Syria latest news from the war

A car bomb detonated in the town of Idlib. SAA has advanced in the province of Dar’a with the support of the Russian Federation Air Force. “An-Nusra” again conducts searches in the city of Sarmin to the southeast of Idlib, reports the military source of the Federal News Agency (FAN) in Syria, Ahmad Marzouq (Ahmad Marzouq).

Briefly about the outcome of the confrontation:

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and allied forces: liberated the settlements of At-Taih, Simlin and Umm Al-Asauj in the west of Dar’a; returned the T-72 tank, captured by the SSA fighters¬† last year.


The “Syrian Free Army” (SSA): partially left Dara, reached the city of Qala’at Al-Madik in Hama.

“Islamic State” 1: mined a car in the city of Idlib.

“Tahrir Al-Sham”: conducts searches in the village of Sarmin south-east of Idlib; was subjected to air strikes of the Syrian Air Force in Quneitra.

Sun Iraq: destroyed the tunnels and IEDs “sleeping cells” of IS1 in the Iraqi province of Al Anbar.

In the west of Dar’aa, fierce exchanges continue between the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the terrorist organization Hyat Tahrir Al-Sham, formed around the Jebhat An Nusra. Opponents are engaged in mutual bombardment on the outskirts of Al-Harrah, which is the key outpost of An-Nusra in the region. Pointed air strikes against the fortifications of Islamists are caused by Syrian military aircraft. Russian aviation also supports the army of Bashar Assad. Government departments are approaching the city of Al-Harra at the same time from several directions. So, under the control of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), the settlements of At-Taih, Simlin and Umm Al-Asauj moved, reports the Twitter-channel (C_Military1). At the same time, reports have been received that the SAR forces managed to repulse the settlement of Akrab. It is noted that during the clashes, the forces of Bashar Assad captured the T-72 tank from the radicals, which was lost in the battles with the “Syrian Free Army” (SSA) last year. This is reported on the Twitter network of a military source (SyriawatanNews).

Province of Idlib

The so-called “sleeping cells” of the “Islamic state” continue to carry out clandestine activities on the territory of Idlib. As the military source (Syrianow10) reports on Twitter, the IED detonated in the provincial administrative center. The Islamists managed to find an explosive device in one of the cars, however, an attempt was made to demine the explosion. Let’s remind, the sorties of terrorists of the IS were noticeably more active after several special operations of “Djebhat An-Nusra” aimed at their liquidation.

Meanwhile, in the city of Sarmin, searches conducted by the Islamists “Djebhat Fatah Al-Sham” are being carried out again. According to the Twitter-channel (FlagsAswed), the operation was resumed after receiving reports of the continuation of the terrorist activities of the IS militants. Recall, An-Nusra has repeatedly held detentions in the village, but many local activists are convinced that the majority of the jihadist ISs who were taken into custody were among the civilians disliked by Tahrir Ash Sham.

Hama Province

The Internet portal Jisr TV informs that the first batch of buses with the fighters deported from the province of Dar’a, arrived to the settlement of Kalaat Al-Madik, located in the northern part of Hama. Recall, jihadists are evacuated to the north of Syria in the framework of a peace agreement with the government of the UAR, concluded with the mediation of representatives of the Russian Center for the reconciliation of warring parties. During the large-scale military operation of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in Dar’a, most militants were forced to accept the conditions offered by the Syrian authorities. At the same time many wished to reconcile with the government, but not all of them received such an opportunity. So, first of all the Islamists were checked for involvement in committing war crimes.

Province of El Quneitra

On the border between the provinces of El Quneitra and Dar’a, armed clashes between government forces and radical Islamist groups continue. As the military source (OrientNews) reports on its page on Twitter, the Syrian Air Force conducted combat sorties near the settlement of Nab As-Sahr. In the meantime, militants of anti-government formations are shelling positions of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) near the city of Khan Arnaba, the Twitter-channel (SyriawatanNews) reports. At the moment no information has been received about the casualties of the parties in manpower or military equipment.


News agency Iraqi News published new information about the results of the special operation to eliminate clandestine groups of the “Islamic state” in the province of Al-Anbar in the south-west of Iraq. According to the military sources, during the searches, were found and destroyed four underground tunnels ISIS1, as well as 80 IEDs laid by terrorists. In addition, several secret shelters of jihadists were liquidated. Recall that despite the fact that these territories were liberated from the occupation of ISIS at the end of last year, the “sleeping cells” of the terrorist group are still operating in the region.