They did not clear all the blockages

what did Putin and Trump agree on?

Presidents of Russia and the United States Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump spoke at a joint press conference following the results of the meeting in Helsinki.

At first, the leaders of the countries shared their general impressions of the meeting.

Vladimir Putin stressed in his speech that the difficulties and the complex atmosphere in the relations between Russia and the US have no objective reasons. Today’s talks initiated a dialogue on a number of the most pressing issues, but “all the chaff” that accumulated in bilateral relations “could not be cleared away.”

“The talks were the first step towards rectifying bilateral cooperation, returning to the previous level of dialogue,” Putin said. He pointed out that Russia and the United States have a lot of topics and areas where they could cooperate fruitfully.

Putin noted that for many regional problems Moscow and Washington have diametrically opposed views, but there are also many “overlapping interests.”

Donald Trump began his speech with a conversation about history, in particular about the Second World War, when the USSR and the US actively cooperated in the fight against a common enemy, then there was a cold war, but now the relations between the countries were at the worst level. “It changed about 4 hours ago,” Trump said. He added that he can not alone determine the foreign policy of the United States bypassing Congress and the Democrats. “But I, as president, will most likely take political risks to protect America,” Trump said. He added that at his post he should primarily care about the interests of the American people, and therefore will seek to establish a dialogue with Russia.

“Today’s meeting is the beginning of a long process. Step to the future, where there will be a lasting dialogue and reflection. We desire friendship and a lasting peace. Most likely, we will often meet in the future, “concluded Trump.

Putin on the situation in Syria said that the United States and Russia in this country have gained invaluable experience in coordinating military operations against terrorists. There are all the necessary components for the final settlement of the conflict. Now the Syrian troops liberated the south-east of the country. The priority now is the settlement on the Golan Heights and the disengagement of Israeli and Syrian troops in accordance with the 1974 treaty.

On the question of the journalist, whose side is now the ball in the issue on Syria, Putin asked to pass him the ball with the 2018 World Cup, which he defiantly gave to Trump. Trump received the ball and gave Melania and asked him to give it to his son.

Putin said that during the talks he informed the interlocutor of the Russian position, according to which the SVPD allowed to stabilize the situation in the Middle East. “Thanks to the nuclear deal, Iran has become the most audited country in the world under the control of the IAEA,” Putin said. Trump at the press conference of this topic did not concern.

On the question of Crimea’s belonging, the leaders of Russia and the US remained each in their own opinion. For Russia, this topic is closed. The United States still insists on the illegality of the “annexation of the Crimea”.

Concerning the conflict in the southeast of Ukraine, here the parties agreed on the importance of conscientious implementation of the Minsk agreements. “The US could more resolutely set up the Ukrainian leadership for this work,” Putin added.

Talking about the Nord Stream-2, Donald Trump said that the US will continue to compete with Russia and promote its gas to the EU market. He called this position a manifestation of healthy competition.

The American leader noted that calling Putin his rival makes him a compliment. Trump acknowledged that Russia has an advantage in the European market in view of its proximity, but the United States also has its own trump cards. “We will be able to extract more gas to provide the EU,” Trump said.

Putin on this topic said that instead of rivalry, two countries could pay attention to other problems. For example, they are interested in regulating international markets, more closely deal with pricing issues. “We have a field for cooperation,” the Russian leader said.

Interference in US elections was one of the key topics.

Here, Putin was once again forced to say that Russia has never interfered and does not intend to interfere in the American elections. Yes, the people of Russia and Putin himself were for Trump’s victory. But this was due to the peaceful rhetoric of this candidate for the presidency of the United States. Putin called the situation normal when people sympathize with the candidate for the presidency, who speaks about the cooperation of the two countries.

Putin added that Russia is ready to cooperate with the investigation under the leadership of the special prosecutor Robert Mueller (in his speech he pretended that he mixed the names Miller and Muller). He suggested to the American side to prepare a request for interrogation of 12 Russians who, in the opinion of the US Treasury, are involved in the organization of the intervention. “We are even ready to admit your traces to interrogation in our territory, “Putin said to Trump, adding that reciprocity should be the answer of the US to such actions. Putin indicated that Russian investigators would gladly talk with William Browder. Trump during these words Putin nodded with approval his side added that while the investigation does not have a single confirmation of the collusion between his election headquarters and the Kremlin. Vladimir Putin, putting an end to this issue, said: «Who told you that I believe Trump, and he believes me. Nobody can be trusted. He defends his country, I am for my own. We must rely on facts (on the issue of intervention)».