Meet team CyberUSA

John Carlo

Founder And Editor.

He is the brain behind CyberUSA He started this platform as a one man army to bring news from the dark side or call it the hidden side of the Internet. Veteran NSA. Cyber Security Expert.  email:

Binay Singh

Author And Contributor

I’m a security researcher with an interest in cyber attacks, politics, and sport. I study maths, computing science and physics and enjoy writing about and researching political movements and publishing the truth. email:

Bianca Gerber

Author, researcher and social media geek

Bianca works for CyberUSA as a technical writer. She is a Brazilian traveller who has been to almost every country around the world. She has a keen interest in technology, gadgets and social media. email:

Christoph Karcher

Security Writer and Researcher

Christoph Karcher is a German journalist who is working for the country’s largest newspaper. He has a keen interest in reporting on activism and hacktivism. He is also a contributor at U.S based Revolution News media. Christoph reports and writes for CyberUSA on IT security related topics. email: