The main goal of strikes against Syria is Hezbollah

The main object of Israeli attacks in Syria might be the pro-Iranian formations, first of all – the Lebanese group Hezbollah, which participates in the fighting in Syrian territory since 2013.

According to experts, the greatest concern to Israel is Iran’s plans to build a “Shiite arc” – a corridor from the Iranian borders to Lebanon, which is laid through Iraq and Syria. If Iran implements its plans, it will significantly strengthen its positions in the immediate vicinity of the Israeli territories.

Tel Aviv and Washington are trying to impede the implementation of this strategy of Tehran. In particular, the United States was established earlier in the vicinity of the settlement of Et-Tanf, located not far from the Baghdad-Damascus transport artery. Pro-Iranian formations attempted in the summer of 2017 to displace the US military and their local allies from the area, but their efforts were unsuccessful.

For a long time, the Air Force was mainly used for this, but after the Syrian air defenses downed the Israeli F-16 fighter in February 2018, the IDF leadership was forced to adjust tactics and start using missile strikes more actively.

Thus, a massive missile attack was carried out by the Israeli military on April 9 at the Syrian military airfield Tiyas (another name – T-4). True, of the eight missiles launched, only three arrived, while the rest were shot down by anti-aircraft missiles. Nevertheless, 14 servicemen, including several Iranian military consultants, were killed as a result of the attack.

In Tel Aviv, they believe that Tehran is preparing an 80,000-strong group in Syria, consisting of Shiite fighters, whom the Israel calls the terrorists. This was announced on 26 April by the Permanent Representative of Israel to the United Nations, Danny Danon.

“There are more than 80,000 Shia militants in Syria under the control of Iran. On this base, located just five miles from Damascus, they are being trained to carry out acts of terror in Syria and throughout the region,” – Danon Tass quoted.

As James Mattis said on April 26, the escalation of Iranian-Israeli tensions could turn into a new large-scale war.

“I can imagine that if this conflict breaks out, it will turn into something more,” the Pentagon chief said, speaking at a hearing in the Senate Committee on Armed Services.

As Semyon Baghdasarov explained in an interview with RT, the main question is probably not whether the war will begin or not, but in where the main military actions will take place – in Lebanon or in Syria. “Israel’s main goal in Syria is the destruction of the bases of pro-Iranian formations. According to the Israeli side, the Syrian territory is now gathering weapons and human resources for the transfer to the south of Lebanon, to the area of the Bekaa valley, “he said.

According to the expert, now everything is going to a new big war in the Middle East – between Israel and Iran, and until this moment the Israeli military will continue to launch missile strikes on the Syrian territory.

“Such a war will seriously affect the alignment of political and military forces in the region. Now the parties are concentrating their forces and resources. Israel proceeds from the premise that war is inevitable, and acts in accordance with this forecast, “summed up Semyon Bagdasarov.

At the same time, on Tuesday, May 1, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stressed that Tel Aviv does not seek a war with Iran.

“Nobody is looking for such a development of events. It is Iran that changes the rules in the region, ” – the politician said in an interview with CNN.