The “Ukraine” project canceled. What do Zelensky’s peace gestures really mean?

An unusually saturated morning on Wednesday appeared at the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky. Before leaving for Turkey on his first official visit, he managed to bring condolences through Facebook to the families of four of the Marines killed on the eve of the Donbass, held a meeting with security officials, called Vladimir Putin and urged participants in the “Norman format” to urgently get together for negotiations.


Zelensky said about a telephone conversation with the Russian leader during a briefing following an emergency meeting in Kiev with the participation of the Chief of the General Staff, other representatives of the Armed Forces command and the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine. The meeting was convened just because of the death on August 6 of the same four military men in the Pavlopol region in the Donbass.


The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine claims: the marines were fired from an anti-tank grenade launcher from the position of the DNR. However, according to the version of the opposite side, everything happened due to the carelessness of the dead, who violated safety procedures during unloading of anti-personnel mines, which caused detonation. An indirect confirmation of the latter is the fact that the incident occurred more than four kilometers from the contact line, where a shot from an RPG could not have reached.


But instead of figuring out who is to blame for the death of servicemen, Zelensky calls the security forces in his Office, and then calls Putin and asks “to influence that side so that they stop killing our people.”


What the Russian leader answered literally, one can only guess … But the Kremlin press service in an official statement confirmed that the conversation took place and took place on the initiative of the Ukrainian side.

– During the discussion of settlement issues in the south-east of Ukraine, the importance of strict observance of the ceasefire established since July 21, as well as the separation of forces and assets from the demarcation line, was emphasized, – the statement said.


During the conversation, as noted, Putin emphasized that in order to de-escalate the conflict in the Donbass, further shelling by Ukrainian troops of settlements in the region should be excluded, which ultimately leads to the death of civilians. The critical importance of the consistent implementation of the Minsk agreements, including the legal aspects of granting special status to the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics, was also confirmed.


It was hard to say whether Zelensky was satisfied with such a response from the Russian president. But he immediately announced his intention to contact the head of France Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel in order to arrange an urgent meeting about the Donbass.


The answer from Berlin, we must say, came immediately. But not from Merkel, but from a representative of the German government, Ulrike Demmer, who called the “Norman format” “important.” However, she emphasized that German authorities could not voice the date of a possible meeting of leaders of countries of this format.


Macron supported Zelensky’s proposal, according to the Ukrainian media, and even assured that he would contact Putin and Merkel to agree on this initiative.


But why is the president of Ukraine so urgently collecting the “Norman format”? And is it the only reason that the APU lost four Marines on the eve?


  • It is quite clear that after a sharp aggravation of the situation at the front (and I want to draw attention to it through the fault of Ukraine) Zelensky really had to do something, – commented historian and political scientist Vladimir Kornilov.

– In order, on the one hand, not to bring the situation to a new round of a large-scale war, which, as I understand it, is being pushed by his security forces. On the other hand, to show patriots, the so-called right-wing radicals, that, they say, “I am taking tough steps and am ready to defend Ukraine with my breast.”


Therefore, being on a similar “stretch”, he acts in this format.


– “Norman format”, why did he urgently need it? Does he want to offer something new? But nobody canceled the Minsk agreements. Follow, and you will be happy.


  • Well, firstly, the Minsk agreements themselves, this is a product of the “Norman format.” Accordingly, in the “Norman format” it would be quite logical to discuss what impedes the implementation of these agreements. There is nothing controversial.

Secondly, let’s recall that Zelensky advocated in the election campaign negotiations for a settlement in the Donbass within the framework of the “Norman format” with the participation of additional countries – the United States and Great Britain. In this regard, it is logical that he will insist on continuing the process.


At the same time, it would be logical to ask for a meeting with Putin, to meet with him and discuss all the problems that Ukraine has accumulated on the implementation of the Minsk format. But you remember: Zelensky’s team itself has repeatedly stated that it will not allow him to meet face to face with Putin. This will cause a lot of problems and speculation in Ukraine. And a lot of questions from the sponsors of Ukraine.

Therefore, Zelensky insists on the format in which he can possibly discuss these problems.

– But what can he offer if Kolomoisky has already revealed Zelensky’s cards, making it clear that he will not be able to push through the amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine that are stipulated by the Minsk agreements? This is a special status for the DNR and LNR.


– Minsk agreements have not yet been implemented. Actually, Zelensky himself (not only Kolomoisky) said that he was not going to conduct direct negotiations with the so-called “separatists” and was not ready to exchange all prisoners for all. He spoke both before and after the election.

Accordingly, he confirms that Ukraine is not yet configured to implement the Minsk agreements in full format. But someone should periodically point out Zelensky. In the end, if he has any new peace initiatives that he promised quite a long time and tedious, then why not discuss them with him, regardless of whether they are provided for by the Minsk agreements or not.

