Syrian air defenses have destroyed an Israeli military aircraft

Syrian air defenses have destroyed an Israeli military aircraft, media reported. On air radio Sputnik political scientist Andrei Suzdaltsev commented on the situation that is emerging at the border of the two states.

Syrian air defense systems fired an Israeli military aircraft that attacked the Tifor airbase (T-4) in Homs province. This is reported by the Syrian national agency SANA.

“Air defense systems repulsed Israeli aggression, knocking down a number of missiles and knocking one of the attacking aircraft, forcing the others to leave the airspace,” the report said.

The soldiers of the Syrian army in the liberated camp of Palestinian refugees Yarmuk in the south of Damascus.

The expert explained the reason for the tension in southern Syria.

The Israeli military did not comment on the information about their possible involvement in the attack on the airbase in Syria.

In early July, the Israeli army transferred additional armored and artillery units to the border with Syria against the backdrop of renewed fighting in neighboring areas of the neighboring state. The military says that the strengthening of the grouping on the Golan Heights is a precautionary measure and does not change the policy of non-interference in the situation in the neighboring country.

«Israel is very sensitive not only to the withdrawal of militants from the enclaves around Damascus on the border, but also to the appearance of Iranian servicemen there, Iran is dispersed there, small divisions, advisers, it is very difficult to find specific Iranian bases. Opposition fighters to the Assad regime, according to the Israelis, were more profitable than the Syrian army, with which they did not have a relationship, and periodically Israel tries to support the opposition, first of all, focusing on Ira This is not the first time that Syrian air defenses have knocked down Israeli planes, which means that Israel is not included in the conflict on the side of the ruling regime to some extent.The task now is to achieve de-escalation of the conflict, not to turn it into a full-scale Syrian- Israeli war, the Syrian army has enough problems on its territory,  said Andrey Suzdalts.

The southern (south-western) regions of Syria, which include the provinces of Deraa, Quneitra and Suweida and are adjacent to the borders of Israel and Jordan, are part of the de-escalation zone created in July 2017 by agreement between Russia, the United States and Jordan. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad stated at the same time that the scenario of the liberation of the south of Syria has not yet been determined: either a peaceful solution or a military one.

Last Saturday, the chief of the Russian Center for the reconciliation of warring parties, Major General Alexei Tsygankov, said that the majority of commanders of illegal armed groups in Deraa ceased armed resistance and joined the government.

The Israeli Air Force plane was shot down over the Syrian airbase “Tifor” in the province of Homs. This was reported by the Syrian government agency SANA. According to him, the Israeli squadron attacked the base, but after the destruction of one of the aircraft, the others left the airspace above the base. The IDF refused to confirm this information, saying that they did not comment on foreign media.

Head of the Department of Asia and Africa at the Institute for Policy Studies Arseny Grigoriev believes that the message of the Syrians can be trusted.

“Since the Israelis do not comment on these reports, it seems that this information will be confirmed. The Ministry of Defense of Syria is not interested in information throws, which will then be loudly refuted, “he explained to the NSC.

The expert recalled that the Syrian Defense Ministry repeatedly warned that in the event of a violation of Israel’s airspace by air, the aircraft will open fire. In response, Israel stated that it would continue to strike at the military targets of Hezbollah and Iran in Syria.

“Given the damage caused by the Israeli Air Force over the past year to the coalition forces of Iran, Hezbollah and Syria, it is not surprising that the Syrian army began shooting down Israeli aircraft. The Jewish state can intensify its attacks on Syria, but Russian anti-aircraft systems are deployed on its territory, so we will count on Israel to understand the possible risks,” he said.

Let’s remind, earlier official Damascus repeatedly accused Israel of air attacks on objects of a military infrastructure in the Syrian provinces of Homs, Hama and Aleppo. In May, an Israeli aircraft destroyed the Russian anti-aircraft missile system “Pantsir-S”.