The situation in Syria

Government troops launched an offensive in Daria

In Dara, an operation was launched to liberate the region from Islamists. Residents of the province of Idlib are trying to enter the territory controlled by the government forces. This is reported by the FAN with reference to local sources.

In the north-eastern part of the province of Aleppo, tension between the Kurdish formations and the pro-Turkish Syrian Free Army (SSA) began to grow again. YPG militants shot several “free army” fighters who conducted reconnaissance in the vicinity of Manbige. Let’s remind, Kurds are obliged to leave these territories by the end of July within the limits of the agreement which has been reached during the American-Turkish negotiations.

Yesterday it became known that the government units, with the support of the Allies, cleared the remains of the IG group (banned in the Russian Federation) all the territory south of the Khamim settlement (Homs province) at the border with Iraq, while capturing part of the guns of the militants.

In the Dar’a province, Syrian aircraft again dropped leaflets calling for militants to lay down their arms. The Islamists did not react to the appeal. After that, the government troops began an operation to clean up the region. The first skirmishes with terrorists occurred in the north-east of the province. During the offensive under the control of the SAA, several settlements have already crossed. As explained by sources, the paramount task of the Syrian army is the dissection of the Islamist enclave in two and the overlapping of supply channels.

It became known about the mass flight of civilians from the provinces of Idlib, occupied by the radicals. Most of them are trying to get to the position of the Syrian army. The reason for the escape was the arbitrariness of the militants, who take away the last property and food from the population. In addition, the inhabitants almost every day are killed as a result of the explosions and attacks of unknown radicals, becoming victims of foreign internecine dissent