The Americans cheated the Turks and it will cost them dearly

Ankara threatens to “bury” Kurds in their own trenches

Not so long ago, Turkey and the United States seem to have begun to improve relations. Before this, a long time had been a crisis caused by various factors. First, Ankara is still blamed for the attempted coup d’état of Fethullah Gülen. In 2016, part of the military tried to seize power and even eliminate Erdogan, but they failed. Then the president immediately appointed Gülen the main evil of Turkey. But it was possible to judge him only in absentia, for he had long since left for the United States and lives there in clover, promoting his bizarre ideas of political Islam. Erdogan was determined to deport an objectionable intellectual, but Washington didn’t meet him, as a result, Gülen continues to do his job, without worrying about anything. This greatly angered the Turkish authorities.


But if the Turkey is annoyed by Gulen and the American patronage over him, then the United States, in turn, also had a certain “grudge” against its NATO ally. Uncle Sam was extremely unhappy with the way the Janissaries showed themselves in Syria. The first thing Erdogan did in the SAR was to go to war with the Kurdish National Self-Defense Forces. The latter, we recall, are the main allies of the United States in the Arab Republic. Ankara first defeated the Kurds in the north of the province of Aleppo, then a year later began another campaign against them – in the north-west of the governorate. It ended with the defeat of the Popular Self-Defense Detachments and the aggravation of the American-Turkish crisis.


Terrorists attack and capture Kurdish and government territories.

It got to the point that in Washington they promised sanctions against Ankara and even froze deliveries of the previously promised F-35 fighters. The Turks, in turn, promised an attack on Manbij, that in the northeast of Aleppo, and if the Americans did not get out of there, they would die along with the Kurds.


Something like this was done until a long time before Trump sent the ex-Secretary of State Tillerson to a meeting with Cavusoglu (Turkish Foreign Minister). It ended relatively successfully – Washington promised to withdraw the Kurds from Manbij, and after this a joint US-Turkish patrol of North-West Aleppo was to begin. The degree of tension was asleep. True, the story with the American priest could have become a new impetus to the crisis, but Erdogan let it out in time, and everything ended well for the relations of states.


But it turned out that all this time accumulated discontent of the Turks. The states throughout all of these events promised Ankara that the withdrawal of Kurds from Manbij from day to day would begin and it was as if partially succeeded in reducing their forces in the region. However, the Turkish army was never allowed to go to the city, and then the generals of the United States promised the Kurds that the Turks would never go to Manbidge itself – they would have to be content with his surroundings, no more. In general, now official Ankara has the impression that the United States are making the fools from the Turks.


And a few days ago, Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced that the military operation of the Turkish army against the Syrian Kurds would continue. While there is no serious military action, however, the units of people’s self-defense are periodically fired upon. There are already victims. The United States is dissatisfied, the Kurds are dissatisfied, and Turkey threatens with harsh measures. So, the other day, Minister of Defense Hulusi Akar promised to bury the Kurds in their own trenches, which they dig near Manbij. This is similar to the beginning of another crisis, from which the United States will not be so easy to extricate itself.


Turkish expert Keram Yıldırım believes that Ankara simply has no other way out.


  • The greater the influence of these terrorist groups, the greater the risk of Turkey. National self-defense units are part of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party. The PKK is responsible for most of the terrorist attacks in Turkey, with thousands of civilian lives on its hands. In Syria, the YPG (abbreviation of Popular Self-Defense Forces with Kurmanji). Occupy exactly the same terror and in some cases even signs of genocide are traced in relation to Arabs and some other nationalities. They are dangerous not only for Turkey and Syria, but also for many other states of the region. Their plans include the seizure of part of the Turkish territory. What the power of terrorist regimes leads to, we all know from the example of the Islamic state. So it is better not to allow their strengthening. At the moment there is no other solution than the military. By the way, I used to draw attention to the fact that this task is common for Turkey and for the Syrian regime. On this basis, some kind of interaction could be organized. So far it seems almost impossible due to the difference of views on the Syrian tragedy, but in the future events may occur, who somehow change the situation. Even the United States agreed to cooperate with the regime when it came to combating LIH. Turkey is much more loyal to Assad than the United States.

It’s hard to say. America will again try to come up with something, somehow deceive Erdogan, but he is unlikely to believe their tales again, although it is possible that he will take time to listen to their new proposals. Most likely, the situation will not change much, because Washington does not need big problems with Turkey, either in Syria or in other places. So Turkey will pursue its own, but everything must be done carefully, so as not to provoke anyone into ill-considered actions.