The French started the war for the former colony

Paris is seduced by the deception of the United States and continuously supplies its troops to Manbij and Raqqah

It seems that at some point Donald Trump really wanted to withdraw American troops from Syria. He probably even believed that it was possible to carry out this plan, despite all the difficulties with his political opponents within the United States. Well, now, as we see, his plan turned out to be a failure, in any case, in the short term, the US are not going anywhere from Syria. Rather, on the contrary, they gradually increase the contingent.

Nevertheless, a few months ago, Trump’s statements made a lot of noise, and made many believe that the Syrian opposition would soon be left alone with Damascus and its powerful allies in the face of Iran and Russia. Among such believers was the president of France Emmanuel Macron. He even held separate talks with his American counterpart on this topic, but then Trump was reportedly adamant and still firmly believed in the possibility of withdrawing his military from ATS. And since then, some changes have begun to occur in Syria.

Yes, the French decided to take on their former colony. They seem to have entered a limited contingent earlier in the framework of fulfilling their obligations to the international coalition. However, in reality, there was no proc from this insignificant number of military men, and Paris also connected its aircraft in extremely rare cases, unlike, for example, from Australia itself. Probably, Trump pointed Macron to this circumstance, which, together with the threats to withdraw all American forces, put the necessary pressure on him. And since then, the French president is increasingly mentioned in articles on the Syrian theme.

Especially the French distinguished themselves during the joint bombing of Damascus and its suburbs with the British and Americans. This was done as a “strike of retribution” for the unproved use of chemical weapons by Asad. Then for some time they were drawn into a loud story with a downed Russian IL-20 – to their misfortune, the French ship was at that moment close to the crash site. True, everything cost them – Israelis were responsible for all.

In general, Paris has become more active, this is a fact, and everyone has noticed it, only here it is somewhat strange that almost no one mentions the active transfer of the military to the Syrian republic. In recent months, the French in their former colony has become many times more. They are concentrated in the northern regions of the country, namely in the territories belonging to the Kurdish Popular Self-Defense Detachments. At first they tried to explain this by the need to contain the Kurdish-Turkish crisis. This version was supported by the fact that the first batches of the military occupied bases near Manbij, which Ankara was already going to attack several times, but could not do it at all. The Americans stopped, but they didn’t want to use force, if such a need arose, because the most convenient thing was to attract Europeans. In general, a peacekeeping mission was formally assigned to Paris. But all this is somehow not very plausible.

Looks like someone just bought American blackmail or was forced. Forced to do the dirty work. However, while the exact task of the French is unclear, however, they continue to actively increase their presence. So, recently it became known about the construction of a new French base much east of Manbij – near Raqqa. An interesting question – why is this being done? What project justifies the long-term presence of the French military in this part of the Middle East?

Australian expert John Blacksland explains the presence of the French by their own interests and the common desire of members of the international coalition to build up strength in the region in order to achieve a speedy victory over terrorism.

– It is unlikely that with such actions Paris is making some progress in its neo-colonial policy. It is unnecessary for him, as it is unnecessary for other countries engaged in the liberation of Syria. Like the United States or Russia, France has repeatedly declared its commitment to the integrity and independence of Syria. But one cannot deny interest in economic projects. Of course, there must be certain rights to this, and in Syria these rights are achieved not only by diplomacy and political interference, but also by military measures. In general, Syria after gaining independence is still very close to France. Economically, the French were present in Syria all the time.

squeezes Iran out of Syria. Under Israeli pressure.

As is now known, even the Islamic state was one of the partners for individual French entrepreneurs. Of course, they answered for it, but this is demonstrated by how strong the ties are – even in hostile conditions, the French business is looking for a place in Syria. But in order that such precedents no longer arise, Paris is interested in the soonest stabilization of Syria, or at least its individual regions. Traditionally, the northern provinces are more mastered by French businessmen and large enterprises, so it is quite understandable why new bases appear precisely in Raqqa or Aleppo.