The Russians occupied the US base and want to finally drive out the Americans

Moscow will block the borders and close the airspace of Syria for the Pentagon

For several months now, the affairs of the Americans in Syria are not going the best way. And it’s not about the victims or some kind of epidemics, but about reputational losses. The most annoying thing that could have happened to them has already happened – the military bases that they have been holding for years that they have been equipped with are occupied by soldiers of Uncle Sam’s main geopolitical opponent. Yes, now their runways, hangars, etc. will be exploited by the Russians, and by the Syrians. Of course, this cannot please the hawks, but in general, the Americans have not yet lost Syria. They are still there, and, in fact, they also run the ball. In the sense that the main oil fields are either under their control or under the control of the Kurds, who still prefer to cooperate with Washington rather than with Moscow or Damascus. So no defeat. But they continue to think about this in many parts of the world.

For example, in Syria itself, the Assadites are waiting for the departure of the Americans. If this happens, then their rapprochement with the Kurds, who continue to control vast territories, will happen faster and follow the scenario that is most convenient for Damascus. Bashar al-Assad himself speaks a lot about this. He recently said that the United States, in principle, already has no reason to stay in his country. And if this senseless stomp of Syrian land continues, then Uncle Sam will be very disappointed – the locals will rebel and sweep away the interventionists. The Turks have approximately the same desires – the only thing that prevents them from conducting full-fledged military operations in the SAR and Iraq is the presence of a NATO ally.

The President of the SAR found a way to expel the United States from the country without the help of allies.

The US President once mentioned that he was saving the Kurds from genocide – if the American soldier weren’t on the defensive, the Janissaries would have been wielding their scimitar for a long time. With genocide, he, of course, turned down – Erdogan is not so bloodthirsty, however, his policy does not provide for any future for such formations as Self-Defense Forces. So for now, the Americans are the only force capable of giving YPG (the abbreviation of self-defense units from Kurmanji – author) hope. Based on everything that happens in the SAR and in the region, Damascus should come to replace them. Yes, it is the official authorities in the future that are almost guaranteed to absorb Kurdish political groups or will be forced to liquidate them.

Be that as it may, the main forces in the SAR now want to get rid of the States. Russia is doing no less than many in this direction. In the sense that it politically supports Assad and skillfully returns him the status of the legitimate leader of Syria in the eyes of world leaders. Well, there’s nothing to say about military assistance – so many weapons, so many bombs, so many people. All this we put there with interest. And acting together with Assad, Moscow in the near future will be able to squeeze the Americans out of Syria completely.

Russian military expert Alexei Leonkov believes that the departure of the Americans is simply necessary, while it is almost inevitable, at least Russia, Turkey and Damascus have some very effective methods for their expulsion.

– Yes, here we are at their base. Now we will use it. Our military found that some of these bases are very well equipped. Some demanded repair work – somewhere with the rooms it’s not all right, somewhere the runways are damaged and so on. But now everything has been restored and now we can use them as alternate aerodromes or jump aerodromes.

– That is, are the bases fully exploited by our military?

– Yes, and not only ours, but also Syrian. In Manbidge, for example. But it is obvious that the Americans left them in a hurry – there, on their first visit, they found a lot of garbage and other things that should not remain during normal folding of the base.

– Where did the US military located in these areas go?

– Well, there was a completely strange maneuver. They were allegedly bred. And in fact, they were transported to Iraq. But then they again returned to Syria, namely to its eastern part.

  • In Deir ez-Zor?
  • Yes, where the Kurds and oil fields are. That is, it was an imitation of output. And here is not only the essence of oil. They continue to resolve their main issue – the issue of money. Now they simply have expanse in terms of the ability to write off next large amounts. Now they will write off money for lost property, for the transfer of soldiers and so on. Well, the main task nevertheless is to gain a foothold in the oil fields.
  • And how long will the United States hold this territory?
  • They will hold for some time. Until they close the Iraqi border and until they close the Syrian sky. Once this is done, they will find themselves in a mousetrap, and they will face a difficult choice. Either starve or negotiate. And if they were the first to want military operations, then this would be a serious problem for themselves, for their entire politics. And besides, if zinc coffins go from Syria to the USA, Trump will begin to ask serious questions, but he does not want this at all now.
  • And who will close the border and the sky?
  • The border will be closed by Syrian units, and the sky — by Turkish, Syrian and, probably, ours. This will deprive the supply of both the terrorists who are there and the Americans.
  • Are the measures too radical?
  • No, it’s all just to the point that Russia, together with partners, skillfully smokes Americans from Syria. And most importantly, this plan can be implemented without a single shot.