That is, the Minsk agreements do not mean that one cannot consider other initiatives, in particular, on peacekeepers. But until we hear a clear plan for a peaceful settlement from the mouth of the Zelensky team.

The head of the News Front news agency Konstantin Knyrik, in turn, doubts that something strongly depends on Zelensky in this regard:


– Before he stepped up with this“ Norman format, ”Volker tweeted, saying that“ Zelensky is making gestures for peace. ”


In principle, Volker revealed the essence of the pan-president Zelensky. Because it is precisely gestures and window dressing that are present in Zelensky’s activities, but there is no real movement towards peace. But in order to somehow justify the lack of real movement in the direction of the world, you need to make some gestures. So he does them.


In principle, initially, when they just announced the current truce, it was clear that it would be frustrated in some cynical way. Kiev has a lot of opportunities for this. If you remember, two hours before the armistice from Ukraine, Pervomaisk was fired — that is the territory of the LNR. A civilian was killed. Do you know how it justified on your media resources? They said that they had insider (not intelligence, but insider) information about the presence of enemy equipment in this area. Therefore, they say, they shot there.

That is, any nonsense, having a media tool, both internal and external, they are able to justify.

– For what?

– Because no one allows them to take practical steps towards peace. If Zelensky had permission from the curators to take actions towards peace, he would have long ago withdrawn troops (not for public relations, like in the village of Lugansk), but really, to make it impossible for the parties to shoot at each other. He would have long gone for direct negotiations with the Donbass, because this is the only way to peace if he really wants it. Moreover, with the colossal support of his electoral rhetoric, he now has no threats. The only threat is that Poroshenko will bring out radicals for money. They wake up a bit.

But, on the other hand, you need to understand that Zelensky in itself, in fact, is not the president. This is a function. Moreover, he still does not understand where he is, why he is, why he is, what powers he has been given? That is, he is engaged in his characteristic “cache” miniatures. He went out, worked out a miniature – and again disappeared. These thumbnails are often controversial. Because to say that Ukraine will implement the Minsk agreements, but at the same time constantly deny the main points of these agreements, a mentally healthy person simply cannot by definition.

Zelensky is playing the role of president quite well. But, unfortunately, he did not become the real president of Ukraine. And he’s unlikely to be.


– What is stopping him?

  • It does not have sufficient resource potential. He has no people of his own either in the Armed Forces or in the law enforcement system.


Beside Yury Koryavchenkov, he even has noone in the Servant of the People faction in the Verkhovna Rada, with whom he played in KVN show.


Now, if he wants to get out of Kolomoisky’s influence, he needs to change Bogdan for someone. Who can he exchange it for? To friends from the “95th quarter”, who are also often not his people, but the people of Kolomoisky?


Or, suppose, somewhere, he wants to get out of the influence of the Americans … So, in addition to the popular event in Truskavets, where they prepared people’s deputies, a couple of days ago in Kiev was held a training for deputies closed for journalists, which was already conducted by guys from USAID (US Agency for International Development). There was a real training for the deputies, which was carried out by the real owners of the “Servant of the People” faction.


Relatively speaking, the shares of the project “Zelensky is the servant of the people” and, in principle, of Ukraine were divided today between several oligarchs and the West. And all received sufficient guarantees. And Zelensky is assigned the role of a person playing miniatures.


His current trip to Turkey, I think, is connected with the need to again raise the theme of Crimea. This is the only task also exclusively for PR. It has nothing real under it.

Moreover, the whole project of Zelensky and the “servants of the people” is empty. It has neither ideological direction, nor specificity, nor program goals, nor the solution of economic issues. In a primitive language, Kolomoisky said: “Do something. If they want to talk about peace, talk about peace. Talk about the war tomorrow. They want to speak Russian, let one say that it’s good, the other – that it’s bad. ”

– But this is some kind of complete impasse …

– The Ukraine project is over. Now Ukraine is at the mercy of the oligarchs and the West, so that they can pull away everything that is interesting there. And Zelensky, amorphous, will be replaced by completely radicals.


That’s the whole logical chain. There is only one question – when will this happen? Because Zelensky’s electoral potential has the same problem that Yanukovych’s electoral potential had – many people voted for him, but no one would intercede. Its voters are not an active part of society. The maximum that they are capable of is to come to the polls and thus express their protest. And only because they were deceived.


But, on the other hand, a new ideological formula is being built today: Russian-speaking people in Ukraine against Russia. That is, there was a project “Ukraine, as AntiRussia”. And now the project “Russian Ukraine against Russia” has appeared. This is an ideologically more interesting project. But how they manage to complete it, I do not know.