They drive him to his grave

Famous dissident writer Eduard Limonov about the fate of Assange: “The path of the samurai is death”.

I suppose both sides wanted this extradition, in fact, extradition from the embassy to London.

Assange wanted, because the Ecuadorian side had already become blundered in the confined space of the Ecuadorian Embassy in Ecuador, for the same reason that the neighbors try to get rid of harmful, in their opinion, neighbor.

There is a Russian excellent expression for such stereotypical situations – “to live him from light”. At first they spit in the soup, then they made a hole in the gaz pipe, they cut the spiral of the tile with pliers, stole the beloved cat, then they took the Internet away …

Assange also turned out to be an unshakable guy, he did not restrain his temperament, snorted, threw spoon-forks. Criticized the policy of Theresa May in connection with the poisoning of Skripal.

Relations became especially tense after the premises were given to the new owner, Lenin Moreno. That s his name. The old master saw in Assange the hero of world civilization, Saint George, pierced with the spear of the dragon of the United States, and Lenin Moreno, inherited from the old president of Ecuador, inherited the impudent bum who the former owner allowed to huddle in the stairwell.

US intelligence agencies are waiting for the use of the Doomsday weapon “against the infidels”
And so it happened. Young British strong-headed dummies dragged the insolent homeless man by the arms of his legs and placed him in the very high-security prison where terrorist suspects, serial killers and murderers of children are kept.

Prison Belmirsh (I recorded from the radio, I hope the spelling is correct) was built in 1991. It is called “British Guantanamo.” Sources report that Assange is sitting, most likely in a solitary cell, there 40% of the cells are solitary. The regime, according to sources, is “very severe.”

Why so harsh?

Well, this is Teresa May and Moreno is Lenin. More moderate detractors would have been easier with the homeless Assange.

Meanwhile, Assange is actually a relatively fresh hero of world civilization. In 2012, when he settled at the embassy in London at the invitation of the former president of Ecuador, he was a hero at the height of his popularity.

So what will be the fate of Assange?

And everything will depend on the extent to which the Americans want it, to what extent they consider themselves offended by it. Chelsea Manning, after all, passed on (handed over) American secrets to Assange, and Assange already posted them on WikiLeaks. The fate of Assange depends on the degree of passion with which the American authorities will seek the extradition of Assange and what crimes he will be accused of.

The American President Trump has already disowned Assange, they say, he knows nothing, Assange, Trump said, appeared under Obama s rule. However, according to the Democrats in the United States, Trump’s victory in the presidential election was greatly helped by compromising dirt on Hilary Clinton, it was released through the WikiLeaks.

I have heard opinions claiming that a smug American provincial judge might even sentence a white-haired man like Andy Warhol to the death penalty. And what is not, they are executed right and left, in the USA.

There are also rumors of the opposite sense – pink and optimistic. According to those, the Swedes allegedly decided to reopen the criminal case about the rape of two Swedes, (allegedly Assange raped them) terminated by them, the Swedes.

Why did I call these rumors pink and optimistic?

But because Assange can then be extradited to Sweden, and there he will be given a short time, and prisons in Sweden, at least according to the media, are the best in the world.
But the opinion of Assange lawyer Carlos Poved:

– There was a rapprochement between Great Britain, the USA and Ecuador. I believe that there is already an agreement, and that is why a special protocol was put into effect to justify the exit of Julian (from the embassy), to speed up the process of ending his asylum and transferring him to the British authorities.

– I assume that the United States wants to subject it to serious punishment. This is not the death penalty, but they can give him a life sentence.

All this was written with pitchforks on the water, but for now Assange is sitting in a high-security British jail, side by side with murderers of children, and thinks his own bitter thoughts. He understands that a British court, generally speaking, is likely to issue him to its powerful Anglo-Saxon relatives in the United States.

But he is a hero.

And the way of the samurai is death. So everything seems to be in order.