The cause of the death of IL-20 was Tel Aviv secret attempt to kill the leader of Syria, believes Iran

The Russian media hardly consider alternative versions of what happened in Syria on the night of September 17. In the course of only the one published by the RF Ministry of Defense,

Let me remind you: our IL-20 was unintentionally shot down by the Syrian anti-aircraft missile system S-200. And it happened because of the sudden appearance of Israeli fighter aircraft off the coast of Latakia, which struck at unnamed targets near the Russian airbase Khmeimim. They say that their targets were some dangerous for Israel objects of Iranians, secretly built in Syria, allied to them. And with their secret actions, the F-16 pilots brought the Syrians and our military into error. The result was a confusion in the reflection of the night attack and a rocket missile strike on our Il-20.

This, I repeat, is the official version. And even Russian President Vladimir Putin called the catastrophe “a chain of tragic accidental circumstances.” On this and agreed. Apparently, it was so. However, there is a high probability that the original cause of the incident is still hiding by all interested capitals. And first of all – Tel Aviv. But there are a lot of questions to the harmony of the promulgated version.

The first one – how could this happen at all? The matter is that between Russia and Israel since 2015 there is a special communication channel for coordinating the actions of the combat aviation of both countries in Syria. For almost three years, the IDF warned our military about its even reconnaissance flights several hundred times (different numbers are called: from 200 to 300 – auth.). Warned in advance, not as September 17 – just a minute before the bombing strike. But this time the repeatedly worked out order of maintenance of mutual safety has not worked. And no one has yet explained – why?

Secondly, there is information that on that day, no Iranian facilities in Syria suffered from a massive raid by Israeli aviation. And this is also very strange, since the F-16, as the Russian Defense Ministry has established, used exclusively high-precision bombs. Who or what were they meant for?

Everything puts another version of events in place, promulgated in Iran. According to her, the Israeli Air Force on that ill-fated day had a completely different purpose in Syria. Its goal was the leader of Syria, Bashar Assad, who traveled from Damascus to the Russian airfield Khmeimim for a flight to Moscow. And the Syrian president, according to this version, the Israelis tried to liquidate on the way to the air base.

In the Middle East media there was even unchecked information that on the same day other Israeli F-16s were allegedly seen in the airspace near the presidential palace in Damascus.

If all this is so, then much is explicable. It is understandable and why Tel Aviv in the first and only for many years warned Moscow about the attack on Syria in just a minute – in order not to leave the Russian chance to withdraw Assad from under attack. Clearly, and why Israel still can not clearly explain this supposedly oversight. In fact, how can the whole world declare that its aviation hunts for all the recognized president of a sovereign country with which Israel does not have a state of war?

Of course, this version, of course, has not been proved by anyone. But, in comparison with the official, it has more logic.

Little of. As an indirect confirmation of precisely this development of events, one can consider the fact that Israeli officials have used to periodically make statements about the possibility and desirability of organizing an attempt on Bashar Assad. So, in May of this year, Minister of National Infrastructure, Energy and Water Supply Yuval Steinitz stated the following: “If Syrian President Bashar Assad continues to allow the Iranians to act from Syria against Israel, Israel will eliminate it and overthrow his regime.”

Do not think that such menacing words were sounded from the lips of a politician, not quite, so to speak, competent in such matters. Until 2015, Steinitz headed the Israeli Ministry of Intelligence. And of course he somehow supervised certain projects of the Jewish state in the SAR.

Is Assad really acting so actively against Israel – it’s hard to say. But in Tel Aviv this is always for sure. And they constantly make similar statements. Maybe Netanyahu decided to follow his minister’s promise?

Russian orientalist and political scientist Karine Gevorgyan believes that to confirm this version of the next attack of Israeli planes on Syria is unlikely to ever come about. Therefore, neither accept nor reject it can not. But she personally believes that the Israelis would hardly have taken such drastic measures. The main thing in this story is not why the Israelis flew over Syria that day.

– The main thing is that they made a serious mistake. And now their image in the eyes of Russia is seriously spoiled. As if they were going to kill Bashar Assad? Oddly enough, they decided to do it somewhere in the area of ​​Latakia. It’s unlikely that Assad would have been there at that time. “But there is information that Israeli F-16s were flying over the presidential palace in Damascus that day. Well, it only says that nowhere in Syria are they anywhere They will not fly. Neither Damascus nor Latakia. Russia for the Israeli Air Force closes Syria’s airspace. In general, is it beneficial for Israel to liquidate Assad? From my point of view, strategically, it’s not profitable. But considering the problems of Netanyahu inside his country, he is now actively promoting the Iranian issue. And, does it in tandem with Donald Trump. Makes emphasis on the outer contour because of internal political problems. They (Netanyahu and Trump) are in similar situations. And this leads to the fact that Iran has become the main problem for them. Soon the Iranians, through the efforts of Israel and the United States, will be guilty even in that they have eyebrows growing. Therefore, I do not exclude that this hysteria could bring both leaders to the idea of ​​trying to remove Assad. Because it is precisely Assad that provides the Iranians with their territories and contributes to their growing military activity in the region. But I do not think this was the case. But much in Syria can change if the Syrian president is eliminated. Including – and for Russia. For example, it seems to me that the likelihood of the withdrawal of our military from Khmeimim and Tartous will appear. As it happened at the time with the Soviet military bases in Egypt after a radical change in the political regime in that country. If, for example, Assad is ever liquidated by someone, one of his closest associates will take the place of the president. This will definitely be a figure loyal to Russia. So in this regard nothing will change. But I still do not think that in Israel now they wanted to kill Assad. It would be an open terrorist action. Assad, whatever one may say, is a legitimate president. Even the States, despite all their critical statements addressed to him, also recognize the legitimacy of the leader of Syria. In addition, this is a meaningless step. The hypothetical liquidation of Assad will not lead to anything useful for Israel. In his armchair there will be a new man who is unlikely to change the current course in the conditions of war. For Israel, it does threaten big problems. In any case, the executors of such a political assassination would have become known in the world. They (the Israelis have an auth.) Have big problems now. And if they killed the president of Syria, it would only get worse.