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some militants from El-Quneitra intend to surrender, fighting Islamists for the city of Idlib

Briefly about the outcome of the confrontation

Syria, July 9th. A significant proportion of the SSA fighters, based in El Quneitra, intend to go to reconciliation with Damascus. “Djebhat an Nusra” 1 and “Tahrir Surya” conduct heavy fighting for the districts of the city of Idlib. Pro-Turkish radicals are carrying out arrests of Afrina residents suspected of having ties to YPG, the military source of the Federal News Agency (FAN) in Syria, Ahmad Marzouq, reports.

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and allied forces: fought with the “Tahrir ash-Sham” detachments in the north-east of Latakia; seized from the jihadists several US TOW missile systems in Dar’a.

The Syrian Free Army (SSA): along with the Turkish military arrested 18 people in Africa on suspicion of links with the YPG; is partially ready for reconciliation with Damascus in the province of El Quneitra.

“Ahrar ash-Sham”: lost one of the quarters on the outskirts of Idlib as a result of heavy fighting with “Tahrir ash-Sham”.

“Jebhat Fatah ash-Sham” 1 (Jebhat an-Nusra): suffered casualties in the life force in the Latakia mountains; prepares attacks on the position of the SAA in the south-eastern part of Idlib with the aim of delaying the forces of the SAR from the Dar’a.

Latakia Province.

Militant Islamists from Jebhath Fatah Al-Sham and other groups controlled by An-Nusra conducted a new series of shelling of positions of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and peaceful areas of front-line settlements in the north-east of Latakia. According to the local news channel on Facebook Lattakia News Network, the fire was fired from the cities of Kabana, Knedda and Maraanda to the settlements of Kinsabba, Taum and nearby villages. The blows were applied from rocket systems and mortars of large calibers. As a result of the retaliatory shelling of government forces in the ATS, several jihadists were liquidated on the outskirts of the Cabana. Recently, insurgents based in the region have significantly intensified shelling and attacks on the Russian airbase “Khmeimim” south of Latakia using SAVs in order to divert attention from the series of their military failures in Dar’a, where a large-scale liberation operation of the CAA and the Russian Federation Civil Aviation Committee is developing.

Province of Aleppo.

As part of security arrangements in the canton of Afrin in the north-western province of Aleppo, Turkish troops and controlled detachments of the Syrian Free Army continue to clean up the administrative center of the area and its environs from underground bandit groups of the People’s Self-Defense Forces (YPG) associated with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party PKK), reports the Twitter-channel of the allied Ankara radicals (@FSAPlatform). According to their data, 18 people from the local Kurdish population were arrested on suspicion of cooperating with a Kurdish organization recognized in Turkey and several other countries. In total, about 40 persons were detained during the past week.

Province of Dar’aa.

The Government forces of the SAR, as a result of clashes with militants in the southern part of the Dar’a province, seized several more US heavy-duty TOW anti-tank missile systems. Thus, now, according to the military source on his Twitter page (@ maytham956), 10 such missile systems have been repulsed from Islamists since the start of the SAA operation in south-western Syria. In the meantime, for the Jebhat an Nusra detachments and other continuing formations, an increasingly unfavorable situation develops: after a significant advance of the Syrian troops supported by the Russian Air Force, near the border with Jordan, the militants deployed in the southern districts of the city of Dar’aa were practically surrounded.

Province of Idlib.

In the central part of Idlib province armed clashes between opposing Islamist associations fighting for the re-division of the zones of influence in the region in their favor – “Djebhat Tahrir Suria” and “Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham” – do not stop. The next clashes of jihadists were recorded on the western outskirts of the administrative center. According to Qasioun News, following the results of confrontation with the “Jebhat an Nusra” detachments, it was possible to increase its zone of influence in this direction for one quarter. Recall, “Tahrir Suria” includes pro-Turkish formations “Akhrar ash-Sham”, “Nur Ad-Din Az-Zenki” and several others.

Meanwhile, in the southeastern regions of the region, the likelihood of activization of the military actions of An-Nusra and its allies against the Syrian troops is still possible with the aim of winning over part of the government forces from South-West Syria. Muraselon’s military sources report that along the line of contact between the SAA and the militants from Al-Latamina to Abu Dukhur, there has been a general increase in the activity of Islamists associated with the transfer of equipment, detachments and the strengthening of fortification.

Province of El Quneitra

Many radicals from the “Free Army”, based in the province of El Kuneitra in the Golan Heights, decided to join the agreement on reconciliation with the official Damascus, a military source reports on the Twitter network (@ jorgechav49). It is noted that the key reason for this decision was yesterday’s attack of SAA servicemen covered by aircraft of the Russian Air Force, which resulted in the return of a strategically significant base to the west of the city of Dara under the control of the SAR government forces. So far, the SSA bandit formations and the Jebhath Fatah Al-Sham terrorists control most of the region bordering on Israel.