The Kremlin will subdue Trump with a “dagger”

New weapon

The meeting of the presidents of Russia and the United States in Helsinki may have the most unexpected consequences. So, Trump has already announced that he is preparing a gift to Vladimir Putin. Which is a mystery. Just in case, the Kremlin decided to remind Washington of the new capabilities of our weapons.

“Russia remains on the alert,” Dmitry Peskov said in an interview with RT. According to him, the invention of new weapons systems allowed “concretes nuclear parity” of Russia and the United States. In turn, nuclear parity, as an element of mutual deterrence, guarantees strategic nuclear security, the presidential press secretary stressed.

At the same time, Peskov explained that Moscow is being forced to be wary of NATO’s aggressive plans, which was designed for the sake of confrontation and “this is the original purpose of the alliance has not gone away.” Moreover, at the recent summit in Brussels, the alliance decided to increase its budget, and hence the military potential.

Apparently, the spokesman was referring to the new developments of the Russian military-industrial complex, which Putin presented during his message to the Federal Assembly on March 1. It was then about the air-missile complex “Dagger”, strategic hypersonic complex “Avangard”, ICBM “Sarmat”, underwater drones and a cruise missile with a nuclear installation.

The deputy director of the Institute of Political and Military Analysis, Alexander Khramchikhin, believes that the problem of overcoming missile defense systems and the need for this new type of weapons is in many ways far-fetched.

“The types of the latest Russian weapons, which Putin showed, provided that it still exists – and this is not a fact, create a new picture of the world. They create a new balance of power.

– That is, nuclear parity ceases to be relevant?

– This concept is generally ambiguous, because there are different types of weapons and strategic nuclear forces in different countries are arranged in different ways. Therefore, the number and quality of warheads is not all. The geography of their location and other factors are important.

While nuclear weapons have never been seriously used, there is no point in talking about nuclear parity. And when it is applied, there will be nothing to talk about.

– Putin repeatedly complained that the US withdrew from the ABM Treaty and thereby violated strategic nuclear stability …

– In general, AMD has no special significance. At least at the level at which it is now.

– Is it easily overcome?

– At the current level of development there’s nothing to overcome. And I do not see that in the foreseeable future it will be on a different level. Those plans to develop missile defense, which exist, do not differ much from what is now. This topic is bloated. They literally made an elephant out of molehills.

The expert on geopolitics, academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences Konstantin Sokolov reminds that it is not enough to possess the newest weapon systems – we must still decide to apply them.

– First, we need to clarify the concept of “nuclear parity”. We know that it is impossible to win in a nuclear war. But it is possible to inflict “unacceptable damage”. Then the country, which, say, has more weapons, it will not start, because it will fear unacceptable damage to itself.

To date, nuclear parity exists. Russia is indeed capable of causing unacceptable damage to the United States. But the struggle around systems that ensure the use of nuclear weapons will continue.

– Is not the deterrent element, along with nuclear parity, the determination of the country’s political leadership to use nuclear weapons? We saw how the DPRK is working. It does not even have full-fledged, ready-made nuclear systems, but it does not take the Koreans to resolve. And this immediately put Trump at the negotiating table. And Russia at the Olympics itself lowered the flag …

It’s not just the warheads, of course … The Soviet Union, we know, possessed mighty military forces and powerful nuclear capabilities, but nevertheless, was crushed in the cold war. He was undermined from the inside. That is, the struggle for victory is mainly in the spiritual sphere, and not only in the field of technology.

In the arsenal, the corruption of the country’s leadership, the population, bribery, etc. All this is done by the hands of amateur organizations that overthrow the government. And we know that this requires huge money, which is stored only in banks. And banks are already installed in the world financial system. That is, money is the main instrument of the struggle of the power of the “golden calf” against people. In the interstate struggle such a thing as the parity of forces is gradually disappearing into the past.

In the opinion of Konstantin Blokhin, an American analyst and expert of the Center for Security Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the United States will be the first to exacerbate the military character.

Now in the air, the desire of Americans to withdraw from the treaty on the limitation of medium and short-range missiles (INF). The Congress actually allowed it to be done. Perhaps Trump will announce this in Helsinki, or soon after a meeting with Putin. Just the other day, Shoygu declared about the readiness of the US to withdraw from the treaty. A rocket that does not fall under the restriction of the INF Treaty, the Americans are already doing … This is a risky step, but it is in the logic of their entire policy. This will stimulate the US military-industrial complex, which is consistent with rising costs in NATO. For the United States, this will be, among other things, a way of controlling Europe. The Americans will place their missiles on the territory of European countries. Russia will have to respond symmetrically. The United States will point to this and on its anti-Russian policy lobby its specific interests. “The nuclear parity that we inherited from the cold war of the 20th century is a whole philosophy,” says Fedor Biryukov, a member of the Rodina political council. – Parity implies the preservation of the status quo in a situation where the world is on the verge of total war. Since the previous war struck all the number of corpses, nuclear weapons are perceived as a weapon of the Doomsday, as an Armageddon resource, as the last argument. If superpowers reach the last line, they should stop in horror and crawl back. This is when it comes to the maximum option – exchange of blows between Russia and the United States. But with the example of Americans, we know that it can be used locally as in Japan in 1945. Do not lead to either an apocalypse or even a sanction. The main thing is that the victim country itself does not possess nuclear weapons. This is the second factor in the philosophy of parity – there is only a monopoly on possession of nuclear weapons for the elect. The rest – it is forbidden. Even accusations of weapons development can be a reason for invasion.

As long as there is nuclear weapons, this philosophy will work. It is convenient, because, first, it protects the world from a global slaughter, and secondly, legalizes numerous local military conflicts on the planet, which is beneficial to military superpowers. This is a pragmatic lever of deterrence and legal blackmail. Since Russia possesses nuclear weapons, we fully use this philosophy in our own interests. Thanks to popular culture, movies such as “Terminator”, the man in the street is wildly afraid of nuclear war. So the regimes – the warmongers are in an uncomfortable position, first of all, for their citizens. Thus, this is a very convenient double-edged sword, which, however, must be handled very carefully.