The situation in Syria

the Israeli Air Force struck another blow at the objects of the SAA

Under the control of SDF crossed more than ten settlements in Hassaka. The Israeli Air Force attacked the Syrian army’s weapons depot in Daraa. This is reported by the FAN with reference to local sources.
The militants fired mortar shells at the Al-Jadida district of the administrative center of the province of Aleppo. In turn, the Syrian army opened fire on the fortified areas of the Islamists in the vicinity of the Zamar settlement, and also attacked the enemy’s position near the settlement of Khuvar al-Eys
Not far from the Tallbis settlement in the north of Homs province, Syrian soldiers discovered a network of radical tunnels that were used to supply, as well as for sudden attacks on nearby settlements.

The Western coalition struck a number of air strikes against the alleged places of concentration of ISIL terrorists (the grouping is banned in the Russian Federation) in the province of Idlib. The results of the operation are not reported.

In the vicinity of the village of Tafas (Dara’a province), fierce battles continued between the government forces and the “free army” (SAA) during the day. Earlier, the Syrian army knocked out an enemy from the village of Kahil near Tafas. On the eve of the liberated areas of the province, two columns delivered humanitarian aid. The trucks were food, medicine and basic necessities.

Meanwhile, Israeli warplanes fired a missile strike at the weapons depot of the government forces of the Syrian Arab Republic in the vicinity of the city of Mahaj near the Damascus-Daraa road. The consequences of the attack are being refined.

RASF of Russia bombarded the fortified areas of terrorists “Dzhebhat an Nusry” (banned in the Russian Federation) near Jisr al-Shugur in the south-west of the province of Idlib. On the road between the settlements of Ariha and Al-Mastuma detonated an improvised explosive device. As a result, five militants of the terrorist alliance, headed by “an-Nusra”, were killed.

Under the control of the Democratic Forces of Syria (SDF) in the province of Hasaka crossed the settlements of Saradzhiya and Kabarta, which previously hid the terrorists ISIL. Later it became known that the Kurds seized another 14 settlements. At the same time, no reports of hostilities are reported. Local sources are sure that between the SDF militants and the terrorists of the ISIL there are still agreements that regulate the distribution of territories