The new Church for Ukraine

The basis of the Kiev regime will be formed from doctors and teachers

The so-called “unifying council” for the creation of a “local Ukrainian Orthodox single church” (UPUPEC or something like that) began in St. Sophia Cathedral in Kiev, which was reported in the presidential administration of Poroshenko.


– In Sophia, the cathedral continues, which creates a single local Ukrainian Orthodox church, – was reported on the administration page of the President of Ukraine on Twitter.

At the same time, according to, a rally of believers took place on the square.

The publication reported that participants of the event were brought by buses from different regions, they were held in groups of 15-20 people, most of them were state employees. As journalists found out – representatives of education. In one delegation, they explicitly stated that the administration had brought them.

The publication emphasizes that many of the protesters interviewed elementarily do not know what is happening, or they believe that the Ukrainian patriarch is elected at the council.

Most of the respondents found it difficult to answer the question of who they see at the head of the new church. One of the rally participants stated that she sees Onufriy Metropolitan of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate (UOC-MP) in this post, who refused to participate in the event.

It is reported that the protesters were holding Ukrainian flags in their hands, some had ribbons tied with the words “We are going our way”, which, as reminds, is the slogan of the election campaign of the President of Ukraine Poroshenko.

An opposition journalist Anatoly Shary, who left Ukraine, wrote on his Facebook that members of the radical group who arrived at the rally also “do not let the wrong journalists go to the places where state employees gather.”

It should be noted that almost all the priests of the canonical UOC refused to participate in the cathedral of schismatics. In particular, Archbishop Longin returned to Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew an invitation to the event, which he called the “Council of the Wicked” and the “Satanic Assembly”.

“If you call yourself the Mother of all Churches, then why did you give our Orthodox shrines to the reproach, to the true Orthodox Church to be torn apart by our fellow servants, allowed torture and torture of priests?” he wrote.

At the same time, according to, the head of the canonical UOC of Moscow Patriarchate may become the head of the new church. Supposedly, the President of Ukraine suggested that Bartholomew put in charge of the autocephalous church Metropolitan of Vinnytsia Simeon, one of two UOC metropolitans who agreed to participate in the cathedral in order to enlist the support of the hierarchs of the canonical church.

In any case, a lot of questions arise to the cathedral, even abstracting from its non-canonicality. It can hardly be called representative. A rally in support of him, to which the teachers were driven, this only underlines.

Suppose they choose their primate, receive a tomos, even be able to take away temples from the canonical UOC, but where will they take the parishioners? Also the extras under the sights of television cameras catch up? So what is next?


– Of course, this does not look representative, – political analyst Alexander Dudchak is sure.


– Those who shouted about democracy most loudly, those who made the name Titushko a common noun, drive away people dependent on power. Now, citizens of Ukraine can, to their surprise, find that until February 2014 they lived in complete democracy. And it is impossible to name this power as a dictatorship.



– Why overtook state employees? Mass did not have enough radicals?

– These very radicals are very specific, they can be seen by their faces. And state employees should depict the “people” so that the picture on TV would be more human. And complicity in a crime, as the poet said, “smears like soot,” including state employees.

– Why do we need radicals? Guard this bunch? From whom? Can they be attacked by supporters of the UOC?

  • Such actions self-excite the radicals themselves, maintain the level of adrenaline in their blood, stimulate the activity of the mirror neurons of the brain responsible for the herd instincts, the feeling of the crowd and the sense


Such actions self-excite the radicals themselves, maintain the level of adrenaline in their blood, stimulate the activity of the mirror neurons of the brain responsible for the herd instincts, the feeling of the crowd and the sensation of the power of the crowd. And for the rest, it acts as a blatant threat – those who are not with us are against us and should be afraid.

– Apparently, the extras do not really understand where to come. They just don’t care? Could they refuse?

– Could, probably. But I do not want to condemn anyone. It is difficult to resist pressure when threatened with losing a job, when the charges of all mortal sins are put forward without worrying about the lack of evidence when you can lose your health from the actions of the same unpunished radicals.

– Suppose they created this church and take away the temples. And where will the parishioners take? Also, extras will drive?

– Yes, they are not going to build their churches, they act like invaders, believing that the people will not go anywhere, and will go to the schismatics, in fact – to the criminals. Moreover, this “power” is doing everything possible so that even after the raider seizures of the churches, the parishioners could not build new ones where the faithful people of the canonical Church could carry out their services. For true believers, there can be no compromise. They can not be forced to force the gangsters from religion. Knowing this, the government deliberately provokes a full-scale conflict – on religious grounds. And such conflicts are the bloodiest and long-playing.

– From the very beginning, this story looked ugly, and it’s natural that a mass rally looks not massively or unconvincingly, – says Anatoly Baranov, editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk.

– Generally, when the secular authorities get involved in church issues, it turns out clumsily. The God  sproperty to God, and Caesar s to Caesar. And here is quite a muddy Ceasar …

Applicants from among US citizens should know Ukrainian and have experience in fighting.

– Will Poroshenko be satisfied with the fact of the cathedral? After all, the real independent and this church will not be anyway.

– Poroshenko believes that it will help him in the elections. And nothing else bothers him. As for the independence of the Orthodox Church, he was incorrectly explained, the Orthodox Church is canonically dependent on the state. He would cross Catholics or Lutherans …

– Apparently, many participants in the council do not understand what is happening. Why didn’t at least have an explanatory work with them? And what, the ideological was not enough? From among those where the radicals?

– To all appearances, ideological ones are very far from the church, and church members, in principle, cannot perceive the ideas of Ukrainians without laughter.

– Well, they drove the crowd to the cathedral. And where will take the flock? Who will represent the new church?

– This question will arise after the elections, but as I said above, they don’t care about the elections. It is surprisingly cynical to use the thousand-year church tradition for the purposes of current political technologies.

– How in the future, in your opinion, will events develop? Is a clash possible and a real religious war?


For religious war, religious fanatics are needed on both sides, and there are only crooks. There will be a squabble, but it goes on like this. The authority of the church, accumulated by it for the post-war period, is melting before our eyes. This is the only real result possible in the 21st century.