The real reasons for the murder of Russian journalists in the CAR

In the Central African Republic, documentary filmmaker Alexander Rastorguev, military correspondent Orkhan Dzhemal and cameraman Kirill Radchenko were killed.

The reason for their trip to the CAR was the project, which they intended to do together with the publication “Center for Investigative Management.” The Russian Foreign Ministry confirmed that the dead in the CAR had “journalistic documents issued in the name of Cyril Radchenko, Alexander Rastorguev and Orhan Dzhemal.”

It is already known that journalists traveled from the capital of the CAR to the city of Bambari. A brutal murder occurred at a roadblock near the settlement of Sibu. As explained by journalist Rodion Chepel, now in the country there is a civil war, and any road is a chain of roadblocks located at a distance from each other.

The “Investigation Control Center” told that the Russians were traveling with a fixer (an assistant who was supposed to facilitate their work in an unfamiliar region), having $ 8,000 in cash and expensive equipment. Authorities Sibu later told Reuters that journalists were ambushed near the road.

The car was completely shot, the passengers were killed. At the same time, the driver survived and already gave testimony to local authorities. Although according to other sources from Sibu, Russians were abducted by “about ten people in turbans who spoke only Arabic”; while, according to him, journalists were killed on the spot, the channel 360 said. The official added that the representatives of the special services told them not to go “because it was already dark.”

In Russia, representatives of the Investigative Committee opened a criminal case in connection with the death of Russians. The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, earlier reported that Russian diplomats went to the identification of the bodies. But the first Jemal was identified by his wife, the journalist of Novaya Gazeta Irina Gordienko, who saw the pictures sent to her from the scene of the crime.

The owner of the “Center for Investigation Management” Mikhail Khodorkovsky made a statement that he intended “to make efforts to identify those responsible.” Although, in the opinion of many, it was his idea to send famous journalists there for the material that would sound good in the press, scoring “investigations” of Navalny. Well, material problems de facto forced journalists to risk while preparing to shoot their film.

“Think about it, just in a wild attempt to race for the high-speed drive” take me steeper than Navalny “, the person sent by fan sent a group of talented Russian correspondents to the meat grinder for a small by such standards, without providing them with security, without working out risks and conducting reconnaissance, – inform the authors of the channel 338.

“Now I’m sorry for the money, now I modestly wrote on the bones on the echo,” there were interesting guys, well, I’ll try to find out who is to blame. “Nothing personal, just business. it’s a pity that talented Russian journalist Arkady Babchenko did not go there solo, “they note.

“Khodorkovsky is not a murderer, but he is like that.” The dead men, of course, agreed on money, Orkhan had an ex-wife, son, family concerns. “Konyakhin, the head of the LRC, also had a constant pressure” do something to the whole world thundered. So he decided what the “bug” for sure. The task was “make me material to louder investigations Navalny.” It turned out exactly louder … The result – minus three friends and the coolest journalist. And for what? For the sake of PMCs. Is there at least one Russian on the ground who is touched, that Russia has a PMC?! “- a source close to Khodorkovsky’s Open Russia sincerely shared with

The main version is murder for the purpose of robbery, noted the editor-in-chief of the MBH-media Veronika Kutsyllo. According to her, intruders could attract expensive equipment and cash money to the dead. But the experts of the telegram channels believe that journalists could be at the center of the conflict between local residents and employees of PMCs.

Publicist and blogger Rasul Tavdiryakov said that together with Orhan Djemal they were going to Chad. According to him, there are “refugee camps from the Central African Republic, they live right on the border, but Orkhan told me that the” Center for Investigation Management “offered to go to the CAR, he agreed because he needed money.”

