The prison is crying for him

Famous dissident writer Eduard Limonov about the attempted coup in Venezuela, and Trump’s call to Putin

Here, kill me God, I do not understand why Maduro will not put Guaydo in jail or send him to an electric chair, if there is any, in Venezuela. I do not understand. And I do not see what reasons have stopped President Maduro from at least the arrest of an impostor.


On January 23 of this year, Guaydo declared himself president of the country, that is, he declared a dual power, that is, he committed a state crime, so this act got away with him.

Well, he is the chairman of the country’s parliament (position elected for one year), and so what?

On 30 April, Guaydo called on the military and the people of the country to overthrow President Maduro. And there was a small, with the shooting, an attempt of a coup d’état and the seizure of the military base of La Carlot in the capital of Venezuela, Caracas.

Guaydo himself announced the events of May 1 as the final phase of Operation Freedom.

And he was, Guaydo on the basis of La Carlota.

Guaydo was not lucky, only a few dozen soldiers participated in the coup. It turned out a cry on the lawn.

52 wounded, not one killed. 32 wounded by rubber bullets, one has a gunshot wound. Trump, admiring Guaido, a protege of the United States, as always made a huge exaggeration. He said that Guaydo was doing his job while his comrades were dying next to him. No one died. Trump, as always, went too far.

Moreover, the fact that, allegedly, the leaders of the country participated in the attempted coup, turned out to be fake news. Neither Venezuela’s Minister of Defense, Vladimir Padrino Lopez, nor the head of the country’s National Guard, Ivan Hernandez, nor the Chairman of the Supreme Court of Venezuela, Michael Moreno, “promised” to the public as leaders of the coup, were not its leaders. At the base of La Carlota did not appear.

If there were, they would all have already been dismissed from their posts. And they would have planted, I guess.

Of the 25 soldiers of the Venezuelan army who had sought political asylum at the Brazilian embassy after the coup, all were privates, and there were no high-ranking military officers among them.

20 shots were fired, not thickly, not one killed. Mini coup, coup can be said. Children’s some kind of make-believe.

The very next day, on the 2nd of May, Maduro declared his victory over the opposition forces.

I am strongly opposed to Guaydo. Because I am against Guaydo, because the United States is moving him like a chess piece. The fact that he has a suicidal temperament doesn’t surprise me, in a country of 35 million people will not you find a few suicides? And I will always be against the United States because they are against us. In addition, I’m against Guaydo because he reminds me of several politicians I dislike: Macron in particular, Zelensky.

Still, I don’t understand why the fat Chavezov’s Maduro doesn’t put the impudent pro-American mulatto Guaydo into prison.

I, God kill me, I do not see what prevents him. Guaydo called for the overthrow of the elected President Maduro, and organized an attempted coup, much further!

I, the person who was diagnosed as “person with very high level intelligence” in our Psychiatric institute of Professor Serbsky in 2001, I simply won’t think why Guaydo was not arrested. Local Venezuelan mentality, because democracy, that is, its ceremonies, they are counted from the XVIII century, since the time of Simon Bolivar? Isn’t one ceremony enough to punish Guaido?

Whatever it was, Guaydo, however, managed after a failed coup to sink even deeper into the quagmire of betrayal. He stated that he would have agreed with the proposal for intervention if such a proposal had been received.


Gosha! Looking through the eyes in the political landscape of Russia, I can not find a single damned soul among compatriots who would declare so frostbitten that they will accept the intervention of a foreign army to their native country.

And in Venezuela there is one. Guaido.

And he is not arrested.

Coincidentally, or as it so intentionally happened, that immediately after the failed coup, Trump called our President and they kindly talked for about an hour and a half.

And Trump remained, judging by his statements, pleased with the conversation.

What, Trump understood that you could not take the Venezuelan power in vain, and you need to negotiate with those who have the greatest influence on Maduro, with Vladimir Putin?

Probably so. Otherwise, why would it, suddenly a telephone conversation of such length, if not extraordinary circumstances?

Despite the boasting of Trump’s subordinate intervention, the US has always had it all. The US president swore respect for the sovereignty of the USSR, and Congress demanded the independence of the Baltic Soviet republics. You do not remember that  at the very end of the 80s of the XX-th century?

Trump is well aware that the intervention of the US Army in Venezuela immediately in one instant will revive the inveterate feeling of hostility of Latin Americans to the powerful northern neighbor, and therefore Trump cannot afford the intervention. Therefore, he called Putin, help out!

It will be interesting if the Venezuelan events open a new era in relations between the US and Russia and Vladimir Vladimirovich’s dream comes true, the United States will begin to treat Russia as an equal power country.

Wow … Some kind of hired Guaydo spider will then, move the planet from the dead center, where it is stuck.

Let’s hope that will be the case about this.

But there is another explanation why Trump spoke so long with the president of Russia. Perhaps he wants to tear Russia from an alliance with China.