“To assault on Putin”: US is preparing Iranian scenario for Russia

The State Department is seriously going to destroy one of the Russian leaders or, one of the generals.

Still, famous Russian writer Zadornov was right, God bless his memory, when he argued that the Americans were stupid. In reality, it was repeatedly confirmed that this is exactly so, at least judging by the statements and actions of American politicians, most of whom are outright Russophobes. It seems that waking up in the morning, they only think about what kind of muck to come up with with regard to Russia. Otherwise, the working day will not be given on Capitol Hill. And now, a prominent representative of this clan, in the rank of US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo made an unexpected statement that, they say, Washington is ready to “attack Russia” in the same way as it did with Iran when it “liquidated” General Soleimani. Yes, writer Zadornov, you were so right.


– The destruction of Soleimani is an example of a new US strategy to deter its opponents. This applies equally to Iran, China and Russia, – the Reuters news agency quoted Pompeo as saying. In interlinear translation, this can be regarded as the willingness of the United States to eliminate some of the iconic figures in Russia or China in order to undermine the situation in these countries and impose its superiority policy there. Want to kill Putin or Xi Jinping? This can be regarded as international terrorism, and only for such statements Mike Pompeo should be sent if not immediately to the electric chair, then to the bars for life for sure.


A similar “new US strategy” has already had an effect in Iraq and Libya, where Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi were killed not without American participation. Now, with a direct missile strike, the United States destroyed the Iranian General Soleimani, who headed the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), which was in neighboring Iraq. The iconic figure in Iran and the implacable enemy of the United States. As a result, Iraq and Libya have become bleeding spots on the planet, where there are permanent fighting between armed groups. Countries are almost completely destroyed and fell out of the global economy. Iran has so far avoided such a fate, but even there the Americans are imposing the idea of ​​an “Arab spring” and a national confrontation, the reason for which was the assassination of Soleimani, plus a Ukrainian airliner accidentally shot down in Tehran.


It seems that the Americans, as they say, got into the taste and eliminate inconvenient leaders of “hostile” countries elevated to the rank of state policy. Now in the sight of Russia and China. Judging by the words of Pompeo, it is Putin who is subject to “liquidation”. Well, they should kill a retired Medvedev or, say, Defense Minister Shoigu and Foreign Minister Lavrov (he would definitely and wisely answer: “Morons!”). In addition to Russian Putin and Chinese Xi Jinping, other iconic figures are not seen as an effective American attack. Is that okay? The mouth of the head of the State Department is almost criminal.


Here we turn the situation on the contrary. For example, relations between Moscow and Warsaw are not going well now. After all, Poland will either deploy American missiles, sometimes it will not invite to celebrations (!) On the occasion of the outbreak of the Second World War, then the “historical” scandal will start and almost wants to attack Kaliningrad. And here such Putin says to Shoigu: “And we ll hit with a rocket against Andrzej Dude, maybe the Poles will calm down right away.” Well, at the same time, Trump can be pulled, in vain, you see, they helped him with the elections. Rave? Of course nonsense. However, not in the American view. There they think in just such categories.


The US does not like Putin. As a matter of fact, in Russia itself, the population also has some complaints about the president, what is there to hide? Nevertheless, the people support and wait for change. This is our internal affair, let’s figure it out ourselves somehow. Putin is not particularly fond of Americans, just like Xi Jinping – both of these leaders of countries with powerful military and economic status impede US domination and world hegemony. There they think so that they say “bang” them and everything goes wrong again, Russia and China will again kneel and live in poverty, then we will have everything OK.


America, nosebleeds, now needs some kind of war. The economy, the development of which has flourished over the past ten years, is close to completion and will soon threaten to go into recession. The country’s industry, according to American experts themselves (data recently published by The Wall Street Journal), shows signs of stagnation.


Plus, the state budget deficit of a trillion dollars. The growth of budget expenditures doubles the corresponding indicator of revenue. The Pentagon’s requests for military spending, which are now up 10 percent, also play a significant role here. Not in favor of Washington, the economic confrontation with Beijing also worked – the loss in the economy turned around for the United States itself. A joyless picture, and it needs to be somehow solved. How? Is that a war. It is advisable not in its territory.


The panacea for economic and financial troubles for the United States has historically been the war in Europe. The larger the conflict, the greater the material gain for the United States. Washington remembers this, and is ready to repeat a similar scenario now. Well, what kind of war in Europe without the participation of Russia? Moscow does not want to fight at its borders and on its territory? So, the conflict must be provoked! And the destruction of the Russian leader is an excellent occasion for the outbreak of hostilities. Say, on the territory of Poland, the Baltic countries or the same Ukraine, where Russia has border territories and where Russian tank columns can move from, which NATO countries will courageously confront with the common US leadership from across the ocean.


Washington’s war plans are quite serious, they cannot be excluded from view. In the countries mentioned above, quite powerful American groups have been deployed. Dozens of American Abrams tanks and Bredley armored vehicles were thrown to Lithuania, Poland was literally stuffed with US military and weapons, the advanced headquarters of the American division and the territorial support group of the ground forces are already located there in Poznan, the purpose of which is to support existing and future US forces (not because have the Poles become so impudent recently in relation to Russia?). The American missile defense base is also located in Romania. US Air Force strategic bombers are based throughout Europe. And the United States plans to hold in March the largest military exercises in Europe for the past 25 years, Defender 2020 (Defender), in which 37 thousand people will participate and 10 NATO countries will be involved, and Germany will become the center of the venue. It is difficult to call such “maneuvers” anything other than preparation for war.


Actually, we need only a formal but high-profile occasion to provoke Russia, which in the list of threats to US state security gained 71 percent, to drag into an armed conflict. And the liquidation of somehow the Russian leader, or one of other significant figures, may well lead to war. What the head of the State Department Pompeo hinted at. But there is one caveat. Russia is not going to fight either in Europe or in America itself. The retaliatory strike will be nuclear – both on American bases in Europe, and on the territory of the United States itself, however much they would like to. In general, the “little answer for Putin” will shake the whole of America.