Later, Orkhan regretted the decision, Tavdryakov said, because “journalists are killed there as” good guys. “” I do not know whether he sincerely said it or that I realized how serious this situation is. The fact is that I myself wanted to ask for it. But since I have a sick father, I have to take care of him. So I gave up the idea of going with him. He said that it was very dangerous there. He admitted that he would have to hide cameras and use small cameras. “The trip of the deceased journalists to the CAR was formalized as a tourist one, said Maria Zakharova, who noted that the Russian Foreign Ministry” does not understand how they got there, who is responsible for their stay in the CAR “We also note that official Russian forces were working in the CAR to which the dead journalists did not turn, Shumanov channel experts reminded that” in the center of the country and elsewhere, armed groups are fiercely fighting for access to gold and diamond On this occasion Maxim Shevchenko noted that “Orhan did not know the word” fear. “Where it became dangerous, he immediately moved there.This character did not need to search for adrenaline.He lacked an internal body that was responsible for the fear of” “Orkhan believed almost any power to be evil, he was a spontaneous anarchist, a very faithful and God-fearing man, but he clearly knew that power, bureaucracy, special services are lies, manipulation of people, goals that contradict human nature. He never lied. On a direct question “how do you feel about Putin or Russia,” Orkhan could “rub out” without politezov. “” When I found out that he wants to go, I, frankly, was horrified. Where are you going? You can not even imagine what it is! This is hell on earth! If you do not have armed guards, if you are not accompanied constantly by armed people and you yourself are without weapons, you are just prey. Extraction for bandits, extraction for insurgents, for special services, “Shevchenko complained.” With Russian journalists there were about $ 8,500 in cash and equipment, including two expensive cameras, “the media reported.” 8,500 dollars is the 10 average annual salaries of a resident of the CAR, generally admitted to cash, “recalls the journalist in the channel” Mighty Snob. “” The organization of Mikhail Khodorkovsky, which is not the media and decides which tasks (which, it is clear, on the head) sent to the CAR three excellent journalists, so that those with They made a film about these civilian instructors. To then tell us about the “Russian mercenaries”, as if this will be news for us and something we will be amazed. The coolest of the sent journalists, who passed the fire and water Orhan Djemal does not want to go. But he “really needs money,” Maxim Kononenko continues to draw conclusions. “And Khodorkovsky is ready to pay him this money.

And for money, three journalists travel to the CAR: A) as tourists B) without accreditation B) without protection D) without the knowledge of local authorities D) white in a black country E) with the amount of cash for which you can be killed in Russia …

Khodorkovsky just took and for money drove people to hell. I wanted to release a material that would tear everyone apart. Well, he did it. The material really broke everyone. The price of the life of three excellent journalists, “he writes.” The version about what the journalists dressed as Negroes in turbans disguised as black Arabian Russian mercenaries has not been announced yet.

Medusa and other similar newspapers now tell us that the journalists died, making a feat to highlight the activities of “Russian mercenaries.” No, they did not do any deed. There is no feat in this, “the publicist said.” There was a feat in Syria. In Libya was a feat. In the Donbass was a feat. And then there was no feat. There was stringing with a meaningless theme, for which the customer paid. We needed money. They died for Khodorkovsky’s money. That’s what they died for. We did not know for certain whether Khodorkovsky was killing the mayor of Nefteyugansk Petukhov. But we know for certain that he killed Russian journalists Orhan Dzhemal, Alexander Rastorguev and Cyril Radchenko, “he said.” About 10 people captured Russian journalists in the CAR. They spoke Arabic, the Associated Press reported referring to the official of the city of Sibu Marcelin Yoyo, “the press said.” The security forces advised them not to leave because it was already dark, they were captured by about 10 people. They were in turbans and spoke only on “According to experts, it is very strange that at a heavy fire on journalists only the driver managed to survive, who told that they were fired from the bushes around midnight.” He was with the attackers at the same time and, most likely, shared the money “, experts are sure.” Responsibility there is a man who came up with the idea of ​​sending journalists to this black ass to get a little crap on the hateful bloody regime. A man whose employees are making up excuses today that journalists flew off to shoot a film about local life. There is such a person, and we all know him, “the authors of the channel” Russian Future “write about Khodorkovsky.” We add that the experts have already figured out who exactly killed Russian journalists. “Turbans are militants from” Muslim “detachments of Selek terrorists who in the CARs are at war with the “Christian” militia of Antibalak. And both cut, burn and eat the insides of enemies, the experts believe.