Syria to go to Idlib after Daraa

Rurria calls Turkey to use the reason – Ankara should leave voluntary

The operation of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the Russian Air Force in the south-west of the Syrian Arab Republic is in full swing, many military experts are sure that its completion is the matter of the next few weeks. Where will the government troops move after Dar’a and Quneitra? It is assumed that Idlib will be the next target of Damascus. But how will Turkey react to this, having already managed to gain a foothold in the north-west of the neighboring republic? The Federal News Agency (FAS) clarified.

Syrian news center SANA today reported that the government forces of the SAR have established control over the key city of Tafas west of the Dar’aa – the state flag of Syria is already flying over the building of the local administration. Compared with the amount that has already been achieved in a very short time, it remains very little – to clear the western edge of the former de-escalation zone and the southern half of the city of Dar’a, where the Islamists are already surrounded.

Meanwhile Idlib promises great difficulties. Almost all the time of the conflict, this province was the main base not only for the so-called armed opposition, but also for the terrorists “Djebhat Fatah ash-Sham”. Moreover, in the region recently underground groups of the “Islamic state” are increasingly active themselves. Nevertheless, Turkey could almost become a bigger problem, it placed its troops there, observation points and was almost accustomed to consider Idlib as part of its territory.

Publicist and orientalist Andrey Ontikov also recalled that this north-western province of the SAR has become a place of exile for several thousand fighters from all over Syria. Obviously, a significant group of jihadist forces has gathered in the region, and it will not be easy to destroy them. The most difficult task is likely to be the building of a negotiating process with the radicals, since the most diverse and diverse armed groups are represented in this direction.

“This will probably be one of the most difficult stages in the process of cleaning Syria from the militants, because it was in Idlib that all those who did not agree to reconcile terrorists were taken. So it was in Eastern Gut, and in the Rastan Kettle on the border of Hama and Homs, and it is now continuing in Dar’a. Therefore, with all these extreme radicals will finally have to crack down already there. Hardly it will be possible to do without the use of serious force, because in Idlib there is a mass of incompetent elements – terrorists of all stripes, both from “Nusra” and from sympathizing groups, “the expert said.

Jebhat an Nusra is in Idlib.

In addition, Turkey will try to intervene in the course of the operation in the northwest, the allied forces of which, in the form of part of the units of the Free Syrian Army (SSA) and the Islamist coalition “Jebhat Tahrir Suria” continue to spread their influence over the provinces.

“Much will depend on Ankara, which has very strong positions in Idlib. I think that everything will be reduced to how fruitful and constructive cooperation will be between Russia and Turkey in this direction. There, in addition to the controlled bandit groups of militants, there are also Turkish forces. And I’m talking not only about Idlib, but about all northern regions of Syria where Ankara led its campaign. However, as experience with the southern part of the RAA has shown, even with the Americans we were able to come to an agreement,” the Orientalist said.

He also added that another important problem in the course of the liberation of these territories could, as in Eastern Gut, be the high population density in the region. Obviously, here it is necessary to open humanitarian corridors for the release of civilians, and for this, in turn, – somehow try to negotiate with terrorists.

“In addition, the militants were taken to Idlib not alone, but more often together with families, mostly women, children and the elderly. It is also necessary to think about their evacuation, it is necessary to solve something with this. Still, I believe that the emerging cooperation between Russia and Turkey will bear fruit, and this region will finally return under the control of the central government of the SAR, “- concluded Andrey Ontikov.