiers have a salary on the front line of about 19 thousand. The goal of our fighters is not to send a horde of “Shnevmerlik” into the cities, and they do it, no matter how hard it may be. The enemy doesn’t have such resilience, heroism and courage, because Donbass is not their homeland, but an object of aggression. Attempts to seize a large republican city from the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the last month did not exist, but this does not mean that there will not be any. Dozens of cities and towns are constantly at risk.

  • How much has the configuration of the front line changed since February 2015? Does this change something?

– I do not know anything about the abandonment of positions by our fighters. On the contrary, in some areas of the front they are hard at work digging in and building new fortifications to meet the enemy. They even joke sometimes: “Soon we will hit them with our foreheads in the trenches, we stand so close.” Any positional warfare is not a static phenomenon, so the line of demarcation could not help but move due to the reduction of buffer zones. Our front line is not solid, therefore, in general, both our side and the enemy solve tactical tasks – to improve the position somewhere, the shelling sector, the possibility of observation or approach, but strategically it does not change anything. The fifth year, our people are dying and the Donbass genocide is going on …

– There is such a simple Russian word and it is called «pokazuha» – «window dressing for demonstrating the great resukts of work,» emphasizes the historian, essayist, permanent expert of the Izborsk club, Alexander Dmitrievsky.

– They have done this before. So it still works?

– No one has canceled the reports to the authorities and the idiotic orders of their superiors: neither from the first nor from the second one cannot get around. For everyone wants to have stars on their shoulders and chest in the crosses, and not at all the sky in the cell, and not the head in the bushes … That’s what they do. They came in, sent a brave message on the air, waved the flag, took some pictures for the press, played a little war on camera – and went off to the location. For there is no fool to defend that hollow.

– The elections in the DNR will definitively undermine the faith in Russia. And most importantly – why?

– In Kiev, they always try to impress someone. So a few hours ago, we made up a solid part of our fleet by trophies of Russian border guards. As for the President of Latvia, he himself came to the conflict zone, as they say, “for the sake of a tick”. And his impressions are unlikely to be of interest to anyone.

– Is it possible to expect attempts at a real seizure of the settlements under the control of the republics?

– Major – definitely not: now it is not 2014, the front line will have to be broken through, but the Ukraine army are not ready for such losses. The maximum is to occupy the village in the “gray zone”, and by forces of no more than a company: they do not dare to do more.

– As far as, from February 2015, the line of demarcation on the ground really moved? Does it have any meaning?

– Realistically – no matter how much: no matter how much the Ukrainian Armed Forces are satisfied with “toad jumps”

“In the“ gray zone ”—the territory occupied by them militarily does not rise in price for a penny. Because the “gray zone” was inconvenient from a military point of view – it remained so: the battlefield belongs not to those who had hollows, but under whom are the commanding heights …