The Pentagon is sure

Publication Real Clear Defense (RCD) told about some of the details of the January strike by Israeli aircraft at Damascus airport. Leaks were made by sources in the IDF, and the Pentagon indirectly confirms information from the Jewish side. That is why the long-won back news was again in the spotlight, because the latest F-35A (Adir) Lightning II fighter jets took part in that bombardment, in the straightforward hints of the RCD.


Recall, on January 20, 2019, the Times of Israel newspaper quoted the words of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who, commenting on another airstrike on the capital of the SAR, said: “We have a permanent policy to damage Iranian bases in Syria and anyone who tries to cause us harm. This policy is unchanged. ”


In turn, the Syrian media reported on the interception of most of the missiles (the figure of 30 was called), but some of them made their way through the air defense system and partially destroyed objects at Damascus airport. Even then, rumors were spreading that the F-35A fighter jets could have been involved in the bombing, which damaged Chinese-made JY-27 radar and one Pantsir missile system.


Meanwhile, almost the entire 2018 year, the Israeli Air Force behaved quite constrained after the S-200 air defense system shot down the F-16 Fighting Falcons. Even then, it was clear that the Israeli fighters of the 4th generation do not feel at ease in the skies of Syria. In general, strikes against ATS were made from areas unattainable for retaliation by the Syrian anti-aircraft gunners, or were ineffective.


The beginning of new, and more and more daring raids on Syria, according to overseas experts, indirectly confirms the version of the use of F-35A. Say, who else, if not Adir? Surprisingly, this is because, in the USA itself, skeptic experts question the full combat readiness of Lightning II.


Nevertheless, the publication of the RCD, most likely, did not deceive its readers. In particular, on the site of The Aviationist on the eve of the site was placed interesting information on the same topic. It turns out that Israeli F-35A fighters used Luneberg reflectors during flights over Beirut to prevent their profiles from being analyzed by the Russian C-300 and C-400 radar systems deployed in Syria.


At first glance, this is done so that the F-35A is, on the contrary, visible. At the same time, our locators will not be able to use the collected data to identify the “signature” of Adir at a certain wavelength, as was done with American F-22 aircraft. But why then on other pictures of the flying Israeli Lightning II can not see the reflectors of Luneberg?


Adir David Chenziotti, a military analyst for the program, The Aviationist expert, tried to give an answer. He is convinced that the fighter nevertheless participated in the raid on Damascus airport, but not as a strike aircraft, but as an invisible reconnaissance aircraft, whose main task was to guide missiles and control the attacking F-15E and F-16 vehicles. Too many indirect points indicate this, including the subsequent “information holiday” on the streets of Washington and Tel Aviv. However, it would be worth Adir at least once palnut, then he would be shot down. To prevent such a development of events, neither the United States nor Israel can.


Apparently, David Goldfein, Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force, became one of the participants in the aforementioned “celebrations”, who called the Lightning II the main feature in the new concept of the United States Air Force. The idea of ​​the stars and stripes staff is to “use the weaknesses of enemies, and not attack their strengths” – taking into account the experience of air operations in the Middle East.


David Goldfein made the final conclusion that the “unique” Lightning II aircraft possesses the necessary secrecy and will be able to overcome any air defense, including the most high-tech aircraft that Russia has. It can be safely assumed that the “military fantasies” of the Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force did not just coincide with the January attacks of Israeli missiles at Damascus airport. Well, and then the publication of Real Clear Defense openly “hinted” to the participation of the very F-35 in these bombings. Previously, there were no such coincidences in the western news environment.

And General Goldfein said: “If Russia, China, or another opponent ever saw the F-35 in its airspace, I would like to send them all my message with three words -“ we are here. ” That is, “F-35 will never be alone.”


“Raptor” is charged with protecting the F-35 from enemy fighters, such as the Chinese J-20, Russian Su-30 or Korean MiG-29, Goldfein rants.

– Accompanying the F-22 aircraft will allow the F-35 “invisible plane” to use all of its payload on ground objects, since its extremely limited internal space allows it to carry only four missiles, or, take sin per head, one heavy guided bomb (atomic, it must be , given the recognition of the general in the fall).


It seems that in the USA they firmly believe that Lightning II, like no other carrier, is best suited for bombing attacks in Moscow or Beijing, and certainly in Pyongyang. A F-22 Raptors task is to protect the “invisible” from the Russian or Chinese fighter-interceptors.


In this regard, the question involuntarily arises: what is it? Information war? Or is the F-35 fighter so secretive that it can overcome our air defense systems?


To understand what Goldfein meant, let us turn to his more detailed “reasoning”. Publication of Real Clear Defense writes that the general expressed his thoughts in a large article, which he devoted to the cadets of the command and staff college of the United States Marine Corps.


Shut off maritime communications in Warsaw dream with the help of Norwegian missile systems

The general began with the fact that “the aviation strategy of the US Air Force is in a state of stagnation and is in dire need of revival.” According to him, today’s basic documents confirming the future of the US air force, including the strategic Master Plan and the concept of operating the Air Force, “few have read, if ever, opened these documents, being content with brief retellings of developers.” At the Pentagon they firmly believe that they are the strongest, and in this religion the main icon is American planes, and only then “Tomahawks”.


In the recent past, Goldfein writes, Americans unanimously relied on information dominance in the airspace, as a factor that predetermined their victory in the battles for supremacy in the sky. But the Russians with their EW systems spoiled the “beautiful picture”.


And now new times have come, and new favorites have appeared, RCD notes. Now across the ocean they praise the F-35, which, they say, though not without flaws, is still the strongest. Therefore, it is he who is assigned the role of an aircraft that “once bombed Moscow and Beijing.” At least in computer games, the US Department of Defense. Apparently, the Israelis gave the Americans such hope when they were able to break through the Syrian S-300 air defense system to attack the airport in Damascus.